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I pounced on this in the library this morning and have just read it in one sitting and really enjoyed it It took me back to discovering Susan Hill s books for the first time in the early 1970s and being greatly moved by them especially In the Springtime of the Year I encountered her in the lighting department of our local department store one day and so much wanted to tell her how I admired her work but was completely tongue tied The sense of time and place is beautifully conveyed and Olive s sense of not fitting and her affection for her father struck me as very convincing as is her naivety about relationships The writing is spare and the pain Olive suffers is mostly implicit a refreshing change from much of the wordy solipsism of the characters in much recent fiction I ve read The only real flaw I can find is the ending which seems a little too contrived almost as if the author wanted the reader to finish on an upbeat note rather than follow probable but less cheerful developments in Olive s life But it will make a good ending to the film that someone will no doubt want to make My first Susan Hill read which I enjoyed very much A beautifully written story which was very moving and sensitive and conveyed the feelings of desolation so poignantly ReviewI am giving this slim novella by Susan Hill four stars because the detached style of the writing is entirely in keeping with the removed state of victims of trauma and Olive the protagonist is a victim of serial traumaShe is also a survivor Hill as always is thifty with her words and the story moves swiftly with truncated chapters through the early formative ears of her womanhood The tale resonates with loss and a uiet stoicism Even when at their most depleted human beings have the capacity for giving of themselves A tale of transformative trauma simply told Another reviewer called this book slight and inconseuential and I couldn t agree I read it some weeks ago and when it came to writing my own review realised I could remember very little of it A uick skim through brought the details back bu. You’re a Undercover Pregnancy young woman You can choose Which career to pursue Who to have sex with Who to marry and have children or not with This is nowStep into the shoes of Olive You’re a happy open hearted girl Your tricky mother is dead andou live with our father in a solid Edwardian house with apple trees in the garden He’s a kind man who does his fair share around the house Your.

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T I m pretty sure it s going to fade again It s the story of a oung intelligent woman s journey through life in the Hummer years after WWII where many restrictions still pertain but freedom of a kind is within reach This is well trodden ground and Hill brings nothing new to the table Olive herself isn t a particularly memorable character and her problems and dilemmas nothing unusual A perfectly pleasant read but instantly forgettable This slight novel may be uiet and melancholic in tone but it has a surprisingly large amount to say and it hit me harder than I thought it would The book despite exploring two big social issues avoids sensationalism or scandal in favour of something decidedly subtler being in many ways about what is left unsaid At its heart however it s about a life lived under a cloud of oppression Olive feels like an everywoman of the 50s eager to remain unremarkable Though she has great potential she becomes a passenger in her own life because of the pressure that society places on her to conform to certain standards The book itself is written largely using short punchy sentences and moves at a swift pace not in an action packed sense but in a way that for me reflected the idea of Olive s life moving too fast beyond her own controlI won t say much about the plot I think it s best to let it unfold in its own way There is however a thread about the power of literature to provide escape which as a bookworm I very much enjoyedIt explores love betrayals both big and small and the insular pain of not being true toourself all in an intelligent and understated manner In the hands of another writer both the subject matter and emotion of the narrative could have seen this novel spun into a needlessly dense melodramatic tome Whilst some may feel it s too glacial and doesn t dive deep enough to me this brevity is to its merit perfectly capturing a sense of supressed emotion lost potential and uiet reflection on what could have been I picked Susan Hill s From the Heart up just before bedtime as I didn t relish the idea of keeping my current rea. Passion for books gets With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) you easily into university where the world is surely waiting forouThere ou take part in a play and are noticed by the leading man Even though he’s not as glamorous off stage he becomes our boyfriend But then The Alcohol Experiment you make a mistake – the kind any one of us could make – and face an impossible choice You areoung still and full of hope You can’t po.

D an enormous Virginia Woolf biography from doing me some kind of grievous injury as I read in bed 77% of the book later and I was finally too tired to read any longer Evidently the whole kept me gripped throughout it was incredibly engrossing and far engaging than a lot of Hill s work which I have read to date The writing feels mature than in a lot of her ghost stories and I cannot help but think that realist fiction is something which she should turn her hand to often in future A gem of a book Not a spare word every sentence draws the story along A thoroughly good read I love Susan Hill s writing but this book feels very slight and inconseuential I think I can see what Hill is trying to do but that kind of exposure of a stilted repressed world where women s sexuality is foreshortened and circumscribed has been done before and better McEwan Drabble come to mind Olive is a hard character to spend so much time with we re told that she feels joy passion love desire but she s so grey and says so little that it s hard to believe I especially found it difficult to see this mousy woman blossoming in the classroom and turning into a passionately inspirational teacher So a book which I really wanted to love but which only seems to operate on an intellectual level rather than an emotional oneThanks to the publisher for an ARC via NetGalley A gently written Menggairahkan Perjalanan Halaqah yet extremely intense story about aoung girl who finds herself pregnant and unmarried in the 1960s as well as developing some difficult feelings for someone at work that shocks the community Susan Hill has such a great way of writing that I sped through this book in 2 sittings and it took some time to get the plot out of my mind EXCERPT it occurred to her that she had a choice now here She could fret about whether her father had done the right thing marrying again coming to this town confining his life to a small space and whether he would be able to grow old here in some sort of contentment and she was right he was not old Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian yet only in his early sixties Or she could simply leave him them to it le. Ssibly know how that mistake will sit inour heart Or that when ou get a job at a wonderful school ou will meet an older colleague and fall in love But the affair must stay secret; the world won’t have it any other wayAll Demonica you have ever wanted is forour heart to be free But ou are living in a time and place where freedoms we now take for granted had the power to destroy.

Susan Hill was born in Scarborough North Yorkshire in 1942 Her hometown was later referred to in her novel A Change for the Better 1969 and some short stories especially Cockles and MusselsShe attended Scarborough Convent School where she became interested in theatre and literature Her family left Scarborough in 1958 and moved to Coventry where her father worked in car and aircraft factor