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T as appealing as it could have beenJasmine and Romain are sexually drawn to each other After they have sex he insults her His reason is that he is trying to live life as a hermit and doesn t want to feel things So she now has a wall between them This causes conflict between them for a long time I like conflict between a couple but this wasn t the best The sex meant a lot to him but he lied calling it a meaningless f to distance himselfThere was one instance of stupidity Heroine goes to killer s location without notifying Romain where she is goingJasmine is psychic so that gives her leads It was done well enough but psychic stories might not appeal to someOverall I didn t find it special or different but it was good enough to keep my interestDATANarrative mode 3rd person Story length 432 pages Swearing language strong but not often used Sexual language moderate Number of sex scenes 3 Setting mostly current day New Orleans area Louisiana Copyright 2008 Genre paranormal romantic suspense Second book in Novak s The Last Stand series I m giving it the same rating as the first book 4 stars but I liked it than the first one While the first one was borderline 3 4 stars this one solid 4 starsLike the first book this one focuses on The Last Stand victims support organization and the three women who founded it This book features Jasmine Stratford Sixteen ears earlier her little sister was kidnapped while Jasmine babysat her completely destroying her family The sister was never found and Jasmine has never stopped feeling guilty or wanting to know what became of her sisterNow she s received a strange package in the mail from someone who had to be involved in the disappearance of her sister Desperate to know she goes to New Orleans where the package was mailed from Her research leads her to Romain Fornier a brooding loner who has shut himself away from the world after his 10 Matrimonio a la Fuerza (Saga Londres, year old daughter was kidnapped molested then murdered When the killer was let off on a technicality Romain reacted on a surge of emotion and spent the next 18 months in jail He wants nothing to do with what Jasmine is telling him that he may have killed the wrong man But the knowledge that the person who killed his little girl might still be out there overrules his feelings He and Jasmine team up to find out the truth in a case that takes turns than anyone could have expected Stop Me is a little bit different type of story than Trust Me because this one is a whodunit becauseou don t know who the ultimate ringleader is Though I have to admit I had a pretty good idea who it would turn out to be early on The misdirection was a little too obvious so I looked to the less possible option And I was right But it was still a well told story I wanted to keep reading to see where the story would go next And there was a surprise or two as well I wasn t expecting how things ended up with one of the secondary charactersThe romance in this one was a bit solid than the first book I loved Romain He s the ultimate in tragic heroes a wife who died of cancer a daughter brutally murdered going to prison for taking justice into his own hands Even though he s a bit surly he s a very likable character The chemistry between him and Jasmine is great and the romance is developed than between Skye and David from Trust Me I just felt the romantic angle But like Trust Me the ending was a bit weak Not as much so but I still didn t come away feeling all that satisfied For me there just needed to be a scene that solidified the romance between Jasmine and Romain And I was left wanting to know a few things after the book ended There were some things I wanted to know how they turned outI was also a bit disappointed that the book felt rather disconnected from the first book The Last Stand organization gets a lot of mentions and whatnot and the other characters get a little face time but I felt as if they were just there Skye book 1 had a baby and it s never even said whether it was a boy or a girl So I would have liked a little inter connectedness between the booksBut overall I liked the book I zipped through it pretty uickly This book and the series is something those who like the mid level intensity romantic suspenses would probably lik. She receives an anonymous package postmarked New Orleans the bracelet she gave Kimberly for her eighth birthday She approaches Romain because she knows he can help her if he choosesBut searching for the man who irrevocably changed both their lives means they have to rise to a killer's challenge stop

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Cated in the end but it was close Jasmine s little sister was taken from their home while she was babysitting her at the age of eight Her family uickly fell apart Jasmine vowed to never give up the search for Kimberly Fast forward sixteen Devils Gate (NUMA Files, years Jasmine has psychic powers that she uses in profiling for the FBI and other agencies She s been on America s Most Wanted where she publicly vows to never give up her search for her sister Then one day she receives a small package containing her sister s bracelet and a note simply saying Stop me With this new lead she begins her search in New Orleans Romain lost his reason for living fourears ago and now all he does is exist His wife his high school sweetheart died of cancer six Thunder Voice (Sam Keaton: Legends of Laramie years ago leaving Romain to raise their daughter Adele Suddenly Adele is missing and the search is on It ends when Adele s body is found in a public place Throughout the trial there is irrefutable evidence to convict the perpetrator but he gets off on a technicality On the way out of the courthouse Romain in a moment of passion that he doesn t remember clearly kills the man and goes to prison He is now out trying to carve out an existence for himself in the bayous where he does t have to deal with society unless he wants to Then out of nowhere Jasmine shows up at his door and he is thrust back into life Ready or not The romance in this book is second to the suspense and mystery This is a bookou ll find hard to put down Rebelde Rendición (Saga Londres, you will consume it The relationships between characters are strong the characters themselves are strong and the overall plot line is compelling Now I m off to find out Sheridan s story in Watch Me Well it was entertainingI liked the story but there were inconsistencies A character would say something and then the next moment say it think something totally different I m not talking about would be liarsHere is an example Jasmine decides to drive somewhere She realizes she only has enough gas for a one way trip there And because her purse was stolen she doesn t have money to get gas to go back When she arrives at her destination and the person isn t there her thought is I guess I can drive back to the city Really She just said she didn t have enough gas or money to make it back And this happens enough in the story to draw me out of itThen there is Jasmine out on her own trying to put a name to a face When she gets that name she doesn t immediately contact the person whose helping her because duh plot device If she did which would be the believable reaction the trouble she finds herself in wouldn t happen It s a cheap plot device that shows the author is incapable of coming up with a plausible way to get the character in the trouble she needed her to be inAnd the HEA I didn t understand her move He didn t work and she had a job Why did she move move and uit her job How will they survive It just seemed weird to meAlso side note in book one what s her name was pregnant Why would we find out if it was a girl or boy Why did Jasmine hide from her supposed besties her trouble But despite it all it s actually interesting than the Lisa Jackson books I ve read lately These aren t carbon copies of themselves so far at least So I ll soldier on especially since they are available with the romance packageThe same editing existed as the last The end of a chapter would overlap with the new chapter and I was never sure if something was cut outThe narrator was the same as last and her voices in this story didn t bother me like last 3 stars Ifou re in the mood for romantic suspense this is pretty good a little better than averageThere were a couple of weak places but acceptable I think it s fine to have a trusted person turn out to be bad but here it happens than once which bothered me a little Probably because I recently read another book by this author that had many cops mayor and others supposedly good but in truth were bad guys She used the surprise of many bad guys as a way to create mystery and suspense instead of traditional methods Every so often she would surprise us by showing another character to be one of the bad guys I felt the author was overdoing it in that book so when something similar happened here I was reminded of that and it wasn. Have killed the wrong manJasmine Stratford a psychological profiler is convinced his daughter's killer is still alive and that she and Romain have something in common She believes the same man kidnapped her sister Kimberly sixteen ears agoWhat happens nextJasmine is determined to track him down when.

I enjoyed how dark this book was and the New Orleansswamp setting was a neat location The setting just seemed to make everything creepier I thought the romantic leads had a lot of depth in this book and I loved the love story aspect of it Unfortunately there were two plot aspects that were extremely unbelievable to me which really had the effect of pulling me out of the story1 I liked the psychic aspect of the story but I found it incredibly unbelievable that someone could become a profiler without a college degree Everytime they mentioned the FBI using Jasmine s services I had to stop and laugh because I just don t think that happens in real life2 The whole uestion of whether Romain had actually killed Moreau or not The incident was on tape and there were dozens of witnesses I just didn t believe that this would have been in uestionUnfortunately these were big enough issues to pull me out of the story but overall I thought it was an enjoyable read The book started out OK although I was hesitant to read it because I learned from the previous book that the main character in this one had psychic abilities I normally don t read books with psychic aspects in them just because they get weird and uite frankly I like when people solve puzzles without freaky mind powersI ended up liking Jasmine even with her gobbledegook powers She wasn t always reading things but she did crawl into Romains dream which I felt was a huge invasion of his thoughts The names could have been better Jasmine reminded me of Princess Jasmine from Disneys Aladdin and Romain reminded me of my lunch saladThe suspense was good in the beginning The story sort of lost its appeal to me once the mystery started falling into placeview spoilerI would have liked it had it been one or two bad guys but it evolved into a ring of bad dudes complete with stupid nicknames a website and conspiracy aplenty I prefer when it s just a few bad guys since once bands of thieves get involved the mysteries often become way too sensational and far beyond my scope of believability I like when the story is something that could happen it increases the suspense for me I am looking for a scare and once it reaches the level where it s outrageous to me the scare is gone hide spoiler Book 2 of the series kept me on the edge of my seat Starting book 3 series is awesome Brenda is an excellent author This is a decent story a bit cheesy and relies on the psychic powers a bit liberally but a good storyline and interesting characters Jasmine was smart and sassy I loved that she never stopped using her brains even when she acted girlie Romaine was standard tall dark and handsome but not repulsive or annoying Even though I personally hated his name The secondary characters were interesting and different enough to keep me alert as to who the bad guy was The mystery was good solid fareThe bad guy was one sick puppy view spoiler I really wanted to see the sick brother upstairs He was so sad hide spoiler Good ReadAs a guy I don t really care for all the romance in my novels but many in the reading audience do want those moments with their characters With that said the story was suspenseful at times and keeps ou interested long enough to want You start to wonder if Jasmine will ever find out what happened to her sister I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys reading cold cases 4 solid stars for the second book in the Last Stand series I always hate leaving the characters of one book behind when I start another book It is definitely no different when I m reading a series I always hope to find glimpses of the previous characters in the next book of a series I did get that glimpse just a glimpse like in a couple of phone conversations I wanted but uickly got into the new story and then the new characters took over In this series the characters of the second book are stronger than the first As much as I hated leaving Skye and David behind I uickly fell into the lives of Romain and Jasmine The mystery suspense and action in Stop Me is intense than that of Trust Me I knew that I had figured out who the bad guys were early on Until I realized I didn t have it figured out The twists and turns kept coming until the very last chapter I was vindi. Who was the real killerRomain Fornier lost his reason for living when his daughter was kidnapped and murdered He used a cop's gun to mete out his own justice and spent the next few ears in prison Once he was freed he returned to his Cajun roots in small town Louisiana But now he learns that he might.


It was a shocking experience that jump started Brenda Novak’s bestselling author career“I caught my day care provider drugging my children with cough syrup and Tylenol to get them to sleep while I was away” Brenda says “It was then that I decided that I needed to do something from home”However writing was the last profession she expected to undertake In fact Brenda swears she didn’t have a