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It in Joanne O Sullivan s young adult novel BETWEEN TWO SKIES O Sullivan gives us a taste of pre Katrina life in Bayou Perdu LA for sixteen year old Evangeline Riley This petite coastal village is ich with fishing parades gumbo and teen Shrimp ueens uickly Evangeline s life is overtaken by evacuation in the path of the storm displacement disorientation and the feeling of being out place in your own skin In the aftermath Evangeline and her family must Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, rebuild not only their exterior and material life butecover from interior and personal grief Unlike a book that pulls you in because you have no idea what s going to happen this book starts under a known cloud of doom and puts the eader suarely on Evangeline s side before the cover is even cracked It is filled with young love moments between sisters grandparent and parental bonds and most significantly a depiction of the uniue experience Katrina visited upon teens In addition to an engaging and poignant depiction of Evangeline s tale O Sullivan treats us to the elegant presentation of salty sweet characters in an engaging can t put it down ead For someone who is looking for an expert portrayal of a teen experience within a universal crisis this is a home un You will learn the meaning of an emptiness that is newness. Ine s aching heart Told in a strong steady voice with a keen sense of place and a vivid cast of characters here is a novel that asks compelling uestions about class and politics exile and belonging and the pain of being cast out of your home But above all this emarkable debut tells a gently woven love story difficult to put down impossible to forge.

Rney and the journeys of other hurricane Au bagne refugee families Families and friendships that were splintered and transformed after Katrina Told from Evangeline s point of view O Sullivan masterfully weaves in the stories of otherefugees through compelling dialogue and events that shine a light on the difficult circumstances of those displaced by the storm The backdrop of Cajun culture brings a diversity to the story that will be fresh for many eaders From gumbo to spices to language to the fishing industry eaders will fall in love with all things Louisiana My favorite elationship was between the two Evangelines the main character and her grandmother Mamere The young teen grandparent paradigm of solving conflict and bridging the divide between parents and their angsty kids is deftly crafted and heart warming And there s a literary allegory eferenced throughout the poem and woven tightly into the endingHenry Wadsworth Longfellow s first epic poem Evangeline A Tale of Acadie serves as a metaphorical journey mirroring Evangeline s own displacement Simply beautiful I loved this oneBetween Two Skies Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans Not just the song by Louis Armstrong but the actual place The place with inexpressible sweetness If you don t you can experience. G odeo But dearest to her heart she has the peace that only comes when she takes her skiff out to where there is nothing but sky and air and water and wings It's a small life but it is Evangeline's And then the storm comes and everything changes Amid the chaos and pain and destruction comes Tru a fellow efugee a budding bluesman a balm for Evangel.

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Beautifully written heartbreakingly eal O Sullivan nails teen omance A ealistic eminder of the devastation of Katrina and its effects on families especially young teens I eally loved this beautifully written story Evangeline and her family must evacuate southern Louisiana in advance of Hurricane Katrina Her family ends up in Atlanta while her friends end up scattered across the country Add in a slow burn omance a broken heart and the death of Evangeline s beloved grandmother and you ve got the makings of an introspective heartfelt story I eceived an advanced eading copy of BETWEEN TWO SKIES and am so happy I did Joanne s a fellow North Carolinian but the book doesn t take place in NC Instead it captivates the beautiful Louisiana skies I was captured ight away by the writing the landscape of Bayou Perdu and the characters Evangeline and Tru were exactly who I wanted them to be This story paints an authentic picture of the struggles brought on by Hurricane Katrina but without the broad strokes We get to focus on the details first love friendship family All of which are upturned by this mighty storm And did I mention Longfellow This is a ead that ll stick Five stars Between Two Skies pulls you into a compelling narrative that brings to life Evangeline s jou. Hurricane Katrina sets a teenage girl adrift But a new life and the promise of love emerges in this ich highly eadable debutBayou Perdu a tiny fishing town way way down in Louisiana is home to sixteen year old Evangeline Riley She has her best friends Kendra and Danielle; her wise beloved Mamere; and back to back titles in the under sixteen fishin.