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So this is what happens when one too many gin and orange juices flow At a baptism Not the typical kind The fun kind One with lots of friends and family and somehow booze gets into the mix and what started off as a ritual turned into a party then spice in some infidelity and the wheels are put into motion for a family life detourThis is a story about families their dysfunction destruction and loyalty Truths are xposed after the publication of a novel that is loosely based on the 2 families It s the realIzation of truths when secrets are revealed Patchett The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) expertly packages a novel within a novel literally with an abundance of themes Divorce addiction relationships personal growth loss and regretNot linear but not confusing nice prose interesting characters andntertaining My 2nd Patchett 4 Life is messy a lot of the time and no matter how much people love their families I think we have to admit that we ve all Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, experienced some of the messiness that happens in life The book opens with a christening party with lots of alcohol and you can t help but think by thend how that first bottle of gin changed so many lives While these are very different stories by Ann Patchett the party scene with the house full of people reminded me just a little of the house full of people in Bel Canto a lot of people and a lot going on multiple stories and multiple conversations That s where the similarities A Fairly Honourable Defeat ended but the feel of that was familiar Fast forward decades later and we learn just how much of what happens at this party has affected lives two couples have divorced and the 6 children they have between them have forged unexpected bonds over their childhood and as adults The narrative moves around in time and and we inssence don t have the full story of what happens over the years but snap shots of this blended family While it seems that there is not much of a plot the story is full of life You may not like very one of these characters but yet they seemed real real nough that you understand why some of them are not happy with how their story is portrayed in the novel written about them by another character Recommended to fans of Patchett and anyone Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue else whonjoys family dramasThanks to Harper Collins and Edelweiss This is a moving novel about the blended modern family inspired by Ann Patchett s own personal family history In the The Man Without a Face early 1960s the married Bert Cousins is a deputy DA out of sorts with his lot in life and family and looking for something He rolls up uninvited to Franny Keating s christening party and oiled by alcohol falls in love with and kisses the beautiful Beverly Keating This leads to the disintegration of the two respective families and a catalogue of repercussions down the years In a narrative that shifts from person to person over 50 years in a non linear manner with multiple threads the greatest focus is on Franny The story resonates strongly as so few of us today havexperience of a family without divorce separations remarriages and step relations Bert and Beverly move to Virginia where during the summer months the six children from their marriages run wild in a way that would be less common today The six are subject to all the strife that afflict a group of children but form strong bonds over their disappointments with and hatred of their parents Patchett lets us get to know her characters well through detailed descriptions and vignettes of Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) events incidents and secrets There is much comic humour sorrows and tragedy in the highs and lows of a blended family Franny is a law school dropout and becomes a waitress She becomes involved with a writer Leon Posen to whom she confides her family history Like a parasite Posen appropriates this history to pen a bestseller that spawns a movie This triggers the revisiting of a hidden past as the truthmerges Fix Keating LAPD cop has cancer and it is Franny that comes to. One Sunday afternoon in Southern California Bert Cousins shows up at Franny Keating’s christening party uninvited Before vening falls he has kissed Franny’s mother Beverly thus setting in motion the dissolution of their marriages and the joining of two familiesSpanning five decades Commonwealth xplores how this chance ncounter reverberates through the lives of the four parents and six children involve.

Care for her fatherPatchett gives us a a human and insightful look at the complexities of the dysfunctional modern family through the Cousins and the Keatings Her character development is impressive particularly with regard to Albie There are perhaps an over abundance of characters but Patchett handles them adroitly I was touched by her positivity with regard to the challenges of a blended family and of how time ventually is likely to iron out the wrinkles A brilliant novel that I highly recommend Thanks to Bloomsbury for an ARC 388 who do I appreciateI ve been putting off writing this review because I ve been hoping that as time goes on I ll sit up and chirp instead of sit down and burp But alas I am not chirping The song is or less forgotten so I can t in good conscience give this a wowsy 4 stars It s like a 388 who do I appreciate which I will round up to 4 because well ultimately I do appreciate Ann Patchett I m messed up when it comes to this writer I insanely loved State of Wonder declaring it an all time favorite but absolutely hated Bel Canto I read a couple of other books by her that I liked but nothing came anywhere close to State of Wonder Then along came Commonwealth and All Seated on the Ground expectations were high Of course I wantverything she writes to do the same thing that State of Wonder did to me but it s a setup for failure when you want to re create something that was perfect like trying to find a pet that s as perfect as the one you lost This book just did not set fire to my soul I wasn t uttering a meh mind you but I wasn t doing a jig Untitled. either It s a good story just not particularly memorableBut hot diggety only two items on my Complaint Board The small complaint first Too many players It s not a crime if I have to draw a family tree but laziness made me try to keep all the characters straight without having to find paper and pen and start sketching There are two sets of parents with 6 kids among them 2 from one family and 4 from another See Already it s hard They become step sibs who spend long summers together Remembering which kids belongs to which mom and dad was tough at times The bigger complaint There s this weird distance that Patchett maintains this formality Maybe it s just her tone I don t know If Iver met her I m pretty sure I d say how do you do instead of hi I sort of feel like I know the characters but I am also acutely aware they are far away in a story not sitting next to me whispering their secrets into my Wiring ear And damn instead it is Patchett the storyteller sitting there beside me her voice sometimes blocking out the voice of the characters and forcing me to pay attention to her I like it better when I get completely absorbed with the characters and forget there s a puppet master pulling the stringsThere are a lot of good things Patchett rolls up her sleeves and cooks up a believable and interesting story She really is a master storyteller She paints the picture in broad strokes The dialogue is not particularly rich but I like her sentence structure the way she dresses the story atop some good bones Her plot is clever and sort of unusual I found myself thinking how did she come up with THAT secret and it has the right amount of foreshadowing And she doesn t have any over the top drama or dialogue that would make it seem unrealistic Her language is impeccable and she weaves scenes together beautifully sometimesven while jumping back and forth between time periods I discovered something curious Even though I m all over it if there are too many mundane little things being described Patchett for some reason can get away with it without sending me screaming for my Complaint Board I m thinking it s her sophisticated language that makes the simple details sound acceptable And she has a real talent for painting a vivid picture with an conomy of wordsThe book opens at a christening party for baby Franny D Spending summers together in Virginia the Keating and Cousins children forge a lasting bond that is based on a shared disillusionment with their parents and the strange and genuine affection that grows up between themWhen in her twenties Franny begins an affair with the legendary author Leon Posen and tells him about her family the story of her siblings is no longer hers to control Their childhood becomes.

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Ho is the main character of the story It is there that the married Albert lustfully Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage eyeballs Franny s beautiful married mother Beverly By the next chapter or two the story jumps to Albert and Beverly being a married couple we don t get the story of how the divorces went down Patchett wins the prize for the weirdest man s namever Beverly s cuckolded husband is named Fix Seriously With the new family structures in place we start getting to know all the children of the two divorces The kids have a secret oh how I love a good secret and the repercussions of this secret are at the core of the story I loved the way Patchett described how the kids formed a tribe that was theirs alone The tribe had the innocence of childhood and the ties among the kids were touching and real While their parents dealt with their own adult dramas the kids were often left to themselves a pack of little kids having adventures and doing things that the parents would freak out about if they knew It made me think about how complicated and fascinating sibling dynamics are I m one of five kids the story reminded me of how it felt to be around many siblings and it sent me down memory lanePatchett really is good at developing characters I liked the personalities that she gave The DOS each kidspecially and the way they interacted was believable and intriguing The book spans about 50 years I was invested in seeing what kind of adults these kids grew into And as other reviewers have mentioned the adults could have come right out of the TV series Mad Men Whereas the young kids were busy mostly having fun the adults seemed incredibly sad and sometimes boozy Franny s story is the most developed As an adult she has a relationship with an idol that will affect the Against All Odds entire family hint it has to do with the relationship between reality and art And she is the main kid who cares for her ailing dad at thend Despite the fact that there was a tragedy this was basically a tame family drama well done and realistic But I always clamor for Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism edge Even though I m a total chicken and won tven put the tip of my toe over any Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils edge I sure like my fictional characters to be perched fearless and going for the plunge For instance wouldn t it have been bizarre and juicy if two of the step kids had gotten it on Now THAT might have made me sit up and chirp But that would be a whole nother story for a whole nother day 1 star After reading 50% of this book I m going to stop I know this book has fantastic reviews and I respect that but this is just not for me I was waiting for something to happen to piue my interest and it just didn t by the halfway point The main problem for me is that I am a mother of young children which makes me overly sensitive toward these innocent kids I had a hard time with all of the child neglect and poor parenting decisions in this book I had a VERY hard time stomaching the Benadrylgingun incident with the six children little Albie being only 5 or 6 years old And the parents showing up at the children s motel room at 2pm the next day saying they slept in Or Teresa gettingxcited to have summers off from her children Then Teresa sending them on a plane to their fathers house for a couple months without luggage Teresa was trying to punish her Payment Due ex by making him buyverything the kids needed but it s the kids who would suffer without their personal belongings and veryday comfort objects These poor children are shipped back and forth between parents and states and then left to their own devices most of the time Often I found it hard to keep track of the children which child belonged to which parents I didn t connect with any characters I liked Franny a little although I found the lead up to her affair xtremely awkward and uneventful Overall I found this book to be slow and depressing I know I m in the minority so please read other reviews before deciding on this book. The basis for his wildly successful book ultimately forcing them to come to terms with their losses their guilt and the deeply loyal connection they feel for one anotherTold with ual measures of humor and heartbreak Commonwealth is a meditation on inspiration interpretation and the ownership of stories It is a brilliant and tender tale of the far reaching ties of love and responsibility that bind us togethe.

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Jeanne RayShe moved to Nashville Tennessee when she was six where she continues to live Patchett said she loves her home in Nashville with her doctor husband and dog If asked if she could go any place that place would always be home Home is the stable window that opens out into the imaginationPatchett attended high school at St Bernard Academy a private non parochial Catholic school for girls run by the Sisters of Mercy Following graduation she attended Sarah Lawrence College and took fiction writing classes with