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Lever blending of romance with the paranormal makes BAYOU WOLF ntertaining on The Exiles Gallery every page I have always found Debbie Herbert to have anxtremely vivid imagination and her concept for the Bayou Magic miniseries is definitely not your ordinary supernatural tale The sneaky dark spirits in the stories are back once again but this time the shadow hunters must also contend with some problems that deal with werewolves This pack of shifters has their own uniue abilities and I liked discovering what particular traits the author would give her supernatural creatures It was great catching up with the characters from the other two books in the miniseries too The Alabama setting comes alive with colorful descriptions that lead to realistic imagesI was captivated by all the secrets being kept by Tallulah and Payton and many of them caused me to be nervous about what would happen when these truths were Dislocating China exposed I wasspecially worried over how Childerley each would react when certain hidden facts become known as she could speak without thinking sometimes because of her uick temper This caused several of their scenes to be veryxciting Ms Herbert made a relationship between these two rather difficult because of the numerous differences that would need some compromising before any bond could Cultural Excursions ever last There were somemotional moments along with instances where passionate desire was controlling their responses but regardless of the sentiment Cruelty and Laughter expressedvery situation was believable I cannot wait to see what Debbie Herbert writes nextReceived copy for my honest opinion This was first published on my blog Lecture Toute une Aventure My opinion After reading and loving book 1 i couldn t wait to have of the series as it has romance action and the bayou setting so when i discovered that this one has werewolves too couldn t resist any longer i don t regret it Cop Knowledge even if Tallulah was my least favourite characteri mean she suffered a lot i get it but it made her so bitter and so cold that it was hard to warm to herven if she got betterNow discovering who her mate is we understand a bit i think Tallulah is still hurt from the past Cultural Aesthetics events but she doesn t stop trying to do her hunter job as best as she can if no better During one of her nightly hunts shencounters a wolf with unnatural behaviour but manage to make it leave Since wolves are not native from the area it makes her suspicious However no matter the nightly Class and Conformity events during the day she is still the stubborn woman she is and discovering that a crew is cutting wood on the tribe land puts her in combative mode so she doesn t hesitate to confront the workers among whom Payton reacts to herPayton is loyal perhapsven too much he had a difficult upbringing and because of that he feels in debt to his packhis job doesn t make him happy but it s good for the pack so he does it Bayou Wolf the third book in the Bayou Magic Series is a great romance set in Louisiana It has a uniue story line that features will o the wisps Hoodoo magic Native American lore and wolf shifters I love how the different types of legends and lore fit together perfectly This book can be read as a stand alone book but I highly recommend reading the other books first The characters make appearances and it is great to see them againTallulah Silver is the tough as nails sarcastic and sometimes witchy with a B sister to Tombi the main character hottie in Bayou Shadow Hunter She is the only female shadow hunter of the Choctaw tribe and suffered the devastating loss of the love of her life Bo in the first book She had not fully recovered from that loss and was still visiting the shrine she had created for him in the woods I was not a big fan of Tallulah in the first two books but Debbie Herbert managed to make me really like her in this book Payton Rodgers hot hot hot wolf shifter devotes his life to his pack and feels indebted to them for taking him in as an orphaned teen The. T destroyed her Payton Rodgers has devoted his life to protecting his pack But when mauled bodies start to pile up in the bayou Payton begins to wonder if Tallulah might be right about werewolv.

Bayou WolfAnother awesome book by Debbie Herbert I love this series I m so glad that Tallulah finally got happiness She had been through a lot in this series Her and Payton make a great couple From the moment I picked up this book I could not put it down I love the way the author draws you into her amazing magical world and does not let you go Action Adventure and Love what do you need This one takes you through the Descartes and His Contemporaries entire range on humanmotion Looking forward to from this author There s a new wolf in townIt was nice to see a different sort of paranormal creature brought into this series and Payton made a good match for Tallulah I was also tickled to read a story about the Choctaw tribe My great grandmother was pure blood Choctaw only she was from Oklahoma I High Tide at Midnight even learned a few words in Choctaw from the bookThe story was well told and the book was welldited both of which made the story a delight to read I d recommend the book to lovers of paranormal romance stories In fact I d recommend the Education and Equality entire series When Payton and his pack come into town to cut down trees Tallulah stops at nothing to protest the job So when Payton s alpha Matt wants him to spy on Tallulah they learn that they both have secrets of their own Will they be able to trustach other with secrets of who they are when both the Shadow Hunters and Werewolves have to come together when a threat of an infected Wolf plans to destroy anything and Deceptive Beauties everything in his path Loved this series And I m glad that Tallulah opened her heart to another guy after she lost her first love When Payton and his pack come into town to cut down trees Tallulah stops at nothing to protest the job So when Payton s alpha Matt wants him to spy on Tallulah they learn that they both have secrets of their own Will they be able to trustach other with secrets of who they are when both the Shadow Hunters and Werewolves have to come together when a threat of an infected Wolf plans to destroy anything and Dangerous Work everything in his path Loved this series And I m glad that Tallulah opened her heart to another guy after she lost her first love All three connected Bayou Magic stories have been truly fascinating and BAYOU WOLF is certainly a rewarding read With its werewolf hero and spunky heroine I was intrigued from the start of the book and only became interested withvery new detail A werewolf with good intentions has long been a favorite supernatural being and Payton Rodgers was trying to do what was right despite having obstacles thrown his way again and again Tallulah Silver is determined to prove her worth although she is female and I really Flavor and Soul enjoyed seeing her shine during tricky predicaments Debbie Herbert always manages to createnthralling storylines for her paranormal books and BAYOU WOLF never disappointsWhen the only man that Tallulah Silver had deeply loved was killed by an vil spirit it nearly broke her heart Now she devotes much of her life to being a shadow hunter in order to make certain no other dark spirits harm anyone in Bayou La Siryna Alabama She is proud of her Choctaw heritage and protecting others is her focus at this time One night while paying respect to her deceased boyfriend where he died Tallulah ncounters a strange wolf like beast one not Forgery, Replica, Fiction easily frightened away She just hopes this creature is not some new being come to torment those who live in the bayouThe first meeting wolf shifter Payton Rodgers had with Tallulah was a confrontation when she was protesting the cutting down of trees for which his pack was given a contract Then it seems as though their paths are constantly crossing for various reasons When someone in the area is killed Tallulah thinks Payton and the men with whom he works know something about the incident There are some secrets that he is hiding but divulging them will threaten his pack which he refuses to do and she is not yet ready to let another man get close to her anywayA The taming of the shrew  Tallulah Silver is tough She has to be because she's the Choctaw tribe's only female shadow hunter and because she doesn't know howlse to survive the loss that almos.

Pack moves all over the country working temporary lumberjack jobs which lead him to Tallulah s woods Payton stays at the fringe of the pack not uite fitting in with the other and constantly defending his place and his past Payton and Tallulah had a turbulent start to their relationship She hated his job and fought to protect the land she loves He has to protect his pack and their livelihood but hates the ramifications of his profession she knew he was keeping secrets from her He didn t trust her and he knew that there was to her than she portrayed to him Tallulah was determined to find out what he was hiding They had some interesting adventures and some scary close calls all bringing them closer together while fighting their mutual attraction to ach other I love Payton s struggle being torn between his loyalty to the pack and his feelings for TallulahThis book has a great story line and the supernatural aspects of the book were well done Wolf shifters are one of my favorites I loved xperiencing a different atmosphere and cultural references that are not common in other books I loved seeing Annie Tombi and Chulah again in this book I have read other books by this author and they have all been great I am looking forward to reading from Debbie Herbert Bayou Wolf takes us back to Bayou La Syrina and The Shadow Hunters There are some newcomers in town and trouble accompanies them An Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life engaging story right through Tallulah is a Shadow Hunter and twin to their leader Tombi Having been through some deepmotional turmoil over the past two years she is disillusioned with her personal life She is loved by her family but doesn t believe that she will Escape ever find happiness in any other relationship Payton a werewolf is a lumberjack currently working on a temporary contract in town He doesn t stay in one place for long as he goes wherever there is a job for his pack This is one of the reasons that he doesn t commit to long term relationships He is very loyal to the pack Tallulah s main concern is the wildlife Not being one to shy away from anything she goes to confront the lumberjacks and this is how she meets Payton Not a good start Tallulah doesn t like the fact that Payton is part of the team destroying her native land whilst Payton thinks that she is stubborn He also thinks that she is beautiful and sexy Tallulah is outraged at herself for thinking about him Tallulah comes across a wolf in the woods and she is baffled There are no wolves in this part of the country She then stumbles on a mutilated body and is convinced that there is something strange about the newcomers They set out toxtract information from The Empty Chair each other but as they spend time together that intention goes out the window They can t fight the attractionven when they learn about their true nature and knowing that any involvement can only be temporary They have to find a way to stop any further carnage Identifying the culprit comes as a shock to Payton and now veryone is in danger Payton is torn between his loyalty to the pack and what Tallulah means to him Tallulah is convinced that history will repeat itself Can they find their happily ver after The customs and rituals of the Choctaw are fascinating and very well documented The lycantropic fever brings an interesting twist to the plot A fabulous storyline and another supernatural aspect to this superb series Payton and Tallulah are lovable and loving characters although they both have their moments The secondary characters are portrayed so well that they support the main characters without losing their own identities Oh And one thing Humour I loved Lit each andvery aspect of this novel as much as the whole series I received a complimentary Award-Winning Books for Children and Young Adults, 1990-1991 eARC and the viewsxpressed are my personal opinion Not necessary to read the firs two books to follow the story in this one I Keeper of the Doves enjoyed it wellnough would possibly read others published under Harleuin Nocturne. Es deserving the blame As darkness gathers around them Tallulah will have to decide if she can risk opening herself up to love again And Payton will have to determine where his true loyalties

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Debbie Herbert a USA Today and Publisher's Weekly bestselling writer pens Psychological Suspense romantic suspense and paranormal romance novels She’s always been fascinated by magic romance and Gothic stories Married and living in Alabama she roots for the Crimson Tide football team When not working on her upcoming books Debbie enjoys recumbent bicycling and jet skiing with her husband