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In Some Came Running James Jones author of From Here to Eternity takes a seemingly personal and at times depressing look at the dark side of veterans returning home after WWII Using the fictional town of Parkman Illinois as a backdrop Jones takes the reader deep into the Psyche of of the townspeople returning GI s and civilians alike showing the trauma of readjustment as well as the social changes happening in post war US A very long and at times dark story the book nonetheless is a must read for anyone curious about the ffects of that war on middle America Bama Yeah so i m ordering the unabridged version Like many other reviewers I was attracted to this Yummy Supper epic novel following From Here to Eternity The writing is loosely structured this made sense when I read that Some Came Running was written first published laterJames Jones sense of the unhurried story is similar to Herman Wouk s novels in a way that I do not find in current writers As a reader I am content to sit in a scene if life can be brought forth I don t need to rush away to another distractionI hope to find andnjoy of his works 2nd from jones for mehaving recently read his From Here to Eternitya long long story one wa nice conclusion the nd of a journey the beginning of anotherperhaps this is a continuance of that journey i dunno t would appear there s several variations of this storyan abridged versionalthough this one the definitive dition seems to be theoriginal lengthlong kindlethere s a uote 1st offfrom sir walter releigh one book among the rest is dear to me as when a man having tired himself in deedagainst the world and falling back to write sated with love or crazed with vanity or drunk with joy or maimed by fortune s spite sets down his paternoster and his creedi for one am thankful people no longer speak that wayanother uotethis one from Don uixote at last he was free of the damnable books of romancea comment on the preceding perhapsyet another uotethis one from mark 1017 22i won t write the whole thing outjust the start off and when he was gone forth into the way there came one runningyet another uote from Edna St Vincent Millayfrom dirge without music down down down into the darkness of the gravea dedication from jones this novel is dedicated to the memory of my sister mary ann jonesfollowed by the second stanza from the abovecontentsspecial noteprologuebook one the investmentbook two the jobbook three the craftbook four the love affairbook five the marriagebook six the releaseepiloguethe special noteusual disclaimerthere is no parkman illinoisno israel Deep Listening eitherstory beginsprologue they came running through the fog across the snow lumbering the long rifles held up awkwardly high the pot helmets they were all so proud of gleaming dully running fast but appearing to come slowly lifting their feet high in the big thick boots foreign alien brain chillingwhat came to be known as the battle of the bulgeand this idea is repeated it was the new way of life without lawyers without judges without courts of appeal no supreme court no president no congress no fbi and he knew definitely at last that it would never stopbook one the investment begins of course he knew the town when the bus slowed coming into it he had known it nineteen years ago when he left it and he would know it again nineteen years from now if he shouldver happen to come back a second timetime placethe prologue is uropethe nd of the warconcerns dave hirsh of the 3615th m gas supply company a medicover thirty19451947 parkman illinoisdave returns herehometown southern illinois cray county illinoisseveral years are spent in the tellingchristmas 1947christmas 1948by story Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature endit is the time of the korean war19491950the hotel francis parkmanciro s a beer tavern restaurantcray county bankwhere brother frank is a member of the board2nd national banksmitty sa tavernreal name drop inn dram shopsternutol chemical a bigmployer in areabrassiere factory another Lara and the Gray Mare (Hoofbeats: Lara and the Gray Mare, employernew lebanon dark bend riverisraellittle town five milesast of parkman on the banks of the riverwabash river wabash valley astern illinoisbradleyathletic club poolroom where dave meets w bama and the otherswest lancaster nearby townterre hauteindianapolis bama takes dave and 2 girls there for an overnighter that turns into five dayscincinnatifrank goes there on a buying tripst louis anotherthe taxi office on plum street right behind the foyer poolroomcame to be dubbed frank s taxi service although they painted the 3 4 cabs wred black checkersstephen a douglas hotel a 3 story frame structureon apple streetdave moves into here after deciding to stay on in parkman to help his bro begin a taxi service last retreat in israel the french homethe foyerthe other poolroom on the suarethe pump room at the ambassador astfor dinner geneve frankannie s restaurant next door to ciro scanary cottage on the circleindianapolisclaypool hotelindianapoliscray county country clublittle town of dering in central florida where dave bama meet jim and his uncle jamesmiami florida bama and dave are here for four monthson a whimwinnie s little clubfloridabar of musicfive o clock club nite owl in the west Bunnys Book Club Goes to School end business districtmcmillan s sporting goods in terre hautelake audubonwhere dawnwally go to get awayst vincent s hospitalwhere they took bamawoodsmen s lodgeplace dave bama play pokerchurch of christ savedcastle finna strange little settlement in the bottomsabraham lincolnin springfieldfrank stays hereparkman village shopping centerbig idea of frank skoreaepiloguepioneer daysin parkmanspent time in iowa and this seems to be the fashion stillmount vernon heritage dayssolon beef daysnorth liberty heritage daysfactory where dave gets a job painting munitionsterre hautecharactersthose in prologuepilogue not listedhirsh david l main protagonist36 yr old later 37 yr oldreturning home after an absence of 19 yearsas a senior in high school he got a girl pregnant was forced to leave to join a circus that was 1928later1943 drafted armywarhe has writtenpublished2 novelsbut has not written anything for a timea poem he calls hungerlove poem never pubbedwants to write a comic combat noveland wgwen and bob french s helphe tries to begin doing sofrank hirsh dave s brother a jeweler in parkman a member of the board cray county bank and from the time dave has been in the 5th grade frank had acted as father as the old man took offagnes marie frank s wifehad been agnes townslittle dawn frank agnes s daughter dawn anneo donnelldriver of the bus that brought dave to parkmanfreddy barker the clerk at the hotel parkmanfrancinedavefrank s sister in hollywood an The Peculiar Pig english teacher and she is a twin wfrankthree other brothers one in milwaukee one in new york one in st louisdward darrell georgejake a tall gray headed long nosed man at ciro s bartendercookthree men at ciro s former soldiers bama dillert dewey cole hubie murson bama dillert william howard taft dillert born 1912anton wernz iii second national bankwallywallace french dennisa young man a writer too young to have servedknowsread david hirsh s writingofficially he is 22 as he fixed his licensehe also Cherry Ingram ends many sentences with manharriet bowmanof greater los angeles now married to a lawyer but a woman wwhom dave hirsh wasin love or somethingelvira bales hirsh dave s mother is still aroundbut he has yet to see her17% into the storystill not seen by the 36% marklives in an apt frank leased for her at the wernz armsdave s father is in parkman but he is a kind oftown drunkleft the family and he is dead to themhis name old man herschmidt victor herschmidt ran off wthe wife of the family doctor the doc s savingsbut 5 years later returned aloneand now lives in a pension homeguinevere gwen frenchwas a few years behind dave in school now wa phdnglish or a variation 35 yr oldstill a virginold man french bob french robert ball frenchher father high school nglish teacher a poet and the frenches live in israel five miles awaygeorge blanca kenny mckeean suicide herman danielfellow writers wdave hirshalthough none of them are writing nowand it is a project of gwen french to theorize why because of loveal lowe 32 yr oldworks for frank in jewelry storefrank is having an has been having an affair with al s wifegeneveal s wife 29 yr old works at the mode shop across the suarefordotty callteredith barclayworks for frankknows what is going on despite frank s belief that she is cluelessher fatherjohn barclay works for sternutol chemicaltom alexander s wifecustomerjudge steve deaconyucky yuck mover shaker good ole boyned roberts2nd national bank officermrs stevens and her daughter virginia the future bride customers just looking pleased and thank you the stevens bookwright marriagearthur bookwrightthe future groomharold bookwright sales manager for the sternutol chemical company s local marketing divisiont l stevensfather of the brideruns the western auto storefrank s watch repairmannot namedagrizzled old manold simon clatfelter across the suare another jewelercarried the towle line praise jesus now and foreverjane staley dith s grandmother 62 yr old goes bar hopping wolder mendoris fredric daughter of paul fredrica friend of Untameable Rogue (Bennett edith who lives across the waypaul fredric president of the 2nd national bankgus nernst and raymond cole dewey s brotherdave meets at poolhallgirls at smitty s martha garvey hubie s girllois wallupdewey s girl ginnie moorehead rosalie sansomesmitty sxtra bartender a one armed youth of 21 or 2 The McKettrick Way (McKettricks, eddiebh smithsmittyharold albersonedith barclay is has been dating hima kind of dweebsherm ruedy parkman chief of policeold man garveymartha s fatherruns a big old fillin station out on the westndold lady archeytaxi customerwantin to go over to miz burdieu s and gab awhileold lady rugeldavefrank s father stays at some sort ofplaceand she is thecaretaker or somethingof a pension homealbie shipe taxi driverdave wantsgets him to split the many hours he had worked as manager clark hibbard oregonian Midsummer Masque editorial writer a republican and also the state representative whisyes on larger thingsed delancieowns a shopgadget repairwhere wally worked during high schoolsteve bennettwally him spent time in floridast petetampa areamrs mertz the cleaning womanknows wally s mommertz is a holy rollerwalbin albie shipe a youth named fitzjarraldand a boy named leehired by frank as taxi driversslim carrolland slim s attorneyto do wthe purchase of carsfrank is a silent partner in slim s dodge plymouth businessmargwally s mombetty lee hibbardjimmy shotridgehas proposed to dawna freshman at the u of illold les the pro at the country clubdoc costthe doc whose wife ran off wfrank dave s old manthey family doctor stilljim custisman in florida that dave bama meetand is part of the inspiration for a story the confederate that dave writes bob french helps get publishedjim s uncle hames fryeelvie the fat crippled old vet known as the custodiana kind ofbarkeepcook at a placedave s old man s younger brother rolandold lloyd monds the livestock dealer owns some prime real Maybe This Time (Belonging estate that frank is interested inbelief the bypass will be placed therebetty lee hibbarddr clarence brock pirtleat the local parkman collegeharv one of two mechanics that arrive to service dave s little plymouth left when he went to florida for four monthsmr mrs gene albersonown the house that dave bama rentand parents of harold albersonlorelei shaw from terre hautegirlfriend of gus nernst one of the habitual denizens of smitty smiltonvansgwen s 1st love from agohigh schoolmrs millarfriend of mrs hirshelviramrs thel weller anothercousin wilson ballgwen s cousinin tucsonwalter 7 yr old boy that frankagnes adoptsusan shotridge s older sister a senior at illinois champaigndoc arl mitchelltreats bamaa catholic nunat hospital bamadewey cole s motherhired as maid for dave bamamrs possum cole whose name was vonabiggest gossip in parkmanshardine jonesworked one day as maid for dave bamabut uit as she is a religious lady and they are anything buta negro woman and a devout methodista chubby pleasant little welfare manto do wthe adoptionnever namedold max thompsonparkman s previous chief of policemildred pierceanother of the brassier factory workersi think not listed previously wthe otherclint and murraytwo croppers who worklive on bama s farm where his wiferuth bama s wifejohnnytedtaylorcouple of bama s childrenemmett bama s brotherjim thurstonjimmerfrom bama s pasteddie barrafriend of clark sclark hibbardto do wfranklooks after frank for the nightthe greeknot namedhelps frank buy landand is a friend of clark sallisa land owner to do wthe bypassfrankdoctor gostergwenrick the one armed marinea kind of precursor to the one armed man of the fugitive famemr beckettmagazine guy to do wdawn and shotridge weight the magazine of opinionmiss diana sue shotridgebaby of dawnshotridgemrs georgia sheldondivorceehelps agnes discover thingsmary The Midwifes Miracle Baby ellen in kansas cityagnes s sistermrs florence duboise2nd nat l bank cashiera uote or two because men who lived their kind of lives learnedarly that incuriosity. James Jones zasłynął głównie dzięki powieści Stąd do wieczności w której bez lukru i propagandy sukcesu ukazał amerykańskie wojsko Długi tydzień w Parkman równ.

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Ey put out to The Millionaires Mistress Bundle everybody And if the nice ones do put out to you something happens to them and they seem to stop being nice ones after a while I didn t make the rules Between Frank Hirsh and Bama Dillert there s a rich panoply of Parkman personalities moving in and out of the spotlight drawing Dave in or rejecting him a cranky father a resentful mother a pair of literary professors from the town college Bob and Gwen French a young aspiring writer named Wally Dennis a flock of factory girls withasy morals Edith a self reliant young secretary that has a thing for her boss and her own family issues Each of them deserves his or her own review The novel is so generous in details and nuance regarding these secondary characters I feel daunted in Miami Menage even considering how to go about it Even limiting myself to Dave s story I could only scratch the surface of his motivations and aspirations despite writing down page after page of uotes I think I will cop out and let these snippets paint the picture for me hoping I will have the stamina to get back to the novel and do a better job in a re read Because the title of the novel is apt in ways thanxpected I feel Miss Westons Masquerade exhausted after the last page as if I have run a marathon myselfmotionally drained yet loath to let go of the story that haunted me for the last couple of months I came to James Jones with high The Millionaires Proposal expectations aware of the buzz and praise for his sprawling war novels From Here to Eternity The Thin Red Line but I picked Some Came Running for my first foray into his work mainly because I really love the movie adaptation I must have seen Sinatra Martin and MacLaine playing Jones characters at last ten times and I wanted to see how the source material compares to the film Well it s a mixed bag Minelli captured thessence of the book but he was inevitably forced to drastically cut down on the plot and to streamline the story The book is a lot disturbing and bleak but the main difference I think is in the choice of actors Jones people are not the glamorous A list stars I have come to identify with Frank and Dave are short fat and losing their hair Bama is tall and thin with a potbelly Gwen is raw boned and horse faced Poor Ginnie is dumpy and disgusting But her inner self is mostly the same from one medium to another She was really a nice gal when you thought about it Sort of sweet and good natured and malleable Even if she was not very bright And ugly as a mud fence At least there wasn t any meanness in herTalking of Ginnie and Gwen they are the feminine dichotomy that reflects the Frank Bama opposing forces that drive Dave from respectability to scandalous behaviour Gwen is the highbrow virgin who pretends to be sophisticated in matters of the heart but cannot win against Ginnie who would go out with anybody for a drink or a laugh Each pretends to be somebody Michael (New Orleans Knights else just like their men playing a role lying to themselves and lashing out when threatened withxposure Both tragic in their inability to admit who they are Ultimately it is Love that is put on trial as a mirage that promises us redemption and fails to deliver Ginnie wants to become respectable Gwen is writing a critical book on what makes writers tick My thesis was that it s this abnormally high potential for falling in love the really abnormal need for it and the inability to Memoirs of a Millionaires Mistress escape it that largely both makes and destroys the creative personality in any given individual Dave Hirsch is her main subject of study one that she tries to keep at a safe distance but who refuses to be jusged only through his intellectual achievements Dave has a tendency to fall in love withvery woman that gravitates close to him thus proving the point of the critical Gwen Writing is a lot like sex Meet Phoenix exhibitionism Like the man on the street who is under a compulsion to take his genitals out and show them to people Especially to women The novel is not without problems like my review it has a tendency to meander to jump from one subject to another most of all to go into long aimless and repetitive conversations to get lost in minute details and to follow up on secondary characters instead of focusing on the main actors Yet I don t think the novel needsditing I believe it is meant to be presented in this raw form and in this sprawling manner It is after all meant to convey the loneliness and the stifling horizonless society of a midtown America at a time when sexuality was still considered a shameful tabu subject and so Dave thought drunkenly still another ant had carried out still another grain of wheat Jones portrayal of women is problematic but this is something that can be said also of the genius of Dostoyevski He is a product of his times and if his heroines are shrill manipulative use sexual favors to control men and then henpeck them mercilessly at home it might not be so much a sign of misoginy from the author so much as an The Mistletoe Melody (A Brookhollow Story, example of how society viewed women before the sexualmancipation of the sixties He ingeniously accepted her as honest Nobody but a writer would Sid and Sam ever do that and Women hungered to be owned and dominated he thought happily They just weren t like men are just a couple ofxamples of what could bring today s feminists up in arms against Dave or Frank Hirsch and their companyLooking thought the rest of my selected uotes I notice a leitmotif Dave got on my nerves with his penchant for being sorry for himself and absolutely passive in doing anything to change the situation but I couldn t help remembering moments when I was down and blue in my turn and believed nobody cared where I am and what I do All his life he had been horrified at the indifference the rest of the human race showed him Even as a small boy he was constantly shocked at the way people went about as if his Screwball existence meant nothing at all Waiting was always badspecially waiting dressed and alone for it to be time to go to a party You re a chameleon he told himself feeling in him the liuor he had drunk back at the hotel An motional chameleon that s what you are You become somebody lse with The Outlaw Jesse James everyone you re with That may be a good thing in a writer but it s a damn poor trait in a human being Somehow loneliness was always much terrifying when you were living cheaply and had no money Is it not also a paradox that in ourfforts to Up All Night escape pain we all run immediately for salvation to human love where we find the greatest pain of all All his life it seemed he had been just an onlooker a sort of outsider He had never participated he had never acted Butven so such utter and complete loneliness such aloneness was almost physically unbearable And no way out of it not through love not through work not through play not through courage not through fear No way Like I said it gets kind of depressing after 1000 pages of novel and it s not only Dave all the other Parkman citizens share in the loneliness live inside their shells looking out or in the case of Frank Hirsch peeping in at night through the lighted windows of his neighbours at life happening somewhere The Spiral Dance else while their years pass unchanging inside the bubble There isven an acceleration of time as the novel progresses from almost minute by minute presentations in the opening chapters to skipping The Erotic Mind entire years of working 9 to 5 in a factory towards thend You can almost Dancing at Midnight (The Splendid Trilogy, excuse and understand the need to go out and get stinkingly drunk on a regular basis at infamous watering holes like Smitty s The tensions vague fear and that almost unbearable feeling that nobody onarth loved him which had made him almost run down the stairs of the hotel all left him as he parked under the dimly lit windows of the backbar and got out and went around front and in the door He uite suddeny felt It Hurts When I Poop! a Story for Children Who Are Scared to Use the Potty excited and anticipatory and in some way vastly relieved For a moment he had a peculiar feeling that none of them had left but had been here all that time the perpetual hard core nucleus of a nevernding party To uote Bama Dillert on the subject Well come on the tall man said We might as well I guess There s nothing Here With Me (Together else to do around here Books are supposed to offer comfort andscape to the troubled mind instead of alcohol Dave Hirsch carried with him through the Battle of the Bulge his favorites There were five all Viking Portables Fitzgerald Hemingway Faulkner Steinbeck Wolfe the five major influences his sister Francine had called them Other people feel threatened by the written word or by what these books might reveal about themselves Frank did not read a book a year and said it was because he was too busy making a living but the truth was books frightened him He would never learn to read them Double Deception (Code Name: Danger easily Gwen pretends at academic detachment giving voice maybe to the author s own views on the role of the novel and a reason why he needed a thousand pages to make his point What is poetry It s thevocation of an Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, emotion Fine But novels not onlyvoke Grave Tattoo emotions in the reader they also show what and why they are really felt Theyxplain or at least they should do The only one who apparently has won through to illumination to peace of mind is Bob French the Georgia and the Tycoon elderly poet and literature professor who casts an amiable gaze over the follies of the younger generation I don t know anything I just guess and hope I read and I wonder But there are no innocent bystanders in Parkman Illinois and Bob French in his detachment is as guilty as the other town inhabitans view spoilerin the tragedy thatnds Dave Hirsch s life hide spoiler I read James Jones first novel From Here To Eternity a few years ago and was impressed by it and finally recently got around to reading his second Some Came Running Long out of print I found some copies on halfcom and ordered one up only to find upon its arrival in the mail that I d ordered the abridged version I did a little research and found that the abridged version was first published in 1958 the year after the novel came out in order to coincide with the film adaptation released at the time The book s type was fairly small and at six hundred pages I wondered what all had been abridgedTurns out uite a bit I ordered the Churchills Trial expensive original hardcover version which comes in at over 1250 pages and that s or less taken up all of my reading time for the last forty daysIt s understandable why the publishing company movie studio would have demanded a shortened version and indeed there are long somewhat rambling passages throughout the novel though I wouldn t fault it for its length The book contains a lot of melodrama and takes place over the course of a few years investing many different characters in the fictional town of Parkman Illinois In many ways it has a soap opera type of feel and reading it I didn t often find myself up at two in the morning compelled to keep turning pages but was never bored It s disappointing that one the book is no longer in print and that two the abridgement was apparently the popular published versionThe book doesn t have thexcitement or A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries emotional impact of the near perfect From Here to Eternity but does succeed as a different kind of story a story of a small town which unfolds at a slow but appropriate pace following a man named Dave Hirsch returning to his home town after nineteen years away time he spent in the army and with a group of young novelists I picked up a copy of the Vincente Minnelli film and watched it immediately upon finishing the book Normally that s how I like to do in cases where I haven t read a book or seen its film adaptation one after the other This time I feel that was anrror At the outset it seemed unlikely a film version of this book would work not only because of the length and the constant profanity which you couldn t get away with in 1957 of course but because chief among the novel s themes are sex and writing and how sexual thoughts and needs affect the creative mindThe movie threw me a bit because these are obviously not the themes of the film The writing is touched on of course but is not the main focus The movie deals with incorrect ideas and perceptions about people we don t know and how they can often be wrong sometimes devastatingly so The sex is of course all but completely missing from the filmNormally I can judge a movie based on its own merits but I think that this time around having spent over a month reading this wonderful book I was too taken aback by the movie s different ideas and themes to Lakeside Redemption enjoy as well as I could haveI d like to say something here about the grammar and punctuation of this novel and of James Jones work in general From my research I learned that he got some shit from critics at the time for his lack of apostrophes and his creative bending of the usual rules of grammar This wasvident in From Here to Eternity where can t is written as cant and readin is readin but is ven so in Some Came Running From what I understand he abandoned this style later in his career though I have no personal knowledge of that as I have yet to read his later works But there are a number of instances in Some Came Running in which apostrophes ARE used. Się i przyzwyczaić do nowej atmosfery która wytworzyła się w Ameryce w latach powojennych Wszystkie zamierzania bohatera plany uczuciowe i zawodowe kończą się klęsk?.

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Is at certain times just as important or so than curiosity is at others all his life he had been horrified at the indifference the rest of the human race showed him all of us seem to have two sides to our natures the oldest bronze in xistence is janus you knowan idea or two that is also present in From Here to Eternity he remembered it finally got to be a vague disuieting impression he carried with him all the time that nothing was what you could actually call real dave hirsh words had no meaning when he reached out to touch them his hand seemed to go through them like fog but when he pulled it back it was not bloody he could not wake up he tried and tried sleep would not go away tremendous amount of thought and nergy was being xpended wasted all because he had inadvertently said something about wanting to get fixed upa note on the narrationthrough the 1st four chapters the story is told through dave hirsh s povand chap five changes to frank s there are also sections told through Dark Awakening edith barclay s povher grandmother s povand agnes s povthrough dawn s povthis by the 17% mark on the kindleby the 36% mark many of the characters underlined above have been used as the focal point for the tellingan idea that is repeated wat least one comedic variation writing is a lot like sexxhibitionism like the man on the street who is under a compulsion to take his genitals out and show them to people Hawks Way (Hawks Way especially to womencouple ideasto do wgwenunconscious and conscious writingthe 2nd avolved writing what she was trying to prove if possibly conclusively that the self destructiveness of talent had to do with love or the lack of itand that was the main point of her thesis that the love itself or the illusion of it was in Family Men every case important than the talentanother idea it s the simple fact we don t give our children physical affection like we use to holdin them and pattin them and rubbin themwhen kids are little they need that kind of touch they get something out of it a confidence they get a certain physical reassurancewhere do the ducks go when the pond is frozenseveral books are mentioned storm george r stewart painted veils huneker decisive battles their influence upon history civilization jfc fullerthe kinsey reportseveral copies are floating aroundor hiddenin the storyanddunno if this a different book but sexual behavior in the human male by kinsey is also about the man of the renaissanceralph roederhawthorne s marble faun light on the path shun not the cloak ofvil for if you do it will be yours to wearand if you turn with horror from it when it is flung upon your shoulders it will cling closely to youemerson s poem bout the red slayerbrahmadave writesas does bobas does wallythe confederate by davethe peon sby davethe king is helpless a poem by bobsome things i likedthe character of frank is a hootas the story progressedhe takes on ualities one finds in Flannery O Connor Harry Crews storiesand that s a clue as to the uality frank becomessome of the relationshipslike the marriages of than a fewmayhap all of them bama his wife ruthfrank agnes bama s wife allows him to get away wpretty much anything he pleases and he pleases his selffrank is the same way but whereas bama is from the poorer side of townfrank is a yucky yuckand then there s dave and the love he seeks though he never seems to find just what he is looking foror does hein ginnie Creative Participation even that is uestionableupdate finished 24 dec 12 mondayvening 658 pm Sabina Spielrein estthis is an incredible storyi ve marked it as a favoriteand that happened wthe conclusion or shortly before the finale both stories from jones now that i ve read both have a fantastic conclusiona feat that seems lacking in most stories of thiscaliber jones knows how to tell a storyhe knows how tond onethere s a lot to like about the tellingthe incredibly long tellingthe characters for one their relationships wone anotherthe married relationships in the storythe friendshipsthe whole shebangandthere s Cognitive Radio Networks enoughwhat s the wordphilosophysomething like thatthere snough here to ponder and consider and keep you awake nightsandi like the way in which the writings of davei like how what he is hoping to accomplish whis fiction seems to be an Personnel Management in Government echo of the story here that is told so yeahin thendthings that will keep one awake at nighti feel wrung out and hung up to drythe characterplace list above is not completedon t feel up to it now Terribly long FIFTY SIX HOURS AND TWENTY NINE MINUTES on Audible I waded through the whole thing but it was wasted time all the same I borrowed this book from the local library believing it to be another great World War II novel because the writer was James Jones the author of From Here to EternityOnly when I started to read it later that Out of This World evening did I discover that it had nothing at all to do with war or the militaryToo stubborn to admit my mistakeven to myself I continued reading and I am very glad I didIt is difficult to describe very much about this story without inadvertently leaking a spoiler so I won tI will say this anyone who has The Time It Never Rained everxperienced the feeling that you just didn t fit in with a social situation in which you found yourself will be able to relate to the main character s dilemma and how he struggles to adapt or at least better understand the situationIf you are familiar with Mr Jones realistic and gritty writing style you know better than to hope that The Child of the Soul and Other Stories everyone will live happilyver after I d wanted to read this for some time but I ve never actually seen a copy in the UK and also there are three different versions of it out there making it difficult to decide which to read Decided to go with this new definitive version as an Childrens Phantasies eBook as this is a seriously weighty tome of over 1000 pages and I thought it would beasier than lugging the actual thing around Also from what I understand there s a lack of punctuation in the original which is apparently annoying but I didn t really want to go for the shorter abridged version itherThe book probably is overlong but very seldom becomes tedious so I don t think it matters much However some of the mundane details do seem a little unnecessary But there s something about James Jones I really like He s not a very legant writer but his ambition and determination to dig right down to the real truth of people is certainly to be admired and I think he s one of the most clear sighted novelists I can think of The Thin Red Line for The Soviet Union example is perhaps the most bullshit free of all novels about men in combat In Some Came Running we get to know uite a number of characters probably better than we get to know almost anyone in real life so well in fact that it almost makes you feel a little ueasy at times I d seen the film version prior to reading this and I still think the film s pretty good given the amount that had to be cut out both in order to appease the censors and to make a two hour film out of it Frank Sinatra and Shirley Maclaine are a bit too good looking for their characters as written by Jones though To me the character of Bama Dillert called out for Robert Mitchum but it was played by Dean Martin presumably beacause his mate Frank was in it Martin was very good in the film but I actually found that Bama came across as less unpleasant in the bookIt s a shame that Jones is forgotten in the UK If I mention his name all I get is a blank face If I say he wrote From Here To Eternity people have only seen the film and seem to assume that the book was a trashy bestseller If I mention The Thin Red Line people have no idea it wasver a book Even these have been out of print here for years It s good to see that his Gods and Heroes estate have made his catalogue available in goodBook and print on demand Science, Technology and Culture editions but I doubt it will change anything over here This is unfortunate because reading Some Came Running reminded me that Jones still has something important to tell us about ourselvesven if it is a rather pessimistic vision If anyone reading this is interested to find out about Jones I recommend the Paris Review interview here and this doc on YouTube I am yet under the spell Some Came Running put on me fifty two years ago If James Jones wasn t himself a sorcerer he surely must have tapped into some magic reservoir of imagination when he created the most poignant romantic tragedy I ve No Beast So Fierce ever read I ve kept the paperback copy from 1963 but haven t opened it since Was afrai They were all like runners runners withnormous feet They were dependent upon their feet to run But those same feet were always tangling them up and tripping them And if they ver did win a race it was both because of their feet and in spite of themBut none of them knew this All they knew was that they loved their big feet for making them different while they hated them bitterly for making them conspicuous Such children Dave Hirsch is a writer running back from the war to his hometown of Parkman Illinois around 1946 He was run out of town as teenager for getting a girl in trouble he returns 19 years later as a middle aged man troubled by writer s block by loneliness by alcoolism by the sheer dreariness of xistence in a small MidWestern town To paraphrase Rushdie in order to know Dave you have to swallow a whole world He is a product of his times his fate intertwinned with that of his family of his bar buddies of his literary friends and of his country coming out of the trauma of war and heading into the consummer frenzy of the baby boomers I know these towns No bars No burliue No nightclubs No racetracks Parkman Illinois feels at times like miniature world under a glass dome isolated from the larger world its inhabitants prisoners of their own choice like the guests of Hotel California You can check out any time you like But you can never leave or the dwellers in Delany s Dhalgren Sometimes they Last Chance Bride evade for a short time to the neighboring towns or for anscapade to Chicago once Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy even as far as Florida but all of them return to Parkman and to their futile dreams of another life in another place One of the barflies in town another army retiree sums it up later in the novel I m a rebel he would say just like you guys Only I ain t got anything to rebel againstven What could I rebel against Your brother Frank and Clark Hibbard and the Country Club That Lost Generation of the twenties they loved it they never had it so good But my generation we can t Lawman Lover (Outlaws, even be lost because we never been found What was Iver taught Nothing that s what I never City Girl in Training even learned to brush my teeth and make up my bed till I got in the Army My folks was always too busy fighting What do they give my generation to believe in a happy home a union to increase my wage a new car and an automatic washing machine We re notven a lost generation We re an unfound generation The Unfound Generation of the forties The town is divided the right and the wrong side of the tracks with Frank Hirsch as the Mystery at Kittiwake Bay epitome of the righteous citizen and Bama Dillert as the leader of the pack for the rebels Dave moves between the two worlds craving acceptance and recognition as a writer and as a man yet drifting persistently back to the bottom afterach attempt to cross overFrank Hirsh Dave s Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files elder brother is the one that stayed behind while the youngster drifted to sunny California and became a writer He feels threatened by Dave s bohemian spirit in his stolid respectability that actually hides a fierce selfishness and the ambition to get a room at the top of the social heap He s in a disfunctional marriage with Agnes and has a teenage daughter Dawn who s trying herself to find out who she is and what she wants Frank is delusional a character trait that is reiterated for most of the characters in the book He believes he is a smooth operator in business and in his love affairs but people read him like an open book Most revealing he is both physically and mentally not so different from Frank the black sheep disillusioned insecure and terribly lonely In one of his first scenes he has a row with Agnes So for the next hour until he went to get Dave with that singular and ferocious talent she alone had for separating him cell from cell and nerve from nerve she asured Frank she would not allow Brother Dave on the premises for any reason just on moral grounds alone while at the same time she upbraided him sorely for not calling her first and then went on to bring up alsovery little thing that he had done to her in their married life over the whole twenty some odd years and the real reason behind it all and all the previous reasons were not The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, even mentioned at all byither of them Bama Dillert has a magnetic personality a professional gambler and a libertine libertarian whose motto is live and let live He strikes out an instant rapport with Dave a bromance that is forged from high stakes poker games and drunked orgies and unexpected confessional and philosophical moments some funny others outrageous Way I see it a guy almost has to be married The trouble with women is the nice women won t put out and the others don t do you any good when they do Th. Ież dotyka tematu wojska i wojny Bohater książki wraca jako zdemobilizowany żołnierz do domu do małego miasteczka w stanie Illinois Mężczyzna nie potrafi dostosować.

From Here to Eternity