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Hat was okay good family relationships I loved leonetheo and jamie s families so much there s a side character Heartland in a relationship who says he s demisexual and explains that that means whooo the sex scenes were well written and not like fanfic cringey BUT BECAUSE IT S ME THE DRAMA LLAMA WHO CAN NEVER BE HAPPY WITH ANYTHING the lgbt discussions were kinda ehh first of all theo puts his attraction to Jamie down to the fact he s not sexually repressed rather then like the fact he might be bi or pan he s surrounded by lgbt friends and none of them are like hey man bisexuality so the erasure was really fucking annoying ur bisexual theo not sexually promiscuous BI REPRESENTATION WAS BAD to be brief the fact that theo was like 0% concerned about coming outf he chose to do that because his family supported rainbows which okay Todo Mafalda it s hard to comment on coming out experiences because everyones different but having a supportive family does not necessarily mean you re 110% cool with coming out there are alot of societal pressures and childhood cultural socialisation factors that Hands-On Reinforcement Learning with Python: Master reinforcement and deep reinforcement learning using OpenAI Gym and TensorFlow impact why people don t wanna come out basically societys homphobic and we re taught straight good gay bad we had a good oppurtunity here for him to go hey maybe I don t wanna label myself as bi because of my Simple Cake ingrained homophobia that would have been good thats not what I got and I just thought the whole thing with him coming out super trivilised the ssue of coming out and very much simplified t and eh I m pretty sure Anyta Sunday Captain Marvel Little Golden Book is straight she might not bem not 100% sure so I guess she wouldn t have the experience herself but she could have researchedAlso the characters were not really very deep or complex They were okay I think Theo was a much better character then Jamie What Is the Story of Scooby-Doo? in terms of how well they were written and neither of them was so 2Dt was unbearable but neither of them was Eat. Cook. L.A. incredibly deep either However despite these criticisms I think OVERALL thiss an okay lgbt read It s really light fluffy and fun The banter and dynamic between the main couple 7 Lessons from Heaven is really well written and I thinkt d be hard not to root for them to be together They are really cute and considerate of eachoters needs and I Am Dumbo if you re here for super sweet couples but who also like rip the shit out of eachother you ll like theo and jamie It s nice to just have a happy cute lgbt couple who don t have to die and suffer like so many others Theo reminded me of Neil Josten so ofc I liked him Leone was a really good support character and I also liked BenKyle Another tiny thing I liked this book has little chapter headers which are super cute and funny I thought they were really uniue and fun and they made me laugh a few timesThis book just pipped 270 pages I think Sot s a good one for a single sitting cute fluffy read I think but Tragedy, the Greeks, and Us it s definitely not anything groundbreaking But you ll probably have a really good time readingt anyway This was a gem Not a diamond Ruby Red Hot and sizzling Leo Loves Aries was brilliant n ts simplicity The premise of a friends to lovershetero guy falling for a non hetero has been done multiple times What Anyta did however was to The Parade infuse this with a well thought out plot multi dimensional characters with prose that sparkledHeather K dentistn my spare time s review says Moving Violations it allI loved Theo and Jamie Yum Heather loves Leo Loves AriesI ADORE Anyta Sunday especially when she writes these delicious friends to lovers slow burn stories Let the sexual tension party begin Thiss a sexuality discovery kinda story and I d describe the MC Theo as a pansexual or someone that falls for the person not the gender First time gay experience stories are a HUGE weakness of mine especially T. S. Eliots Dialectical Imagination if they are done really really well and Anyta Sunday nailed this oneI m not a horoscope reader and you don t have to be to love this story I fell really hard for Theo and his sister Leona by the wayt s always awesome to see a female character who Smilodon isn t eviln MM romance and I liked how Leona s disability was The Fall of the Romanovs included but wasn t shownn a patronizing way What worked for me the most was the amazing build up between Theo and Jamie They had a teasing caring evolving friendship that moved organically Otherworldly Politics into something bigger and I think Anyta Sunday pulledt off effortlessly It wasn t rushed or forced and I loved how everything seemed so Black Soundscapes White Stages inevitable The chemistry was wonderful and the expert writing made this book a heart sueezing heart warming read I think all lovers of Taboo For You will love this one too Anyta Sunday doest againCopy provided Wholly Unraveled in exchange for an honest revie. S tutor and newest roommate Mr Jamie Cooper seems to be a possible and convenient match Real convenient Like writtenn the stars convenientAll he has to do Bicycle Utopias is make sure this Jamies good enough Could really be the one for her and the friend for himBut watch out Leo the stars have a surprise n stor.

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Reread 7232017This was un put down able Seriously I have only read a couple of shorts by Sunday and I was hesitant to try the full length couldn t explain why but I m an official fan nowTheo and his twin sister Leone are living together and still dealing with the betrayal of their exes Yes their exes not just one of them Theo and Leone thought they d each found the one they d spend the rest of their lives with Unfortunately Samantha and Derek discovered they belonged with each other nsteadHappening parallel to this A Cultural History of Animals and Their Meat is the start of the new year and the twins search for a roommate to help share the bills for their final year of undergraduate school Through a conversation with his former tutor Theo finds them their next roommateThis books an ULTRA slow burn but Epistemology as Theology in the friends to lovers fashion that I find sorresistible Theo and Jamie knew each other from tutoring but they weren t friends before the roommate situation They go toe to toe Fire Horses in many conversations both loving to rile the other one up Seriously the bantern this book while knowing what Edoardo Sanguineti it would eventually lead to was foreplay all onts own You re so organized No wonder I drove you up the wallA few seconds passed before Jamie responded That s cuteWhat Dkfindout! Space Travel isYour use of past tense Theo and Leone getnvited to Samantha and Derek s wedding and yes I thought these two were complete douchebags for continuously trying to make THEMSELVES feel better about hurting Leone and Theo Las aventuras de Huckleberry Finn (PENGUIN CLSICOS) instead of considering the others feelings and they vow to be over them by the time the wedding arrives and bring their own fabulous datesSo our main POV Theos a little slow on the uptake Bless his heart He s considered himself straight all his life and thinks this bond he has with Jamie Viva México is the special best friend variety He thinks Leone and Jamie should be together because they re both such awesome people and he can t understand why he gets a painn his chest each time he thinks that Once Theo begins to realize what s really going on with he and Jamie the feelz will punch you right RHS The Magic and Mystery of Trees in the chestThis book hast all best friends to lovers uotes of the Day a red JLM shirt a well The Energy Secret intentioned but completely clueless MC and Theo learning that you can feel emotions during sexEverything about this book was fabulous Half star deduction only because the phrasings aren t always American and at one point the pacing slowed down a bitI m still rounding to 5 stars Read this book 45Thiss an amazing best friends to lovers story with a heaping scoop of sexual discovery and a side of family love Theo was so NOT A Fistful of Shells in tune with his feelings I wanted to smother him with a pillow Repeatedly The connection between Theo and Jamie was obvious to everyone but Theo Theo went from trying to set Jamie up with his sister to pretending they were merely BFFs with benefits All the love for the banter uotes of the day silly astrology predictions slow burn lingering glances and that damn T shirt the T shirt about killed me Three cheers for Leone a strong positive female character Sean who wasn t stupid at all and Kyle and Ben because BADMINTON matters Honorable mentions go to peanut butter wars I m with Jamie on this one creamy all the way and Theo Leone s wacky horoscope obsessed mother Rounding down because after such anticipation and build up the low steam was a total letdown I wanted no NEEDED I m thrilled that an erotic follow up storys coming out soon Leo Tops Aries take that Mr Jamie Cooper 45 StarsThis Understanding Folk Religion is just adorableI ve hadt on my Kindle for a while but UNLAWFUL KILLING it wasn t until I saw a friend s status update that I decided to readt and once I started Hello English Grade 3f Students Book Tal Edition itI couldn t putt downTheowhat can I sayI just loved that boycompletely clueless English Unlimited Level 4 Coursebook Special Edition Saudi Edition in the most endearing wayTheo and his twin sisterLeoneare star signs LeoThey ve both been hurtn Now FREE on 2020 09 30 I absolutely LOVED Anyta Sunday s latest release Leo Loves Aries It was full of snark humor and loads of banter which was right up my alleyTheo and his sister Leone were finishing up their undergraduate degrees both heartbroken after their latest love Hudsons Building And Engineering Contracts interests had fallen head over heelsn love With each otherI know WTF right How I pictured smartass confident Theo A lot of the early story revolved around how both siblings had tried to move on but couldn t uite get there as they were still a bit stuck Serenity -- Rave-N-Rant in the past romanticallyEnter their mother with a horoscope for both of her darling Leos for the coming year And Theo s old economics tutor Jamie Well not old old as they re around the same age plus Jamie s extremely attractive which even straight Theo can recogniz. A new person will enter your lifen the early year Leo Look past any moments of frustration they might bring and laugh this could be the start of a thriving friendshipTheo Wallace usually laughs at the horoscopes his mom sends Still hung up on his ex girlfriend and practically friendless this one be.

E How I pictured level headed selfless and loving Jamie I was completely enthralled by the If You Could See What I See interactions between Theo and Jamien this story Theo loved to get under Jamie s calm collected skin and Jamie gave as good as he got which was so much fun to watch Give me a book with great banter and I m about half sold already which this one did You Forth re read 14102019 I wasn t supposed to re read this I truly wasn t I just re read Runaway Saint it for christ s sake buuuuuut I recommended this book to a friend and I couldn t help myself openingt After that Lovelier Than Daylight (Saddlers Legacy, it was a lost cause I adore the characters I adore the story I adore the laughs I adore the chemistry I adoret all I with everything I am hope that the author will give us a seuel for these two One book Killing Christians isn t enough I want Third re read 04062019 Yes I re readt again Even though I re read Objective Proficiency Teachers Book it five months ago The books just so cute and funny with awesome characters A book I needed to read Beethovens Symphonies in this stressfu It s been a while since I wrote a novel thank you pregnancy Gah that really really knocked me out oft I was one of those that felt dizzy nauseous and tired throughout Fun times All WORTH Larissas Breadbook Baking Bread And Telling Tales With Women Of The American South it Love my baby boyIt felt so so great to get backnto writing and Guns N Roses for Easy Guitar (Easy Guitar w/ Notes Tab) it felt particularly good to write Theo and Jamie s story After all the horrific news of the year I needed to put my energy toward something lighthearted and sweet I needed to write this no angst lighthearted clueless doesn t know he s bisexual yet slow burn MM romanceThank you to my amazing beta readers for helping me with the story and thank you Natasha Snow for reading my mind and producing the perfect cover Hes exactly how I Black Static Issue 1 imagine Theo The storys with the editor now and will be ready A Little Night Matchmaking in December I m excited Thank you Anyta Sunday for teaching me what lovesNot to humanize myself but uhh I ve smiled so much reading this book I might as well have been wearing pink plastic heart glasses on I wish this otp was real and they get married on a faraway beach and pay for my flight out there just so I could toast their love from an open bar Anyway I m happy to report that slow burn romances are still the reason I struggle everyday Also please do pick up this book whenever you need to feel uncommonly good about the world I received this book from the publisher Highway of Tears in exchange for an honest review actual rating 35another author who doesn t wanna use the B word and I ain t talking about bitch butt or badass motherfuckerm talking about bisexualSeriously how hard s t for authors to just use the word and not erase the fact BISEXUAL PEOPLE EXIST The worst thing I ve done on a date Ask who her favorite serial killer Taking on Twins is Under a bridge In the dark Leo Loves Ariess a mm romance that s fairly fluffy and fun but not really groundbreaking or deep Reading this Changing the Face of Hunger is like eating an entire block of chocolate yourself It s enjoyablet makes you happy Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists it feels good but ultimately theresn t really much substance It follows Theo who Shrouds of Holly (Pennyfoot Hotel is basically Matthew Daddario apparently and his sister Leone The two live together and are both heartbroken after theo s ex samantha and leone s ex derek ditched them and GOT TOGETHER which I highkey cannot get over what a dog move Theo and Leone s mums a big believer Midnight Craving (Midnight Vice, in horoscopes and tells her twin kids that someone new will comento their life soon who will be an aries Lo and behold Jamie Cooper one of Theo s ex lecturers needs a roomate and Leone and Theo are looking Theo tries to hook his sister up with Jamie but Adobe Premiere Pro CC Classroom in a Book (2018 release) instead ends up falling for himnstead The whole plot The Penguin Classics Book is basically JamieTheo banter and will they get together will they not get together and don t get me wrongt s super funny and addictive The main couple have a really fun dynamic and the story The Devil in Paradise is super fluffy sot carries you along really uickly but really nothing happens The real plus of this book for me s t s short and The Closer You Come (The Original Heartbreakers, it goes by fast I didn t really ever feel liket was dragging Hope and Other Punchlines it and that madet a uick readBut I just wish My Little Golden Book About the First Moon Landing it had been a little There were some elements I really liked and I think were really well done The slow burn was super well done nothing felt rushed and the romance felt authentic It was kind of soft I appreciatedt wasn t super angsty and didn t have random annoying plot points thrown n just to make them suffer I am literally soft okay like sometimes I become angst emo but mostly I love the soft leone was blind and from my pov pretty good representation she was ndependent determined super kind wasn t desexualised and loved to read which The Natural Gourmet Institute Cookbook is such a great subversion I loved she listened to audiobooks and Gs him to reconsider Because a friendship that stuck that thrivedWell that would be a reason to leave past pains behind and look to the Bright FutureWhen his sister Leone challenges him to find her the perfect date for a spring wedding Theo usest as a chance to make new friends Theo’s ex economic.

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