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A lot about how the different early races have evolved and the power of each has shifted and ndulated with the years gone by As I ve just recently read the second of the Legends of the First Empire books this really resonated with me Overall another dependably great book which I really enjoyed reading and I would certainly recommend wholeheartedly 45s from me I love my boys so much Well I don t like Royce s dog issues but other than that I love these two I hope we get books about them This is a series I want to go on forever I actually like these books than Mr Sullivan s newest books Mel My oh myRTC once I m back 45 starsRiyria has a special place in my heart While The Stormlight Archive and The Malazan Book of the Fallen fulfill my love for epic fantasy Riyria both Chronicles and Revelations satisfies a different need The sense of wonder that I obtain from reading Riyria which is of a classical fantasy feels intimate and cozy if I can even describe it as such Every time I pick p a book about my favourite duo Hadrian and Royce it is akin to coming home to meet old friends The Disappearance of Winter s Daughter is no different in that I enjoyed every minute I spent with these two thieves of conflicting personalities but complementing proficiencies While no prior knowledge of previous Chronicles books nor the Revelations series is reuired to enjoy this novel it makes the reading experience satisfying to have done so Having read the former. Acy Riyria's job appears easy discover what happened to the missing duchess and if she lives bring her home    if not punish those responsible But nothing is simple in the crowded narrow mist filled streets of Rochelle where than one ancient legend lur.

Sible What I love about this is that whilst we still have the distinct charm of the previous books it also feels like an easy to get into story for anyone who is newer It s a sword and sorcery classic style fantasy but it s filled with banter and wit and charm Never is there a dull moment with these characters and the crazy world that they live in it s all go go goThere s a lot of talk in this book about Unicorns I have to say this really made me laugh It s random but it s fun and I liked it XDThe character of Genny is actually a very interesting one She s a lot complex than your average Duchess because she wants to change things for those around her Not only is she a business woman at heart and shrewd with money and time she is also engaging to read about I have to say I do appreciate a well rounded female as a prominent character However if we re going into awesome lady characters I can t not mention Evelyn She s a really really fun addition to this story as she s an ppity old widow who knows how she likes things and won t take but for an answer There were plenty of moments in the book where I really thought she was hilarious and great and she put H R through their paces a bit too which was lots of funThere s also some really interesting history of the world in this book I feel like it s possible that having Sullivan working on this series alongside the writing and releasing of his Legends of the First Empire series shows through and we see. Es the one man he knows can deliver a bloody retribution the notorious DusterRide with Royce and Hadrian as the cynical ex assassin and idealistic ex mercenary travel to a mysterious old world city filled with nobles claiming descent from imperial aristocr.

I was given a beta version ecopy of this book in exchange for honest thorough feedback Note that this is not the final version of the novel and might change significantly before it is publishedBut here we are again The 4th Chronicle and 10th overall Riyria book does not disappoint I can t say what happens other than that it rocksIf you re a fan of Hadrian and Royce you will want to read this ASAP If you aren t a fan why not These books should be consumed immediatelyIt s been a few years since I read The Riyria Revelations but this has me gearing p for a re readI ll re read this as well once I can as I m looking forward to seeing whatever improvements make it to the final version This is the newest book in the Riyria world and it once follows Hadrian and Royce the notorious thieves for hire who go by the name of Riyria They re fairly well established by this point and each is notorious in certain parts of the world if you ve read the other Riyria Chronicles and Revelations books that you ll no doubt know whyThis story is a self contained one so you can certainly start here if you re new to the Riyria world In this instalment we re following H R as they are hired by Winter to find his daughter Genny Genny recently married a Duke and Winter believes that he s killed her for her money after receiving a note that Genny is missing He s outraged and hires the due of R H to go to the town of Rochelle and find Genny or her body and kill those respon. A daughter vanishes Two rogues are paid a fortune to find her It isn't enoughWhen Gabriel Winter's daughter mysteriously disappears and is presumed dead the wealthy whiskey baron seeks revenge Having lived in Colnora during the infamous Year of Fear he hir.

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