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Y for both he blocked her fall by having his body hit the ground and hers landing on hisBoth felt the ease of how nicely they fithe having his arm wrapped around her waist to cushion the fall enjoyed her soft curvesShe liking the feeling of certainty and strength he gave from just his being thereThis is how these two meet and Marietta being Mariettawe know there will be a reason for them to be thrown together It is the Secret Santa Society and it needs both of their expertise It has been declining and these two are the last hope to make it thrive again It is their working together for this common goal which allows us to see their unplanned romance grow This series is very easy reading There is warmth heart and a little focus on real issueswe get to see how our couple handles their fear of relationshipsWe see how each person is a whole being all on their own and by being in this relationship it only enhances what each person brings to the table We also have the joy of the season This is a Christmas series so all of the heart and happiness the holiday brings is front and center This was a delightful addition and there were plenty of hints for us to be interested in all the other books to come Melt My Heart Cowboy Love at the Chocolate Shop 1 A Thankful Heart Love at the Chocolate Shop 2 Montana Secret Santa Love at the Chocolate Shop 3 The Chocolate Cure Love at the Chocolate Shop 4 The Valentine uest Love at the Chocolate Shop 5 Charmed by Chocolate Love at the Chocolate Shop 6 The Chocolate Comeback Love at the Chocolate Shop 7 The Chocolate Touch Love at the Chocolate Shop 8 Sweet Home Cowboy Love at the Chocolate Shop 9 Sweet Summer s Kiss Love at the Chocolate Shop 10 gifted copy was provided by Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways 2 stars It tolerable but not great One of those books that are sweet enough to entertain ou in the airport lounge but not good enough to actually pick one up when Please Dont Tickle The Tiger you have choiceCharacters a bit flat not much of a story there either all going in circles around same thing He looked she blushed oh will he be in the caf oh he is a millionaire of course There s no ordinary decent men left only millionaires executive PR job really Why not a sales manager or a junior college lecturer huhGot bored after first few chapters and finished the book just for the sake of it Multimillionaire tech genius Jonah Andrews didn t expect to find love in the cold Marietta Montana but the warm people here made him think otherwise A little introverted and socially awkward dog sitter Jonah soon found himself presiding over Montana Secret Santa event being assisted by the beautiful advertising expert Krista MartinKrista had been burned and scalded by love before she moved to Copper Mountain She also had issues with her estranged parents which made her dislike Christmas She found it hard to trust men especially those with so much time in their hands but never had aspirations in life When she was felled by a beagle and a dog sitter it was only a matter of time before she d make secret wishes with Santa ClausIt s nice to meet new people and old ones again in my favorite fictional town of Marietta A cup of Sage s delectable chocolate and a kennel of adorable dogs always make me feel at home in Montana Krista may not be the easiest person to work with given her distrust of men and familial issues with her parents Jonah Andrews as awkward and uncomfortable he may be of possibly opportunistic women have somehow warmed my heart and delighted me with his passion for rescue dogsMontana Secret Santa is a sweet Christmas story that s sure to winour hearts and make ou believe that love can conuer mountains and awaken sleeping hearts A story of love and devotion not only to the significant other but also to the family and animals Loved that this wasn t comprised of steamy scenes but rather intriguing and sweet romances A perfect holiday read from the talented Debra Salonen A great heartwarming holiday read I felt like diving into my stash of free holiday Kindle books This was cute clever and well written Perfect light holiday rea. Ings is the most fun he’s had since returning to his old hometown Krista may come across as all business but Jonah’s positive he’s glimpsed a little girl inside her who wants to believe in Santa and in lov.

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E at the Chocolate Shop books Krista and Jonah have just the right blend of uirky fun struggling and angst Krista is the only one of her large family that is not in the entertainment industry and feels it keenly Jonah is a nerd a geek and a very smart man unless we re talking about women Then he s not very smart And something not smart at all Falling in love over the holidaysWhen Krista and Jonah are roped into co chairing the Secret Santa Society some serious hijinks occur But the fun starts with their meeting Krista getting upended by Bindi one of the adopted dogs from A Thankful Heart The three dogs Bindi River Jack and Bear are just full of energy and love and Jonah must dogsit all three for his parents over the holidays They get into all sorts of stunts especially Bindi and enliven the story a great deal They always provide a laugh or ten followed by an aaawwww or five With the impending disaster of Krista s family visit and the sad disaster of Jonah s family s loss plus the struggle to fund and grant the wishes for the Secret Santa Society there was plenty of action plenty of angst and plenty of ways to get things wrong But it was a fun trip to getting things right This review is February 2017 by Moniue N and has been posted to Netgalley Debra Salone has written a great holiday novella in Montana Secret Santa Krista Martin is spending her second Christmas in Marietta Montana She is part owner in Blue Sky Advertizing along with her best friend Amanda However Amanda has recently married and is now expecting her first child and is being forced to rest due to complications leaving Krista to worry about their bottom lineJonah Andrews a oung inventor and entrepreneur has recently returned to Marietta to house sit and take care of his parents dogs He has sold his last business and made uite a profit Retu 35 Santa Delivers Stars 12 Spoiler Free It s Free Right NowEvery time I see Debra Salonen is involved in a group series about Marietta MontanaI smile a little bit bigger It is the understandingthe knowing I will get a little bit than the usual love story There will be details which will flesh out the charactersIt will have a sense of community and how things feel in this Mystical town of Mariettaand I also know Ms Salonen will give me feelings of things I can relate tothings which could be true if I wish to swap the fantasy part and insert a real life For we all may have had experiences of difficult parents and whether they get along during the holidaysand many of the hunky men we wish were ours WERE the Nerds no one wanted to hang with So even though in this particular story the parents are famous movie folkand the man of the hour is a NerdGenius who just sold one of his companies for money then the Government could printThose basic feelings are relatable In this third entry to the Love at the Chocolate Shop Series we have the new resident Krista Martin a transplant from NYC She was happy to leave the East Coast for Marietta when her bestie Amanda wooed her into joining Blue Sky Advertising She left all her bad memories behind and dove in full throttle to make their advertising company a success They had a couple of strong uarters but lately Amanda has not been focused on the business she got engaged then married and now Krista needs to figure out how to approach her partner about the slumpThis is what she is thinking about when she collides with Jonah Andrews in front of the chocolate shop Jonah is back at home to take care of his parents dogs while they go to Florida to look after his sister There has been a difficult situation with her family and girls and the parents want to convince them to move back to Marietta This means it would be perfect for Jonah to take over the homestead and look after the shaggy brood After all he just sold his latest computerengineering company for a gazillion or so dollars and needs to figure out what is next It is Jonah s juggling the zip leash of a small Beagle which catches between Krista s legs which causes a chain of events landing them on the sidewalk Luckily for Krista Jonah moved fast enough to block her from landing on the cementUnluck. Ews has agreed to help He’s well connected and Krista’s hoping for some advice on rebooting her careerJonah knows Krista has a not so hidden agenda but sparring with her over cocoa at their Secret Santa meet.

Krista Martin had just not been getting into the Christmas spirit International Organizations yet this holiday season but when she has a a run in with tech genius Jonah Andrews then finds the pair signed up to co chair Marietta s Secret Santa Society Krista finds herself slowly finding the holiday spirit Montana Secret Santa is the third book in the Love at the Chocolate Shop series Each book can be read as a standalone since they all feature different couples But the setting in this series is one that carries over many different series as it takes place in the lovely small town of Marietta Montana soou do get a glimpse of the holiday events and some previous characters from this and other series set in this town Marietta is such a charming place that I would find it very hard to dislike any book taking place there especially during the holiday season with all the events going on But with this particular couple I found myself taking a bit of time warming up to Krista and Jonah Perhaps it was both of them being so business orientated or some other delay but this one started off a bit slow to me In the end I decided to give it 35 stars still a nice little holiday read in a lovely town but it just took me a bit longer to fall in love with this couple than it normally does for me I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley For reviews please visit This is a great addition to the Montana festive reads by a variety of authors that Tule are publishing this Laurus year It involves the characters attending many of the events that are common to all the books like the Christmas Stroll and the Christmas Ball but it is also a great standalone story in its own rightIn this tale Krista Martin is about to spend her second festive season in the town after starting up in a publicity business with a locally born friend However that same friend recently married and is now pregnant so asks Krista to take over her role on the committee fir the secret Santa charity which tries to bring some festive joy into the lives of people who might otherwise miss out through no fault of their ownMeanwhile local nerd genius and millionaire Jonah Andrews has retuned home to look after the tree dogs belonging to his parents whilst they travel to help out his recently widowed sister and her children He wasn t anticipating being involved with any charity committee but after his dog walking almost injured Krista he s uite happy to have an excuse to meet up with her againAs the two work together to help fulfill the dreams of others maybe Santa can work a little of his magic and her these two also find the miracle of love at ChristmasI was gifted an ARC of this novel via NetGalley with no obligation or reuirement to review it This is my honest review after reading the ARC Montana Secret SantaDebra SalonenReceived from NetgalleyMONTANA SECRET SANTA is the third book in the Love at the Chocolate Shop series This is a wonderful series all by different authors Each story can be read as a stand alone but ifou are like me Silk and Steel you have to read a series in order no matter what This story is all about Krista Martin and Jonah Andrews I just love this series and MONTANA SECRET SANTA is a wonderful addition to a great idea from Tule PublishingKrista is not from Marietta but she recently moved there from New York City She moved there for her best friend Amanda with the offer of a job at Blue Sky Advertising Amanda is newly married and when she gets pregnant Krista has to take on most of the responsibilities as Amanda s doctor has ordered her to take it easy This is how Krista finds herself taking over Amanda s spot on the Secret Santa committee and working with the very handsome and sexy Jonah Jonah is a tech superstar and is loaded He finds himself taking care of his parents dogs while they are away They are both instantly attracted to each other and wonder how they can be together when Jonah lives in California and Krista lives in Montana Hold on toour sea Review written February 15 2017Star Rating Heat Rating An Advanced Reader Copy ARC of this book was received free via Netgalley for an honest review So far this has been my favorite of the Lov. Ad exec Krista Martin while feeling Grinch than elf still jumps at the chance to co chair Marietta’s Secret Santa Society Why not Especially since brilliant attractive and innovative tech wunderkind Jonah Andr.

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Born and raised in Brookings South Dakota Youngest of five much youngest A Baby Boomer who married her high school sweetheart our lockers were side by side Mother of two grandmother of three darling princesses dog mother of 25 mutts Graduate of South Dakota State University with a Master’s degree in Geography and History Job history taxi driver flax seed counter cartographer r