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As much as it pains me to say this I felt that the two stories written by Banks and Massey were weak It felt as if their ntries were shorten from longer stories The last story by Due was the highlight of the ntire anthology A collection of three ghost stories based on African American history and folkloreBy far my favorite in this collection was Tananrive Due s Ghost Summer I would give it 4 stars on its own In this story a boy on the dge of adolescence spends the summer at his grandparents house chasing ghosts and trying to solve an old sad mystery while at the same time trying to cope with the news of his parents impending divorce The first story LA Banks Ev ry Shut Eye Ain t Sleep started off well with an interesting premise of a young veteran who is a Sentinel against the shades Unfortunately the story becomes somewhat disjointed and The Soviet Union ends abruptly This might have been better as a short novel insteadI didn t get farnough into Brandon Massey s The Patriarch because I disliked the main character a man who simply couldn t form a commitment until he discovered his family s past Borrow it from a library just for the Due story I Gods and Heroes enjoyed all three stories in the book and found myself wishingach story was a novel Both Brandon and Tananerive Due are such great writers and i Science, Technology and Culture enjoy their insights into the African Americanxperience Finally finished this book Took me waaay too long because frankly I lost interest I did not care for the first LA banks story Brandon Massey s picke. DeadSome vils are so great that they transcend death In Brandon Massey's The Patriarch a young writer travels to the hushed backwoods of Mississippi where dangerous secrets surface as a generations old feud comes to bone chilling new lifeBuriedThe souls of th.

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Hort story about a boy and his sister going visiting his grandparents town where there are ghosts very summer is brilliant and packs a huge punch It s one of my favorites of Due s work Everything worked from me from his parents Last Chance Bride estrangement the ghostbusting in the living room and desire to put ghost footage on YouTube and the history of the three missing boys in the 1900s Due s story stayed with me long after I stopped reading I loved all three stories but the first was my favorite Time travel and demons are always a good read The second one was about vampires so you know i loved that and the third touched on racisim and a girl like me loves a good ghost story Overall these were great stories and i would recommend them to anyone who loves to read horror novels or short stories The Ancestors is a trio of short stories all revolving around the theme of ancestry The fist story by LA Banks Ev ry Shut Eye Ain t Sleep is the story of a man who seems to be traumatized by what he s seen in war but we come to find out that the war he s been involved in is one of the supernatural nature and that he is the protector of the woman who is the granddaughter of a spirituallder who has given him shelter and board in return for work at his antiues store The young man is The Ancestors is a collection of 3 short stories that are themed with connecting with one s ancestry It falls in the horror genre because these aren t just genealogy searches going on they re of the supernatural nature The stor. Ered up and lost our ancestors must find a way ven in death to tell their tales In Tananarive Due's Ghost Summer ancestors haunt the nights of two children And when a grisly discovery is made these ancestors will make their mark on both the dead and the livin.

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D up the pace a little bette Tananarive Due is one of the best horror writers out there and her story Ghost Summer is absolutely brilliantUnfortunately for this collection and literature in general LA Banks has got to be one of the worst writers who has ver been published I really don t understand her appeal I read Minion years ago and have been infuriated at her very City Girl in Training existencever sin Average collection of short storiesnovellas Nothing to rush out and read but if you want to check out genre fiction from authors of color it will suffice Banks story was not good and Mystery at Kittiwake Bay extremely tedious with huge amounts of unnecessaryxposition and filler It was an absolute chore to get through 15 stars Massey s story was my favorite It was simple and the writing was decent but I found it to be the most Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files enjoyable andngrossing 55 starsDue s story was not bad She s a good writer and it s The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, evident herespecially when she captures adolescent fears and the divide between the thoughts of children and adults However I never really felt invested in the characters or the story Rather it just moved along to me and I felt indifferent about it all 35 stars The Ancestors is a collection of three lengthy short stories LA Banks is an urban dark fantasy that s mostly set up and xposition for the last five pages where the trouble starts It nds with a tacked on pilogue Brandon Massey s short story about a writer looking into his family roots and discovering the family secret is predictable Tananarive Due s E mistreated always find a way to be heard In LA Banks's Ev'ry Shut Eye Ain't Sleep violent visions haunt a man until he's handed an opportunity to right the wrongs of the past and prevent unspeakable acts from occurring once againForgottenWhen horrors are cov.

Here’s a little about me Brandon Massey “Massey” is not pronounced “macy” by the way Think of “mass” insteadI was born June 9 1973 in Waukegan Illinois I grew up in Zion a suburb north of ChicagoI originally self published Thunderland my first novel in 1999 After managing to sell a few thousand copies on my own Kensington Publishing Corp in New York offered me a two book contract