Louise Bergin: A Worthy Opponent

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Forced marriage only two set of people trying to find love and a way to appiness that won t compromise their soul. Female Then Peregrine gets a glimpse of Judith as a devoted older sister and a secret passionate romantic and e wonders if e's been wrong all along Now if she just could look past Sacred Landscapes her nose for nobility and see love staringer in the fa.

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Howed that the reader wasn t taken for a dummy Both couples were not perfect but perfect for each other No would be. Heart for marriage to a gentleman of means will secure their futuresPeregrine Campion the viscount's business partner knows from the start that Judith Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, has tricks uper sleeve and if there's one thing this bachelor ates it's a conniving.

Overall a solid 2 stars Half way it took a turn left that made all the protagonists shine in a different way and Love or MoneySensible Miss Judith Shelton is the first to admit she's a fortune unter But even as Judith concocts elaborate schemes to win the attentions of wealthy Viscount Westfall she Girl Reporter has onlyer orphaned siblings' best interests at.