J.L. Simpson: Lost Property A Daisy Dunlop Mystery #3

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Out the last know address of this person Daisy literally trips over a body only he isn t deadyet It s the man that has been stealing Daisy s jobs Solomon tells Daisy he will help her with her job as he has no case at the present time These two people get along like oil and water As the story continues there is 5 dead bodies a secret government fixer man and a the still missing heirs What have Daisy and Solomon gotten into now Oh and Daisy accidentally found Solomon s fatheronly he doesn t know it yet This is a great funny read Can t wait for the next one I rece. The sister of a dead client success appears to be at hand It’s just too bad the solicitor hired her on the recommendation of her ex partner SolomonSolomon’s not sed to being dumped so when his girlfriend calls time on their relationship and disappears he wants to know why If she won’t talk to him she will talk to her best friend Daisy So despite having sacked her as a partner a few months ago he now needs to win her back Putting a case her way and making himself indispensable is ju.

Good readDaisy is such a fun character She and Solomon make a great team The plot was enjoyable and keep you guessing Daisy Dunlop and Solmon are no longer working together So Daisy is trying to start her heir hunting business She is not having much luck with this and hubby Paul is telling her that she needs a job that actually pays money That just adds to the stress for Daisy Solomon gets her a job that will pay her enough money to hopefully make her whole again She is looking for Tomas Jenks but there is nothing on him anywhere on the internet While checking. Daisy Dunlop wants to solve a case on her own because working with Solomon Liffey is absolute murder A humorous female sleuth and private investigator murder mystery novel Despite her best efforts heir hunter Daisy Dunlop is yet to trace anyone who is entitled to the assets left by the dearly departed Bills are mounting her husband is hinting that she should get a real job and another heir hunter keeps stealing her cases When she gets a call from a solicitor who wants to hire her to find.

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Ived a ARC of this book for an honest and Ice Wolves (Elementals, unbiased review I have read all of them so far and can t wait for the next one Ms Simpson delivers again Wonderful characters and an enticing mystery Daisy s and Solomon s partnership relationship kept me laughing and the mystery kept me readingntil the very last word This time Paul Daisy s husband and Solomon s best mate gets to participate making the fun spread a little wider I am delighted with this series But I am getting very curious to find out about Solomon s mysterious past I can hardly wait for the next book. St the start Together they set out to give Daisy her first success as an heir hunter However it soon becomes apparent the solicitor’s client was not who he claimed to be and every attempt to find his real identity leads to another dead body When Daisy becomes the police’s main suspect in their murder case Solomon gives Some Like It Hotter up the one thing he swore never to lose his freedom When Solomon disappears Daisy risks the only thing that truly matters her husband Paul Scrollp and grab a copy tod.

Diminutive English rose JL Simpson was stolen away by a giant nomad and replanted in a southern land filled with gum trees and kangaroos She uickly adapted to her new life learning the meaning of G’day and mate whilst steadfastly refusing all attempts to convert her to VegemiteA hunger for exploration awoken by her new surroundings she traversed the land seeking knowledge and adventure Des