Jonny Steinberg: Sizwe's Test A Young Man's Journey Through Africa's AIDS Epidemic

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Ad I did so as I have learned a great deal and among other thing s I learned what the CD4 count is all about Nothing this important aspect regarding the virus opened a whole new world I was one of those who defended the former president Mbeki s stance on HIVAids This I did as I thought he was looking out for a whole country I thought he was fully informed and better place to make an important call on the virus Well having read what Jonny penned through an eye of a young native based in the remote area in the Eastern Cape South Africa I thought the former leader could have done better There are many faces to this epidemic This book is very well written and I am looking forward to reading Steinberg s work What a brilliant writer I d give this a solid 4s overall as I found the writing in this book to be pretty approachable and intriguing This is a non fiction story about Jonny Steinberg s travels to South Africa and his time meeting a local resident and shadowing some health professionals such as Dr Herman Reuter who worked for Medecins Sans Frontieres Doctor s Without Borders The story takes place mostly during the early 2000s and Steinberg a young gay man himself was interested in learning about the shadow and hopes AIDs and HIV brought to the country It focuses mostly on South Africa s Eastern Cape and a village called. Nity caught up in a battle to survive the ravages of the greatest plague of our times the African AIDS epidemicHe befriends Sizwe a young local man who refuses to be tested for AIDS despite the existence of a well run testing and anti retroviral programme It is Sizwe's deep ambivalence rooted in his deep se.

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That rare ind of non fiction that you can t put down I was really there in Ithanga with Jonny The emotional intelligence of the writing and the way it takes time to note and explore the interpersonal minutiae of both the narrator and other characters is really what makes this book And the reader certainly learns an immense amount Wow This book so far is very good It is a non fiction story following a 29 year old South African trying to make the decision whether or not to get tested for HIV To an American it may seem absurd that one would not get tested although in some ways the social stigma is still there But in Africa making this sort of decision is woven with many other fibers ones most Americans will never experience Fibers of witchcraft revenge financial ruin myths and false truthsVery eye opening and I am only 50 pages into the book As stated previously I thoroughly enjoyed this book There were parts that dragged a littledescriptions of Doctors Without Borders and the history and background of this and other medical organizationsbut I believe they were necessary What really struck me came at the end of the book though page 293 in my edition A great book about race relations and apartheid education a broken health system social stigmas I picked up the book as I thought I do not now enough about HIVAids I am gl. At the end of a steep gravel road in one of the remotest corners of South Africa's Eastern Cape lies the village of Ithanga Home to a few hundred villagers the majority of them unemployed it is inconceivably poor It is to here that award winning author Jonny Steinberg travels to explore the lives of a commu.

Ithanga a very isolated area far from most of the MSF clinics set up to help treat AIDs and HIV so many of the people within the village either resent are afraid of or are bemused by the idea of white doctors coming over with drugs to treat illnesses that they have only seen illing people The book is largely told from Jonny s perspective but we do get a few interviews and moments with Sizwe a young black man who is a shop owner and who is pretty skeptical of HIV testing and treatment in general He s a fairly standard example of most locals and Steinberg finds his views on life death and everything in between to be fascinatingOne of the interesting things I enjoyed about this book were the moments of facts vs the moments of anecdote and story This certainly felt to me like it was telling you a story of a village and the slowly but noticeably shifting viewpoints but it also felt very readable when the factual moments popped in too Sometimes I feel like non fiction leans too heavily on fact but I think this does have a good balance of fact and anecdote to really tell you the viewpoints of the people living through what is essentially an AIDs epidemic Overall a very solid read and one I am happy I picked up becuase of this prize I would definitely recommend it if you re interested in the topic of HIV and AIDs yourself 4s. Nse of the cultural divide that becomes the ey to understanding the dynamics that thread their way through a terrified communityAs Steinberg grapples to get closer to finding answers that remain just out of reach he realizes that he must look within himself to unlock the paradoxes at the heart of his count.