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Series Hannah Swensen series 4 Genre Cozy MysteryThis series is my guilty pleasure Whenever I am in a book slump and get tired of eading the same old books over and over again I know I can count on a good Hannah Swensen mystery to lighten up my No Limits (Brutal Master reading experience This book did just that Hanna Swensen amateur sleuth and bakery owner always finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation whether she wants to or not In many cases one of her delicious desserts will be present at the scene but this doesn t make her the guilty party it s just that she is a popular baker and everyone loves her delicious treatsecipes are included in the story So when she spots her Lemon Meringue Pie at Norman s new house Rhonda s aunts home that she sold and her mother finds a body in that very basement things get messy and Hanna is thrown into yet another murder case in Lake Eden This series while it has a lot of books doesn t get old for me In each book you witness character growth and some fantastic connections between the characters I love how close knit the town of Lake Eden is and how everyone knows everything about what s happening Now while I wish Hannah would make up her mind on who to settle down with Norman the dentist or Mike the cop I have a feeling that she may figure it out soon Fans of cozy mysteries or those who are new to the genre should definitely pick up a Hannah Swensen novel Like I said before this series is my guilty pleasure and I love going sleuthing with the characters Do would I Liar, Liar recommend it Highly But make sure toead the series in order This is a Essays One really uickead The plot is ok It is pretty easy to guess who the murderer is I have a problem with the 2 boyfriends of the heroine Hannah They are friends What s up with that Neither Hannah Swensen thought she'd finally discovered the ecipe for a perfect life But her sometime beau Norman Rhodes tosses a surprise ingredient into the mix when he phones to tell her he's just bought a house from local drugstore clerk Rhonda Scharf which he plans to tear down in order to build the dream home.

Uy is jealous of the other Not normal And another thing One of her boyfriends is a dentist living at home with his mother Not a manly man in my book And he violates HIPAA You can t go around telling people who you treat and what you are treating them for at a party And I am pretty sure there is such thing as blue jello It is called Berry Blue At lest she got the Kraft part ight Coffee Hannah drinks too much coffee If the author The Kaya-Girl really wants to impress me Hannah bettter be dealing with anxiety an irregular heartbeat fibrocystic breast lumps in her next book Diabetes too from all the cookies pies that everybody seems to be scarfing down Every couple of chapters has a cookie or pieecipe with it They look pretty good so I might have to try a few before eturning this book to the library I picked it up because it was in the wrong place at the library I took that as an omen that it was so good someone was hiding it Someone was hiding it all ight hiding it so no one else would have to suffer through it Ok I gave this 4 stars because I knew who the killer was halfway through Otherwise it was a great Hannah Swensen book I just hope Hannah picks a man soon because I m getting exhausted trying to pick for her In this 4th book in the Hannah Swensen Mysteries the bakeramateur sleuth is looking for antiues with her mother when they come across a dead body The book can be ead as a standaloneHannah Swensen owner of a cookie shop is surprised to hear that one of her boyfriends dentist Norman Rhodes has purchased a house lock stock and barrel from Rhonda Scarf He plans to tear down the house and build a dream homeBefore the house is demolished Hannah and her mom an antiue shop owner go out to look for treasuresIn addition to a few valuable antiues they find. He and Hannah designed It seems the plan has been cooking for uite some time and Hannah is shocked especially since her ing finger is still very much bare The good news is that the soon to be torn down house is full of antiues and Norman has given Hannah and her mother first dibs They uncover some gorgeous

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The dead body of Rhonda Scarf Hannah s other boyfriend detective Mike Kingston tells her to keep her nose out of the investigationbut Hannah can t esist and dives ight inThis is a eal cozy mystery in the sense that the policedetectives seem to do nothing at all As Hannah uns around uestioning people and making phone calls and taking photos of the crime scene etc it seems like she s the first one on the scene every timeSoon after the murder money from an old bank obbery starts circulating through town which provides clues to the crime The book is chock full of fun characters Hannah s sisters mom and friends It s a fun light mystery that includes ecipes for lemon meringue pie and a variety of what sound like delicious goodiesRecipes in the book includeLemon Meringue Pie Almond Kisses Cinnamon Crisps Praline Charlottes Cottage Cheese Pancakes Pineapple Right Side Up Cookie Bars You can follow my eviews at 4 12 stars So I knew who the killer was pretty early on but that s ok because the book was still fantastic Things are eally starting to heat up in Lake Eden MN and I ve noticed that the author is getting into a comfortable groove with both her characters and general storyline too I don t know about you but I love it when authors settle in so to speak because eaders get to settle in as well It definitely makes it easier to keep going with a series when this happensAnyhoo this is book 4 in the Hannah Swensen series and this time in Lake Eden MN Hannah finds herself at a crossroads between two love interests the cutey patootie detective hunk Mike and the nerdy but also cute dentist Norman Norman has ecently bought a home and land with the intention of building the house of his and Hannah s dreams Even though they had mapped out a blue prin. Ld furniture a patchwork uilt and Rhonda Scharf's dead body A little sleuthing turns up the half eaten emains of a very special dinner for two and one of The Cookie Jar's famous lemon meringue pies Now it's up to Hannah to turn up the heat and get busy tracking down the clues Starting in her very own kitchen.

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