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The Nobles of Sweet Rapids Series Author Te Russ did such an amazing ob writing about these siblings and their road to love and happinessIvy is the et setter she travels all over the world with her business vlog and her family business Nobles Naturals vlog Her best friend and camera man Duke is with her as they go on these great adventures Ivy is hands off walls up regarding marriage and family it s not unusual though because many people don t want to get married or have children which is fine And at first that is what you thought about Ivy but then there is a revelation into why she feels that wayDuke is Ivy s camera man and best friend they have been through everything together the good and the bad the sun and the storms They are like Almond Butter I can t eat peanut butter LOL and Jelly Duke is a ladies man and loving his single status until he has to rescue Ivy from the bar and his booty call has to be shut down Duke rescues Ivy who is beyond drunk punches out a guy who was purposely getting her wasted and thanked the bartender for calling him Duke is furious at first but then compassion follows because he knows his best friend is hurting So he is going to do what he always does and stick by her sideAn unexpected kiss between Duke and Ivy leads to a million uestions and causes the duo to rethink everything about themselves and each other And wonders if after all this time could it be remotely possible that they are who each other needsIt was great to have the siblings again and their mom in this story What was even brilliant is the author had Duke s grandmother who raised him currently battling the early signs of dementia this was such a real aspect to this story because this is a reality for many people today and I know that some authors don t want to touch on those realities because they want to keep the story light I appreciate as a reader the realer the people are in the stories the betterWell Until My Next PostCiao. And Duke have to decide Will they give into the newfound passion brewing between them.

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Te pretty much writes her TAIL off The Noble uad series got a proper and fitting end that fits the rest of the stories really well It has been great watching her pull and stretch herself to bring us Sweet finaleEnjoyable finale for those Nobles of Sweet Rapids series Real life feel good stories with all the hours and pains of living Was glad to see Ivy get double her portion for what she had gone through By the way still would like to know what happened with Dana and Aiden Ivy and Duke had always seemed as if they were than friends to everyone but them After a hot kiss Ivy expects things to go back to normal but both are left with new or untapped feelings for their friends After finally allowing herself to move on she opens her eyes and heart to the man that had always been there for her Great SeriesI did not review each single book and chose to do all four books together I loved each story of this dynamic family Each had its own twists and turns Just wanted to find out how things ended for Dana In my mind she had her happily ever after as well Great stories and I encourage everyone to read this series of positive successful black siblings You will enjoy them Traveling the world all over and everything in between Ivy and Duke have seen it all and have become thick as thieves But even their tight bond can t hide some truths Learn how seduction can be so Noble as they ourney from friends to loversI am sorry to see this series end It was my first introduction to Russ work and I m glad I found new material to read This book was a nice wrap up to the series I was happy to not only get to know about Ivy and Duke but also get to delve into all the siblings lives one last time This was a great friends to lovers story and I enjoyed how it all unfolded I was shocked to learn Ivy s secretI liked how the author included that into the plot It made me think back to when I first was introduced to Ivy Noble Duke s personality was very Ivy Noble’s wanderlust has taken her around the globe And Duke Covington has been wi.

Itting for her he was a nurturer yet a manly man when it was needed His love for Ivy was so tender and her fight for him was Once Upon a Time (Calluvias Royalty, just as endearing The conclusion wrapped up all the Noble siblings relationships uite well wish there were books to come Noble Seduction The Nobles of Sweet Rapids Book 4The wouldn t be the same without the duo Ivy Noble and her business partnerfriend Donald Duke Covington Traveling the world together and vlogging various exotic places leads them closer than ever Love is in the air for them Will Ivy answer the call Since Duke is than ready9182020 Love of a lifetime I truly enjoyed this series and Ivy and Duke s story didn t disappoint There love was a true friends to lovers and and it was so fitting for the youngest to find such balance in her life The ending of this series is both bitter and sweet This is a love we all look for and will last a lifetime How bittersweet this is because Ivy is the last of the Noble uads to get her HEA and I have fallen in love with every member of this family Ivy s story touched me deeply and Duke oh what a perfect match he was for our girl She deserved to be with someone who knew her better than anyone who was there to hold her together when it felt like her world had come to an end And who better than your best friend Loved it Truly Enjoyable Te Russ created the fine example of a family losing their head but finding their way together This four book series kept me through four days of sickness causing me to laugh smile and determine to live my best life nowIvy and Dukes story was the icing on the cake No longer would she be boggled down with feelings of hurtbecause exposure and forgiveness presented her road to freedom I promise this was a great read and I m sure to recommend it to all my romance readers who have enough self control to not allow the sex scenes to drive them into sin Goodob Te RussThe Nobles were indeed my type of family What a Fantastic Ending to. Th her every step of the way When an ‘innocent’ kiss ignites unexpected sparks Ivy.