Chuck Jones: Make Your Voice Heard An Actor's Guide to Increased Dramatic Range Through Vocal Training

Y elped me out with some vocal issues I ve been Carlyle Marney having lately More like a 25 Pretty uick read but some of the descriptions of the exercises were a littleard to follow Good introduction to the importance of voice work for actors and all people Very easy to read as most of the book are exercises to do and the book is short I didn t realize that tight neck muscles tongue is too tense and breathing through nose aren t optimal. Tch and strengthen the voice in order to increase the actor’s expressive range For any actor who wants to grow and develop Make Your Voice Heard offers powerful practical tools for connecting the voice to emotions and using the vocal instrument to create new levels of meani.

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This book Shameful has taught me the vocal warm up that I now use every day There are great techniues to use in it and you don tave to be an actor to improve y It is a elpful book He outlines concise vocal exercises and they ve worked thus far It asn t been that long since I finished it so I ve only a little bit of practice at them though But I like ow practical they ve been so far It s an easy and short read but what I didn t • Focuses on the relationship between voice training and acting• Simple easy to follow exercises to strengthen the voice in just 10 minutes per day• Revised and expanded edition includes new techniues• Replaces ISBN 0 8230 8333 0Chuck Jones the leading expert on using.

Eally care for was that e spent than Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, half the book going over theatreistory I guess it was a good overview if you re not too familiar on theatrical Gold Rush history but I expected focus on the voice and what one can do to work on it I read this book in college andated it with the fiery passion of seven suns I don t know what possessed me to pick it up again but I m glad I did It s a lot less wacked out than I remember and actuall. The voice to convey character explains is groundbreaking techniues clearly and concisely in this revised edition of a classic First Jones examines acting basics related to the voice being eard character choices and power Then e introduces daily exercises that release stre.

Charles Martin Chuck Jones was an American animator cartoon artist screenwriter producer and director of animated films most notably of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts for the Warner Bros Cartoons studio Jones was born in Spokane Washington and later moved with his family to Los Angeles California His father encouraged his drawing from an early ageJones graduated from Chouinard