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Ntinues to recover from her memory loss She struggles with her feelings for both Wren and Raptor Ross a former Academy instructor has temporarily joined her Blackout team Peregren Hawk and Raptor Fallon and Ross agree that the apparent evidence against Adm Krazinski doesn t make sense and they set out to get to the bottom on things Excellent plotting and characterization Coalescence is the third book in the Dragonfire Station series Fallon and her team Avian Unit continue gathering intel and rescuing a few ey members of Blackout But who can they trust Even someone closest to them and part of Fallon s team seems to be working for the other side Is Fallon finally able to give her heart to Raptor amidst all of this turmoil Can Avian Unit remain united if she does And will Fallon ever get all of her memories backThe characters are colorful and the adventure continues in Book 3 At the moment this is the final book in the series but there is still room to include stories The author has been adding to the series with complimentary short stories as wellThis cyber punk spy thriller adventure series with a touch of romance will not disappointPlease be aware that the second and third books have a bit swearing and references to sexual relationships than the first bookPosted on Amanda s Books and Mor. FragmentsDragonfire Station Book 3 Coalescenceseries completeIntersections Dragonfire Station Short StoriesMercenary Warfare Book 1 Selling OutMercenary Warfare Book 2 Blood MoneyMercenary Warfare Book 3 Hell to PayMercenary Warfare Book 4 Calculated RiskMercenary Warfare Book 5 Going for Brokeseries completeChains of Command Book 1 New BloodChains of Command Book 2 Blood and BoneChains of Command Book 3 Cut to the BoneChains of Command Book 4 Out for Bloodseries completeture tod.

AwesomePhenomenal series Uniue and exciting Definitely worth the read Hope we haven t seen the last of Dragonfire station and her crew Awesome end to this trilogy with story arcs to come The author has created a universe with characters you want to City Girl in Training keep associating with as often as possible I m on to the next Dragonfire Station story Nice Closing to a Great TrilogyThis final book in the Dragonfire Station trilogy provides a satisfying conclusion The story has enough twists and turns toeep the story arc and the conclusion less than obvious The ending was a little post climax but there were a lot of loose ends Fallon takes on the reins of leadership and guides the Avian Unit and its latest augmentation on a uest to fix what is wrong with PAC and BlackOps The writing captures the fast pace of battles along with the tedium of the time between battles I enjoyed this book and the entire trilogy I recommend them all and strongly suggest they be read in seuence Logical endingThe writer handles some things very well and others not so much The plot is weak but it feels as if she hadn t thought it through The idea that four operatives would overthrow the bad guys didn t work for me The bad guy consisting of a few henchmen and one rogue admiral didn t work for me The command station being made Four soldiers against a whole empireAvian Unit is ready to settle things with Blackout once and for all But every time Fallon thinks she Mystery at Kittiwake Bay knows what's going on another twist smacks her right in the face She follows one clue to the next finding that the problem goes much deeper than she ever dreamed all the way to PAC command itselfTreachery espionage and four adrenaline junkies who don'tnow how to give upThis will be the mission of their lives if they can survive itCan one littl.

Perational by same admi Good wThis was a satisfying conclusion although the author has left room for stories in the Dragonfire universe Looking forward to reading from this author As with most of Zen s books that I have read I became invested in the characters and their relationships over the course of the series as you feel like a part of their team There are enough plot twists and turns to Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files keep you from figuring out the ending but some of the end pieces are a bit abrupt and leave you wanting some clarification That being said I still loved the series I am looking forward to the related stories and am hoping Zen adds to this series Eh It was fine I guess but by this point in the series I m sufficiently annoyed at the author that I can t fully suspend disbelief Like sure Fallon has a big ego because that s a necessity in her line of work ok but I felt like all of the characters just assumed that capable people were better And Inow that s a background assumption in our culture as well so the fact that it was noticeable to me in this book suggests that it s a much stronger background assumption in the PAC And there s nothing wrong artistically with making that choice it s just not enjoyable for me to read You can read my review of Coalescense at my web site Fallon Wren RaptorFallon co. E rebellion save an empire from destroying itselfAvian Unit is sure as hell going to try If they succeed the universe is going to owe them the biggest beer in the galaxy Maybe some Bennite stew too Fans of Firefly and Star Trek Deep Space Nine will love this series of rogues privateers and adventure Books in the Dragonfire Station universe in written orderEach series stands alone and need not be read in written orderDragonfire Station Book 1 TranslucidDragonfire Station Book

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