Stacey Balkun: Jackalope Girl Learns to Speak

Jackalope Girl Learns to Speak ¾ EBOOK by Stacey Balkun –

Re evaluate to examine deeply whatever we think we understand about amily ties Balkun s poems captivate completely This is a wonderfully His Pregnant Christmas Princess fabulist chapbookull of surreal imagery I haven t read anything like it In the Through the Language Glass first poem Balkun imagines the title character born into a suburbanamily during an Nominated or an Elgin Award. Lope Girl a girl with antlers whiskers and rabbit ears is born meets boys deals with her obvious weirdness deals with her adoptive ather’s illness and learns about her.

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Magical gut punching amilial myth braided with a powerful assertion of the self Jackalope Girl Learns to Speak is domestic You Are Not A Gadget fabulism a branch of magical realism at its sharpest weaving together the heart strings in gorgeously tight lyrics of a birthmother the daughter she placedor adoption The Sanctuary fairy tale structure asks readers to. Jackalope Girl Learns to Speak is a chapbook of poems that use domesticabulism to tell a story of adoption Fabulist elements are placed right in the amiliar world Jacka.

This collection of poems tells a story a story I could have kept ollowing Perhaps there will be a seuel Balkun uses her character a mythical hybrid of her own creation to tap into the universal Friendfluence feelings of any outsiderEkphrastic poetry adds to the pleasures and to my knowledge of visual artists Leonora Carrington and Kirsty Mitchell. Adoption The theme central to many of these poems is loss Some poems speakrom the voice of Jackalope Girl’s imagined birthmother Antler Girl Using a wide range of styl.