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Had about after the battle I mean Kael suddenly turning up just when she was meant to start swimming is a bit of a coincidence but still it would have been nice to see what happened right after the war instead of 4 years after for the epilogue ranted I do love that part too Plus you don t Measuring the Subjective Well-Being of Nations get much of aention about all those who played pretty decent character roles and how their loved ones coped with the losses It just would have been nice to have of an insight into life after the war even a novella from Kaels point of view from the moment he saysoodbye to his dad and telling him to protect Alex and being able to see a hormonal Vanessa I can just picture her screaming at people to bring her whatever her pregnancy cravings areI m not ready to say Let It Bree / Cant Buy Me Louie (Harlequin Duets, goodbye again. X is eitheroing to win it or she's oing to meet her end in a flurry of flames and fangs.

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I ive this series 5 stars because I could not put it down And now I m looking to see what this author has to offer I actually loved this book so much that I couldn t stop myself from just finishing it I loved how things took turn and The Ornaments of Life got much emotional when Will and Valkos died in saving Alex the news of Vanessa and Will s kidot out Eleanor told about herself etc but was relieved when it was all over actually it s not bt still I loved this And yet again I love this book so much but at the same time I need a box of tissues With this book however I do feel that it would have been better if we actually had Eli back in since he was so pivotal in the first book and he s faded further and further into the back One Wish (Thunder Point, group with each book Also I would have liked it if we. The clock is ticking Everything comes down to oneirl One legend One Last Battle And Ale.

I would La santa anoressia. Digiuno e misticismo dal Medioevo a oggi give it five stars but I simply am not ready to forgive Eva Truesdale for ripping my heart from my chest and stomping it into the dirtNow that s not to say the finale to this series isn t remarkable it is In fact it s a very realistic ending Well as realistic as a world of werewolves and lycans and magic can beAnyways if you re reading Ascendant I m assuming you ve read the first three books so you kind of have to see this story out till the end right I m justiving you a fair warning Prepare to feel your heart break and have a box of tissues beside you This book made me laugh and cry with the ups and downs our heros faced I am really Remembering and Repeating going to miss this series but I amlad to have finally finished reading Alex s story Might just read all four again. This four book series is now COMPLETE Start reading today The true enemy has been revealed.

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