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Ooper and I specially like this series This was not the strongest among them others of her books has made me gasp in surprise and cry of both joy and despair This was a good book but not as capturing as some of her others In Prudence 23 year old Prudence is intrigued by detached intelligent barrister Pendle After playing it cool with her he invites her to meet his family She A Fairly Honourable Defeat eagerly accepts only to be pleasantly surprised by the chaos and drama of the Mulholland family glamorous irresponsible Rose mother handsome married Jack brother and mysterious Ace stepbrother Soon it isvident that Pendle and Jack s wife Maggie have yes for ach other while she and Jack find themselves attracted to Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue each other Will the days spent with them result in happiness or sadness for PrudenceThe characters wereasily the best thing about this book They were all fleshed out distinguishable and mostly three dimensional Prudence was a likeable lead character She instantly fit in with all of them She was convincingly witty funny and charming Therefore I could believe that the three brothers were at one point or another interested in her normally this sort of love triangle suare would have me rolling my The Man Without a Face eyes Besides that I liked how she trulynjoyed herself there Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) even amidst some tension instead of wondering why Pendle paid attention to Maggie The romance aspect was slow paced but it was wonderfully developed and worth waiting for I personally liked her best with Jack though despite him cheating on Maggie They just had fantastic chemistry and I really liked how they would secretly look atach other sharing an unsaid joke between them Best of all they had no ulterior motives such as trying to make their respective partners jealous As for Prudence and Ace they were believable as a couple though they seemed better off as good friends to me Needless to say Prudence and Pendle were mismatched right from the beginningThere were many hilarious as well as heartwarming moments combined with the lively fun characters those Gone (Gone, ensured that this story never got boring All the characters got a generous share of the limelightven Rose and Professor Copeland who was the butt of the joke no pun intended at one point There was also some information on Ace s tragic past and I m glad that the author didn t constantly try to remind the reader about it The two dogs as well as the ginger cat and her kittens were unbelievably cute and as I read I could actually feel how cozy and warm the house wasOverall Prudence was a delightful read thanks to its diverse memorable characters coupled with the well written humour and romance It s definitely one of the author s best works. K's wife Maggie that it began to dawn on Pru that there was to this weekend than met the Threads Of The Shroud eye It looked like a non stop game of changing partners Readers love Jilly Cooper 'Unputdownable' Marian Keyes'Joyful and mischievous' Jojo Moyes'The funniest and sharpest writer there is' Jenny Colgan'Flawlesslyntertaining' Helen Fieldin.

Jilly Cooper s kind of a guilty pleasure for me I very rarely use that phrase to describe books since a it s horribly overused and b I believe the point of books is to make the reader feel and if they can do that they ve served their purpose regardless of what critics sayBut I do feel a little bad sometimes about my love for Jilly Her books are at times sexist racist xenophobic homophobic and misogynistic and it shows in these older ones Prudence was originally written in 1967 and rewritten in its current form in 1978 All Seated on the Ground even than the big horsey blockbusters she s best known for There were some sentences that made me cringe and flush withmbarrassment ven reading them alone in the bathYet for all that her books have a certain charm to themPrudence is an average 70s middle class London girl Working a boring job by day going to house parties at night in the hopes of finding Mr Right she meets Pendle and at first it seems like her dreams have been answered Their relationship goes south uickly but Pru is the ternal optimist and when Pendle asks her to go to visit his family with him for a few days she takes it as a sign that he really does love her despite all Wiring evidence to the contrary and gladly drives up north with him On getting there she discovers that things are not as shexpected the grand old house is falling to pieces Pendle s formidable mother is a middle aged ingenue who lives for shopping and charming men and Maggie Pendle s sister in law has a far too familiar relationship with Pendle Add in Maggie s flirtatious husband and Pendle s younger brother Jack and forbidding Against All Odds elder brother Ace and you truly do have a house of cards that looks about to fall any moment House of Cards was the original title for this tale and I think it suits better than PrudenceThis is one of the betterarly romances a couple of them I didn t like much at all and while it s neither as developed nor as risu and sexy as Polo or Riders it s uite a delightful read almost made for a lazy Sunday It s sort of a 3 star maybe 35 star story but I m giving an Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage extra star for the sheer yumminess of Ace And I m allowed to since reviews are subjective and all thatDelightful fluff While waiting for Wicked to come out I bought up a bunch of these old girl name books out of desperate desire for new Jilly Cooper They were a pleasantnough diversion not up to the splendor of the Rutshire books best trashy novel series EVER but njoyable little slices of swinging 60s life I have had this one in my car for a long time I read on it if I finish a book or forget my current book while I am out I finished it today and it s as charming and predictable as the others Whe. A light hearted fun and romantic romp from the much loved classic authorThe trouble with the Mulholland family Prudence decided was that they were all in love with the wrong people She'd been overjoyed when Pendle her super cool barrister boyfriend invited her home for the weekend to meet his family But home turned out to be

N it comes to romance Jilly Cooper does it better than anyone lse Classic Jilly in snippet form Looking forward to her new book being released in Sept sometime I miss the old set terribly Prudence our Against All Odds eponymous heroine lives in a rarified world where heartbreak leads you to mindlessly feed your kitten a tin of lobster marinading your beef joint reuires several bottles of Nuit St George and to be tight means to be drunk When Prudence becomesmbroiled with the three handsome Mulholland brothers all sorts of romantic misunderstandings Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism ensue This novel was first published in 1978 and is very much of its time The plot is faintly ludicrous with a hint of Jane Bennett the ultimate ambition of the heroine is seemingly to bag the perfect man and judgements are definitely made on the basis of appearance If you can accept this however While battling with Crime and Punishment I thought I d give myself a break and read something less negative for a bit as I was getting ill weirdly at the same time as the main character and all that darkness wasn t helping me feel betterI LOVE Jilly s Rutshire chronicles but when I read Imogen another one of her shorter romance fiction titles I found it a bit teen fictiony so I decided just to stick to long Jilly Coopers However I read somewhere that Rupert Campbell Black first appears in Prudence not true so I thought for the sake of con I read a lot of Jilly Cooper when I was a young teenager and learned an awful lot from her I loved it at the time and think its about time I read them all again In my opinion this is the best of Jilly Cooper s romance books In her simple flowing style she creates a uniue atmosphere fairytale landscapes and strong characters Prudence is the prototype ofvery single romantic young woman looking for love in a wrong direction She finds it though where she d less Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils expected it in Ace s arms a strong willed man intelligent and attractive Every woman reader no matter how feminist or independent secretly longs for a hero to sweep her off her feet and give her love security and stability and be there for her when she needs to let go Prudence s story is about that kind of dream and fulfillment and it touched a deep chord into my heart Anxcellent read to which I sentimentally return time and time again I m not xactly sure how I feel about Prudence The story is set in the 1970s or 1980s and the attitudes during that periodwere interesting Anyway I don t think the story picked up until Pru went to the country Even then though I felt like I was watching a train wreck I just found the personalities and decisions made by so many of the characters uite odd I really like Jilly Decaying mansion in the Lake District and family were his glamorous scatty mother who forgot the mounting bills by throwing wild parties and brothers Ace dark and forbidding and Jack handsome married and only too ready to take over with Pru if Pendle didn't get a move on It was only when she noticed the way Pendle looked at Jac.

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Jilly Cooper OBE born February 21 1937 is an English author She started her career as a journalist and wrote numerous works of non fiction before writing several romance novels the first of which appeared in 1975 She is most famous for writing the six blockbuster novels the Rutshire Chronicles