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At some of the people are real people ou know from the world of politics Review to follow This started out as Jeffrey Archer s second published novel uite a few ears ago but has now been updated for current politics Try to find the original version because it is vintage early Archer In the original version the novel begins just after Ed Kennedy is sworn in as president after Jimmy Carter It was a rough time in American history and Archer weaves the mood of the times into the story The plot revolves around a junior FBI agent s investigation into an assassination attempt against the new president He juggles a new relationship with the daughter of a senator who just happens to be a prime suspect in the conspiracy Archer demonstrates his US political expertise here despite being an Englishman This novel goes behind the scenes of Washington DC though not nearly to the extent his later novel First Among Euals does in London s Parliament My only real complaint with the novel is its lack of major plot twists which I ve come to expect from Archer s works Pretty straight forward story If All the Devils are Here you enjoy Archer s works try to locate a copy of this one too This is the final book of a trilogy It can be read as a stand alone In this one there is a plan to kill the president because she supports a gun control bill The FBI race to discover who is behind the conspiracy to kill the presidentThis was a lousy way to finish this trilogy The first two books were excellent The only positive I can take away from this novel is it tackling the issue of gun control The author accomplished this without preaching He expressed both sides concerns and why it is an issue today I especially liked this since this was written manyears ago Besides that this book did not have anything going for it First of all it was not a Kane Abel novel The character used from those books was used as a gimmick attempting to tie in this book with the others Secondly the investigation had its flaws It was boring and the turns were a stretch with some of its plot holes There was one time I actually groaned out loudThis book had the right idea but it never executed them to be satisfactory I liked the issue but it was not enough to deem this a worthy read It was false advertising and I recommend stopping after the second book of this trilogy. Ivima Mark Andrews jedini zna vrijeme planiranog ubojstva Ostaje mu šest dana da sazna gdje će se i kako izvršiti atentat.

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That cutting edge to the point that the climax is anti climactic The denouement is flat as well The characters are very well developed and it is disappointing that this marks the ending of a great series I bought this book on my kindle before I read the reviews on it From what I now understand it was changed and updated from the original version of the hardback that was published in the 1970 s It has been a very long time since I read the first two books in this series Kane and Abel and The Prodigal Daughter but I was expecting this book to be about the main character the president then it was Although I liked the book and it was a uick read for me I was hoping to enjoy it than I did I m still giving it four stars because Jeffrey Archer is a great author The first book in this trilogy Kane Abel was about the story of two diverse boys from their birth to mid age and how different events led them to success as well as hatred for each other It was as I ve written in the review one of the best books I ve ever read and I gave it 5 starsThe se This was a disappointing ending to this series I was expecting a lot after Kane and Abel and then The Prodigal Daughter Florentyna is practically non existent in this book as the story focuses around an attempt to assassinate her and what the secret service is trying to do to stop it The book itself was pretty good and I think that I would have enjoyed it a lot if I hadn t been setup by the two previous books in the series Overall a fun read though and I plan to read some from Jeffrey Archer I came across this book recently but I forgot it was first published in 1977 It is an exciting political thrillera real page turner And et the scenario could fall right into the politics of 2020 The first woman President Florentyna Kane is attempting to get passed an important gun control law Little does she know that a Senator and some criminals will stop at nothing to get the law to failincluding the assassination of the President This is a non stop thriller which could easily fall into the scenario of the present political climateexcept this administration would let anyone who wants to own a gun have access to one The FBI is in the middle of the case and will do anything to stop the assassination Enjoy One of the cute things Archer brings to this book is th. Je netko kani ubiti Sat kasnije petoro ljudi upoznaje se s detaljima atentata a već u 2030 četvorica od njih nisu među ž.

Archer wrote two versions of this bookIn the first oneTed Kennedy was the fictional presidentagainst whom an assassination plot was being hatched LaterArcher wrote the second versionIn this oneFlorentyna Kanebecomes the first female president of the US and now she is the target of the assassinsIt is not really Kane and Abel 3as the title suggestsIt is an action packed thrillerin which the president herselfmakes very brief appearancesThe story centres around FBI agentMark Andrews The FBI finds an injured man who claims to have heard about an assassination plotBut very soonthe man is dead and so are two FBI agentsThe president wants to introduce a gun control bill in the USand someone dislikes the idea enough to want to kill herThere are seven days in which to foil the plotThis is a page turner with non stop actionGun related violence continues unabated in the US and gun control laws are not likely to see the light of daydespite all the massacres that have taken placeThe book can be read as a standalone A rookie agent has to stop the assassination of the President So this book wasn t bad so much as ridiculous It was written a long time ago about the future 43rd president then updated and published again after there had been a real 43rd president I really think I might have liked it had I read it in 1977 or something But it was just surreal and not in a good way to read someone s vision of the 2000s He got to first female president but didn t uite think of the internet So the hero is just doing all his research at the library with a stack of uarters from a pay phone On an unrelated note even if the technology had been updated I just really got angry at the hero s passionate love for the heroine aka a possible accomplice of the assassin The deal was that they met and he just fell too head over heels and believed so much in love and his right to love that he couldn t stay away from her for the 6 days to the presumptive assassination I wonder if it s annoying to me because it really is annoying or because in the post 2001 world nothing like that seems believable just like pay phones Entertaining and suspenseful However it is not a serious political thriller There are too many implausible events and unanswered uestions There is excitement and razor tension from the first page but it loses. Florentyna Kane izabrana je za prvu predsjednicu Sjedinjenih Američkih Država Jedne večeri u 1930 agent FBI a saznaje da.

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