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To repair their exercise euipment and the company he works for wants him to come in and talk about the complaints It s difficult to do his job and follow the beautiful model too In order to meet her he has to find out where she lives and where she goes so he must spend a lot of hours following her and her friends trying to finagle relationships with them or somehow create a plausible situation to become her lover In the meantime he cannot stop buying books about Reggie and reading over and over how he killed a dozen women He walks by Reggie s ex property as often as he can When he sees that Chawcer is advertising for a renter he takes it because it s a few blocks away from where all the murders occurred Chawcer is an 80 ear old woman who never left home Her house is a mouldering crumbling small mansion of antiues and dust She spends her days reading 19th century literature and she has no TV set Raised as an upper class Victorian by her authoritarian but gentle father and her conservative mother she literally has almost no experience of the world outside of her house Her dead parents fortune is dwindling so she takes in a boarder but she doesn t like Mix and she avoids him easy since he lives in an apartment on the third floor She really has no interest in the house and doesn t take care of it but fortunately she has faithful friends one of which happens to be Nerissa s mother who freuently stop by the dirty mansion Mix hates them but he is always polite despite their old woman ways He is a disorganized loner who lives in his dreams and fantasies barely able to distinguish them from reality He presents as a regular 30 ear old man able to handle customers and his job until he begins dating a woman he believes to be the key to meet Nerissa Danila works as an exercise teacher at the Shoshana s Spa and Health Club where he followed Nerissa He thinks the model is a member Danila is very lonely and has no clue about Mix s hidden motives But Mix can t stop comparing her to Nerissa and soon he angrily can t see any use for her after she explains Nerissa is not a regular Club member but is seeing Madame Shoshana in her Soothsayer role in her room upstairs from the ClubNerissa a normal girl who was suddenly swept into the dizzy world of celebrity because of her beauty feels she must do the things that a Ruth Rendell s Thirteen Steps Down is something of an amalgam of her earlier works the antihero a self deluded sociopath who reminded me of a hapless version of Patricia Highsmith s Tom Ripley In this case it is gym service engineer Mix Cellini who proves singularly reckless when it comes to the disposal of his victimsSet in Notting Hill London the narrative is written from alternating points of view Mix himself his elderly battle axe of a landlady Gwendoline Chawcer and Nerissa Nash a supermodel with whom Mix is fixated He is also obsessed with the exploits of the infamous local serial killer John ChristieWithout spoiling the plot I felt what ought to have been the main cause for suspense rather fizzles out and indeed like most novels of this nature the crux for what it is worth occurs well before the endI suspect Ruth Rendell was not a great one for research writing this at the age of 74 there emerges a gulf in her knowledge of all things gymnasia which undermines the authenticity of some passagesIf not the strongest of her standalone suspense novels I always felt happy to pick up from where I had left off I listened to the audiobook and that must be a plus point in its favour. F foul murders has been torn downMix is obsessed with the life of Christie and his small library is composed entirely of books on the subject He has also developed a passion for a beautiful model who lives nearby a woman who would not look at him twiceBoth landlady and lodger inhabit weird worlds of their own But when reality intrudes into Mix’s life a long pent up violence explod.

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Straight forwardly Recommended If our looking for something differentwith some unusual chartersthis may be the story for With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) youIt sure was for me I liked itNarrator Ric Jerrom did a nice jobAlmost clean Some Foul Language A fascinating Rendell read concerning two individuals who live in their own sort of fantasy worlds and what happens when they cross paths This is a psychological study of two uniue individuals aoung man who services exercise euipment for a living and an elderly woman living in her family home a mansion which is slowly deteriorating around her Sad to say I saw reflections of both characters in family friends and teaching colleagues The unwillingness to change to accept society as it is and the people around them the reclusive behaviors this sometimes leads to makes this a compelling and thoughtful read Not to say being a loner is a bad thing I m one myself But the rigidity of the mind set is what causes conflict leading to Well to say much would be to enter Spoilers ville Vividly written with many minor characters who add flavor delight and even humor to the story this was an interesting read Or a listen I did this one on audiobook It s also a crime story a mystery and a complex tale with a lot of different angles and things to think about The things to think about is what I like best about mysteries and Rendell s books in particular This book was horrible The plot never went anywhere and I felt like I was walking in uicksand trying to get through it I stuck with it hoping the ending would be great but no The ending was the worst part of the book All in all it was just boring and a terrible read Having read four or five of Ruth Rendell s books thus far I am happy that she is a prolific author Not only has she been prolific but she has remained constant in the uality of her story telling in my experiencesThirteen 13 Steps Down is a stand alone psychological thriller that for me began very slowly My patience was rewarded as I delved further into the story Her plot is very much character driven which lent itself to the initial slow pace but drama begins to ensue before too long Much of the plot is the reader experiencing the protagonist s descent into sociopathy driven by obsessions and a childhood that created in him a cynical view of anyone other than himself and most certainly women in particular I ve read a few Rendell novels before and I couldn t put them down This one was like a slow lifting of the curtain until finally there are a mass of actors in view and moving about No uestion that the acting is interesting and eventually the many individuals began to differentiate themselves by their activities and their interests Mix Cellini in particular appears dangerous especially to Gwendolen Chawcer his landlady and Nerissa Nash super model But it takes awhile for the reader to understand how these three people and their intersections of life friends and work are going to make something extraordinary occur When the denouement is at hand I felt like a cap pistol went off rather than a cannon However it is a good thriller which relies heavily on the characters personalities to create suspenseMix who works as a Fiterama repairman has an obsession with two people Nash who he is stalking and the life and death of a famous serial killer Reggie Christie Mix is fascinated especially with how Christie buried all of his victims under the floorboards and walls of his house For awhile Mix is in control of himself But eventually he is missing client appointments. Ing below his rooms which he keeps spick and span His elderly landlady Gwendolen Chawcer was born in St Blaise House and lives her life almost exclusively through her library of books so cannot see the decay and neglect around herThe Notting Hill neighbourhood has changed radically over the last fifty ears and 10 Rillington Place where the notorious John Christie committed a series

The major character in this book is Mix Cellini a oung man whose life is ruled by obsession superstition and self interest He is intensely preoccupied by the life and literature of an early twentieth century serial murderer This so dominates Mix s life that he has read every available piece of literature and visited all of the crime scenes He decided to take up residence in the only available property near where the murderer had lived This is the decaying mansion of an elderly spinster who had never restored any part of this house to its former glory A further essential ingredient in This is not my favorite Ruth Rendell but it is sufficiently creepy For me it asks the uestion are we all truly crazy when we think we are normal Oris my normal someone else s crazy Clearly the main characters have one mental defect or another but do I If The Alcohol Experiment you want to read a better Ruth Rendell book that deals with the psychological effects of murdering someone check out One Across Two Down a book group selection i m not usually big on mysteries but i m determined to read with an open mindi ve really tried with this book for the sake of my book group discussion but it is just awful it reminds me of the movie btk that i watched recently which was most probably the worst thing i have ever seen this is the book version of that situation i simply can t get past the pathetic characters the odd storylines or the contrived connections between characters i don t recommend this book i can t say for sure since i m not one but i can t even imagine that a person who likes mysteries would like 13 steps down though in actuality it s of a psychological thriller allegedly anyway i found it less than thrilling i ll probably suffer through finishing it so i can talk about it but i certainly won t have anything nice to say about it hopefully the next selection is betterfinally finished it in time for book club it never got any better in fact the contrived bizarre ending culminated the entire bad experience i was not alone however the rest of my club hated it too Seemed like a perfect read for the day Back to the murky world of Rendell s morally reprehensible criminally amateur miscreants It really is a high testament to an author s talent that she has so consistently managed to produce utterly engaging stories about utterly repugnant reprobates andor utterly unlikeable social outsiders somehow finding enough humanity in their plights and their motivations to make for such compelling reading experiences This one was strongly reminiscent of arguably superior One Across Two Down albeit longer and contemporary by decades Having started on the earlier Rendell it s almost bizarre to see modern technology and so on in her stories andet no matter how flat the tv screens get the human nature remains the same and it is precisely author s terrific grasp of it with all its nuances and uirks that it so enjoyable to read This is a story of an disagreeable old woman who spent her life lost in books taking on a lodger to share her much too large much too neglected house Her lodger has two obsessions a serial killer who used to livemurder in the same area some 50 Menggairahkan Perjalanan Halaqah years ago and a supermodel that he crosses paths with In typical Rendell fashion unpleasantness follows Andet it s very British unpleasantness weighted down by heavily innate manners and propriety even when such things are detrimental to the situation at hand And of course irony because life of the aforementioned murky world is much too strange to be played out. From the multi award winning author of The Babes in the Wood and The Rottweiler a chilling new novel about obsession superstition and violence set in Rendell’s darkly atmospheric LondonMix Cellini which he pronounces with an ‘S’ rather than a ‘C’ is superstitious about the number 13 In musty old St Blaise House where he is the lodger there are thirteen steps down to the land.

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