Karen Steele: Erotica By Karen Steele

Nto it I had to know how his chest felt as I try to balance myself while riding his hot body Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited Preview This Book By Clicking “Look Inside” Preview Above Mature content for 18 yes only Get Ready To Get Wet While Reading These Stories ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME Your purchase helps to support independent authors with a dream.

The you learn the better you'll be 2 Bonus Books Included Heat Up With This Hot Excerpt My The Man Without a Face eyes finally adjusted to the sun’s glare and I began to peer out into the neighborhood A retired man walking his dog a few birds chirping away and then him I almost gasped as myyes fixated on the young man getting out of the car with his shirt off He was a colleg.

E boy who had just finished his workout at the gym Sweat gleaned off his muscles as he began to slowly strut into the house I couldn’t look away Every aspect of his body had my imagination flowing I wanted to know how his bulging biceps felt as he wrapped them under my head while deep inside me I needed to know how his back felt as I dug my fingernails


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