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But now I will I would recommend this book for fan of Jill Shalvis and Marina Adair There s just a tiny little bit edge because towards the end it was than our usual sweet small town romance I liked the funny details in the story like the heroine making friend with the town bimbo who s not so bimbo when we get to know her like Nate s sister who seem to work in every bar in town or the uncommon detail like the hero being friend with an ex convict In romance there s usually a reason to explain why the hero doesn t want to make a commitment or share a deep connection with the heroine or others people but I didn t really understand why Nate thought he wasn t good enough for Bella and why he believed he was not the kind of man who stay but it made the chemistry even intense when lust exploded especially with his caveman tendency Not so sure I was totally okay with his jealousy because sometimes I was afraid his behavior would make him appear like the one of the stalker And Nana s reaction to the stalker disgusted me I m curious to see whose HEA is next I FLOVED Positively Pippa so I was really looking forward to this second in the series I have a couple things to get out of the way first Yes that s a lot of knit on the cover Also Linux Networking Cookbook yes the models look significantlyounger than the characters who are in 4 StarsBella Erikson is trying to shake things up this holiday season While her family s away for Christmas Bella s decided to step outside her comfort zone and work on the areas of her life she d like to change Remodel the dated boutiue she inherited from her grandmother Check Barhopping and letting strange men she doesn t know ask her out Check Proving to the world she s finally over Nate Evans after twenty five plus Marcus Garvey years of crushing from afar That d be a big fat DOUBLE CHECK thankou very much Did FRIENDLY ENEMIES you hear Nate Evans rescued Bella Erikson from her roof What was she doing up there Waiting for him to rescue her Snicker snicker Is that girl ever going to wise up and realize she ll never catch Nate Evans Nate Evans has always had a soft spot for Bella From the supposed purple paint episode in the first grade Nate s known Bella is special As he grew older he also knew he was no good for her Now in his thirties and sheriff Nate does his best to steer clear of Bella but all bets are off when one of the men Bella agrees to date takes things too far and decides Bella s going to be his No matter what This is my first read by Sarah Hegger and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it Contemporary romance can be a bit hit or miss for me lately but Ms Hegger managed to convey how much Bella s always loved Nate without making her a pathetic simpering character She s funny self aware and knows her worth Has she been a little gun shy about making big changes in the past Sure but she s lived her life nonetheless What this meant for me was that I didn t have to sit through a story involving a thirty threeear old virgin misguidedly saving herself for a manho who might never come around I m sooooo over that story The stalker aspect of the story was handled well providing a bit of suspense and a realistic need for Nate and Bella to spend some up close and personal time together I got a little bored with Nate s constant I m no good for Amok you way of thinking another plot device that I wish would fade away but in general I enjoyed Bella and Nate together With a cast of entertaining side characters and two main characters I found myself rooting for Becoming Bella is a charming holiday themed story Fans of Jill Shalvis and Rachel Gibson style romance will love this one ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I have a heshe is not good enough FML shelf and this one goes right to the top One of my biggest peeves is when a character claims they re not good enough and unfortunately Nate did this on repeat for virtually the entire book My next peeve is push and pull this too was done on repeat and it drove me insane Both Nate and Bella were so juvenile that despite Nate being 34 and Bella 33 I had to keep reminding myself I was reading about adults one a sheriff and one a business owner and not YANABecoming Bella started off really well I love me a bit of unreuited love coupled with a sweet heroine and a hot hunky cop Throw in a small town romance with uirky side characters and a bit of romantic suspense and I should ve been right in my happy place Sadly it hit the skids when the ridiculous push and pullI m not good enough theatrics went on for way too longAnd my final issue no epilogue They were together for so little throughout the book that I needed that epilogue to actually see them in a relationship25ish stars. Bella’s suitor turns stalker protecting Bella isn’t just Nate’s instinct it’s his duty Crammed together for safety and really talking for the first time inears Bella and Nate can’t fight the moment their chemistry turns into pyrotechnics Whether it will burn them out or light up the sky only time will te.

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To thinking but just stopping short of saying and only because Bella s friend stopped her its And a Bottle of Rum your own fault for encouraging him and leading him on The romance conflict was also a tough one Nate definitely needed a knot jerked in him He has this thing where he was a wild teen and was the black sheep of the family who acted out over his dad s death He thinks he can t stick it out for a relationship and gets the rep of a player He pushes Bella away so much and then gets angry and jealous when her attempt to come out of her shell and the issue with the stalker brings other men into her life Does he ever get a clue Let s just say he held onto the stupid past the expiration date and found he had his work cut out for himI think the last several pages of a survivor recovering from a dark experience was probably the most enlightening and riveting part of the story for me Oh no doubt hands down the lusty larger than life Liz and her antics paired with the uirky diva Philomene were a hoot but I loved that the humor is balanced with this otherAs to the holiday theme Yes it is there and it is obviously the catalyst at the beginning of the story but its a minor side element running in the backgroundI was beguiled by this second of the Ghost Falls stories and I definitely want to go back for Positively Pippa and hope to catch stories that I saw brewing in this one Becoming Bella can easily be read out of order or as a standalone I think the target audience will be a person who doesn t mind a story taking its time winding out and for a mashing up of women s fiction and romantic suspenseI rec d this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed the first in this series Positively Pippa so I was looking forward to another fun alliterative tale from Sarah Hegger Becoming Bella did not disappoint as it gave us another hot Evans brother and a heroine to root for Sexy home town romance here The best of both worldsou get the heat along with the sweetThe Story Bella is determined to become her own woman and break free of the crush she has had for so long She has armed herself with a list of things to do for single people at Christmastime and she is checking it off Nate the former object of her desire happens to catch Bella in a somewhat compromising position and suddenly can t see her as that untouchable little sis type he has always held at arm s length My Thoughts I loved both Nate and Bella as well as the lovely secondary characters that populate Ghost Falls The next door slutty neighbor lady is wonderfully entertaining Their first kiss and subseuent sexy times are sooo hot I don t think I ve ever been so excited for a kiss in a book Wanting waiting needing dreaming dying a little inside Crochet year afterear It all ripped through her in a wave and Bella lost her shit Lost Her Shit Yep That totally got me I can t imagine a perfect description of someone finally getting that kiss they ve always wanted I loved their story Obviously The only hiccup I had was the bad guy who served to provide another conflict and let Nate act all alpha If he had been a normal romance bad guy I could have handled it fine and walked away with no issues But he got super scary I am not normally one with a need for safe spaces and trigger warnings but he got trigger warning scary And I had a little trouble coming back from that enough for a satisfying warm HEA I was still a little shook The Bottom Line I loved these characters It went a bit dark for me toward the end but the story and the connection between these two was hot and wonderful Again Hegger captures that perfect mix of small town romance and sizzling sexy times that make me one happy reader 4 12 stars This ear Bella is determined to get into the Holidays spirit and not wallow in misery about the fact she s still single First step in her plan decorate her clothing store and hang Christmas lights But her idea end up with her having to be rescued by her old crush former troublemaker and womanizer now Sheriff Everyone in town even the man himself knows she had feelings for Nate The trouble is they still think she never stopped pining for him and Bella would like to get rid of her image of Ghost Falls s sweetheart that the town gave her And there s the friction between her and her grandmother Bella have a project to modernize the business but even if Nana gave her the store she still want to decide everything It s always been Nana s ways and all her life Bella did what Nana wanted and let her decide for her but now she wants her own life And did I talk about the man Bella just met in a bar who turned crazy stalker It s my first time reading this author so I haven t read the first book in the series. Wishes people saw in her than just the girl who still has a crush on Sheriff Evans She has a life after all a new bridal shop to run and mature relationships to pursueNate knows he’s not good enough for sweet Bella But he’s pretty sure the new guy sending her heart emojis and giant bouuets isn’t either And when.

The refreshingly romantic sweet cover and the fact I m a sucker for a sheriff hero who finally has to man up and own the fact he has a lot of making up to do to win his girl back set the stage for this lengthy relationship I didn t like the hero at all he doesn t think he s good enough for her but I just didn t like him ARC received from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair reviewPlot 35Characterisation 45Prose 35How much I enjoyed it 45Living in a small town our reputation sticks to ou forever For Bella its being the good girl who has a crush on Nate Evans since elementary school For Nate his bad boy and playboy ways follows him even after being appointed as SheriffBella tired of avoiding Nate just so that the town will think she s no longer into him decided to find a new her befriending her slutty neighbour going out and hooking up with new guys Nate recognising Bella as a sweet girl whom he doesn t want to break her heart But doesn t think the new guy she s dating is worthy of herThe story has a slow plot progression It some ways its frustrating but then again I m reminded that not all romance goes 1 to 100 in seconds I enjoyed the way the story reveals how the reputation of the characters are affecting their outlook of life and how judgemental they can be The side characters made the story interesting I loved POSITIVELY PIPPA so when book two BECOMING BELLA arrived I couldn t wait to read it And I did In one continuous setting Bella Erickson has been in serious lustlikelove with Sheriff Nate Evans since they were in school together When they were growing up Nate had a hellion reputation and Bella had the ultimate good girl rep One she still has today But she wants to change that in a big way so instead of waiting to make a new Year s resolution she adopts a Christmas list of things to do to change herself Volunteer decorate do something ou wouldn t ordinarily do When she goes to a single s night at a local bar and meets a handsome stranger Bella figures her list just might be a good thing to get her out of her lifelong desire to be with NateAs it turns out not so muchNate s rep didn t hurt him in the long run and now that he s the Sheriff he figures he got a lucky break He s always known Bella has a thing for him but because she was the ultimate good girl he felt he wasn t in her league and never wanted to hurt her by loving her and leaving her which is his way So he stayed away from herBut now Bella s got a stalker disrupting her life and the potential threats that come along with that have made it impossible for him to avoid her He s the Sheriff She s in need of protection He knows he should let someone else handle it but he just can tI loved this book The characters were well formed some of them we ve met in the first book some were new The plot moved along at a perfect pace and the love story evolved in a way I simply adore5 well deserved stars for BECOMING BELLA Ever have one of those books that just takes Desire and Deceive you by surprise Yeah this one did And I mean that in a good way I formed some expectations from the blurb and the cover since this was a new to me author and series cute light women s fiction crossed with holiday romance totally worthy selection to get some jingle into my jangle But it morphed into something and I perked right up and delved deeper as a resultBecoming Bella tackles a heroine who has reached a crisis point in her life not a huge epoch type of crisis but one of those uieter impacts Bella has been following a rut in the road for a long time and has decided that this Christmas season it is time to break out of it on her own because life isn t just going to do it for herSo she finds on line a 10 step action plan for a Christmas as a single And she goes for it Suddenly she s decorating her home outside and in for the holidays making friends with the neighbor she s always shamefully judged and looked down on only to find irascible Liz is a keeper and also a compatriot in working through the 10 step listThe one who starts on her radar again that is part of her life purge is her crush the town sheriff Nate Evans She s able to just keep the temptation of Nate away until she gets a stalkerAnd that folks is the point when this cheery and humorous women s fiction began digging deeper The author did a fab job showing this angle of abuse and how a serious dangerous stalker can affect a person s life The attempt to control and hold power over through fear impotence and frustration on the side of the victim The author showed how people around the victim react to the presence of a stalker The grandmother s denial almost turned my stomach First it was he s just really intoou and ou should be flattered. This Christmas a good reputation can really get in a girl’s wayAs long as she can remember Bella Erikson’s been the unofficial sweetheart of Ghost Falls Utah And ever since Nate Evans dipped her braids in purple paint in the first grade he’s been her dream guy Not that she minds the attention but sometimes she.

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Born British and raised in South Africa Sarah Hegger suffers from an incurable case of wanderlust Her match A hot Canadian engineer whose marriage proposal she accepted six short weeks after they first met Together they’ve made homes in seven different cities across three different continents and back again once or twice If only it made her multilingual but the best she can manage is idio