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T it refers to the rape of the Sabine women and that s fucking Plutarch two thousand years ago We still draw the Reaper with a scythe We should draw him driving a John Deere for Archer Daniels MidlandAnd after that the little Reapers throughout the book are featured driving a tractor GeniusDo yourself a favor and read this book Unless you hate things that are awesome A very interesting and disturbing novel that s excessive on violence especially toward some good and undeserving characters This would have rated higher with fewer innocents killed 7 of 10 stars Hey fuckheadYep you the one with the track marks running down both arms trying to slide off into oblivion with the tilted head and the faraway expression staring at the sun like it s some four headed monster ready to steal your dreams twitching for your next fix like some random dog left out in the rain too long with a stutter stepping walk and attitude veering off from the rest of the universe like a bad dream you might want to sit this one out otherwise you might have than just a fogged up brain on your hands You may want to study a medical chart and have your CT scanned and actually study ligaments and tendons and muscles and bones and maybe even ass an anatomy class although that might be too much to ask because you re ab Utterly ridiculous gratuitously violent highly improbable totally engrossing lightening A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, paced Why don teople write like this. S a very strange idea that Peter Brown and Pietro Brwna might just might be the same erso.

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Believed Finishing the book though I came away with the feeling that I d rather take my chances against mob hitmen hunting for me as opposed to going into a hospital for even a minor roceedure This book is A MAY ZING Straight up Please read thisIt s hilarious and wildly disturbing all at the same time Bazell is like the Chuck Palahniuk for sane The War to End All Wars peopleThis will just be easier if I uote Ron CharlesBeat the Reaper is a hypochondriac s nightmare but a reader s dream Josh Bazell concocted this comic thriller while working as a medical resident at the University of California San Francisco and if anything he describes here is true we should all become Christian ScientistsI want to tell you all about it the ridiculousness of certainarts other Death Comes for the Archbishop parts that made me seethe with anger and the vast cynicism throughout But you just have to read it The main character calls Lech Wa sa aig faced bitchOne of the other things I like aesthetically anyway is that throughout the chapters there are little Mostly Mama pictures of the Grim Reaper running with a scythe a tiny little thing used to indicate a break in the main character s train of thought Until he has this thought But rituals turn us all into fucking idiots Like those birds that sleep with their heads facing backwards because their ancestors slept with their heads under their wings Plutarch says that carrying new wives across thresholds is stupid because we don t remember tha. An for the mobAnd Nicholas LoBrutto Dr Brown's newatient who has three months to live ha.

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This is one of the most uniue and entertaining novels I ve read in a long time At the age of fourteen Pietro Brwna is orphaned for a second time when someone murders the grandparents who had raised him for much of his life In school Pietro befriends the son of a mob lawyer Davide Locano and the Locanos become his new surrogate family But Pietro is determined to hunt down and kill the cretins who murdered his grandparents With Locano s assistance he identifies the killers and dispatches themIt s apparent that Pietro has a talent for this sort of thing and he ultimately becomes a mob hitman When complications ensue as they often do in the hitman business Pietro bails out and enters the witness The Naked Man protectionrogram Several years later Dr Peter Brown is an intern at a New York hospital when a new Damias Children patient recognizes him as Pietro and alerts the mob Now Dr Brown must deal with several medical emergencies while the mobsters converge on the hospital anxious to make Dr Brown himself a terminal caseThis is at once a hilarious and gut wrenching story Josh Bazell has a wicked sense of humor and as an MD himself he writes a tale in which the misadventures that occur in the hospital areerhaps even hair raising than the criminal activity that takes lace outside of it Peter Brown is an inspired character unlike anyone you ve ever met in a novel before and he narrates a gripping story with a climax that has to be read to be. Dr Peter Brown is an intern at Manhattan's worst hospital; Pietro Bearclaw Brwna is a hitm.

Josh Bazell has a BA in writing from Brown University and a MD from Columbia University He is currently a medical resident at the University of California San Francisco and is working on his second novel He wrote Beat the Reaper during the end of medical school and the beginning of residency Some of his favorite writers are James Ellroy Ken Bruen Michael Connelly and Peter Lovesey He sta