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Elative strength of the book the plot This is out of the Blues Brothers mould whereby a diverse range of people and groups ranging from actors reporters mafia wiseguys comedians are all caught up in the same farcical criminal tangle initially unaware of ach others interests and all coming together at the climax The twists and reveals such as there were were generally Mastered (The Enforcers, easy to see coming from 100 pages out but at least there wasnough complexity of plotting to achieve a moderate page turning ualityNow for the bad Characterisation was toe curlingly shallow If there is a cliche or stereotype in the world these characters Man, Son of Man embodied it perfectly Hollywoodxecs take coke and screw naive actresses in casting sessions young Californian men look like surfers and say man and dude in Alter Ego every sentence while their valley girl counterparts go shopping and say like too often cops are lazy andat donuts Mafia guys talk about New Joisey capische Mexican guys talk like theeees my fren people from the US South dress like cowboys and listen to Tammy Wynette reporters are upset if people die only because they didn t catch it on camera I could go on and onIt s so lazy I can t ven find the nergy to find it offensive Presumably the author thinks he is parodying or satirising these stereotypes but with no aspect of subversion Uncommon Wisdom exaggeration or surrealism injected into these two dimensional cliches I fail to see how he is doing anything with the stereotypesxcept trotting them outThe main protagonist meanwhile is a bland limp beta male too dismal to generate any mpathy From the outset you basically want him to shut up grow up and sort his life out It s therefore very difficult to remotely care for his safety or root for his success as he gets drawn into the danger and conspiracyIf there s anything worse than the characters it s the jokes Here s the thing The basic conceit of the book is our main protagonist is an aspiring stand up comic sitcom writer who is awful and the secondary protag. L be out on his freshly irrigated arseAward winning comedy writer Melvin Medford has a plan to help Don out So he's nerdier than Bill Gates in a Red Dwarf T shirt at a Terry Pratchett signing; so he hasn't pitched an idea in ages; so his plan borders on the psychotic no matter at least he has a planWhich.

Abandoned when I got my hands on the last Ian RankinI will come back to it as the TV refernces to 70 s and 80 s UK Tv struck a chord This book is subtitled A thriller with jokes but I m afraid I didn t find it very thrilling and the jokes must have gone over my head I read 82 pages too so I did give it a reasonable innings maybe suffered from too many characters syndrome Lord knows I can t handle very manyanyway it s something about people pitching new hit television sitcoms to other people and someone got murdered two people I think and also there were some other people who were related to these people and still others whose purpose I hadn t ntirely discerned This is without a doubt by far THE worst book I ve Art ever been unfortunatenough to pick up I was looking for a novel that featured intelligent witty humour What I got was a pile of stale lame completely unfunny crap It s billed as wacky and hilarious I d like to wack it alright It s actually painful to read God Is in the Crowd even from the beginning but I wanted to give it a chance see if it got any better so I plodded onIt doesn t get better one of the jokes were funny the only time you ll laugh is at realizing the idiocy of what the author s trying to pull No well read booklover wouldven crack a smile The writing style is garbled the characters are flat and the plot is far too unintelligible and convoluted I kept being astonished that this set of words actually got approved by a publisherDon t waste your time picking up this one or God forbid your money on buying it Unless you want to give it to someone you dislike I am delighted that I picked up this book from a charity shop Not because it meant I got to read this book but because at least that way it only cost me 2 uid and Oxfam can hopefully use that money to improve levels of human happiness somewhere in the world and in so doing offset the misery and suffering I Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard endured thanks to my inexplicable decision to plough through this novel to thendLet s start with a Don Silver the Vice President of Comedy at Mercury Studios is in very deep trouble indeed He's been behind so many disastrous pilots that he's arned the nickname 'Buddy Holly' If he doesn't find a hit sitcom and fast it'll be goodbye to the bourbon broads and BMWs of his Beverly Hills lifestyle and he'l.

Onist is a Hollywood xec who commissions awful TV comedy We are therefore treated to Notes for the Everlost excerpts of deliberately bad comedy which we are supposed to laugh at in a haha that joke is so lame kind of way However the book in itself is still supposed to be actually funny Unfortunately the gags in the narration arevery bit as weak flat and try hard as the in universe naff jokesCompare Bakery insurance fraud What was it Did you knead the dough deliberately satirically painful Someone takes their mind off splitting up with their boyfriend by playing miniature golf So Al sat forty When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) eight years old unemployed gay and alone Playing with his balls just plain old painfulThe writing is for the most part merely mediocre but occasionally crosses into jarringly dire Try this line on for size The costume wasxactly three sizes too small and about five hundred rediculitres units too ridiculous OK inventing a surreal unit to uantify ridiculousness not a bad concept for a joke But wouldn t such a unit derived from the word ridiculous be ridiculitres not rediculitres And wouldn t it be ridiculitres not the leaden unnecessary ridiculitre units let alone the outright ungrammatical ridiculitres unitsThis isn t the only No Biggy! example ofditing as poor as the writing words are used to mean things they don t mean punctuation is misused one character changes name from Rob to Bob and back to Rob within a few pages It s like the Crush It! editor couldn tven be bothered and I can hardly blame themI originally wrote this review for having never reviewed anything on there before or since but this book stood out as so Attracting Birds to Your Backyard especially dismal I felt it a necessary public service to warn unsuspecting readers Overall this is definitely one of the worst books I havever read I can t decide whether to give it straight back to the charity shop so that they can get another two uid to help the poor and starving or whether it would be a greater service to humanity to burn it and spare anybody Deep Listening else the misfortune of reading Is where Ben Busby comes in A young British comic simply gagging to break into television he's just met two Americans who seem very keen on hiring him Ben's beside himself withxcitementHowever Melvin's beside him with a gunIn the million dollar world of the American sitcom you could die laughing No jo.

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