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WOW I really enjoyed JJ s Ruthless People series and I was really excited that she was writing another one starring their children and boy she didn t disappoint When I got my ARC I was extremely happy and loudly said something in the terms of FUCK YEAH while doing a little bit of a fist pump Scared the shit outta my mom since she was napping in her chair LOLNow on to the bookWhat a fantastic ride this one was Ethan is the oldest of Melody and Liam and he is just as ruthless as his parents if not He comes off as robotic and unemotional He doesn t like to be touched He s a master planner and manipulator He is steps ahead of everyone and uses them to get what he needs That includes his family and even his new wife Ivy Ivy has been in prison a little over 7 years for a crime unbeknownst to her she didn t commit She s also spent this time hating the Callahan s for illing her parents Also something she comes to find out is untrue The truth behind both tragedies comes to light and she agrees to marry Ethan so she can get her revenge In prison she is Out of This World known as Psycho Ivy It fits her She is a bit flighty with her emotions and a bad ass in her own right and is uite frankly the best choice for Ethan s wife and partner in crime She is the rightind of ride and die chick that Ethan needs in his life No matter how unconventional their love is or how crazy they are together you cheer for them You believe in their crazy and want of it in the end The lengths Ethan goes to bring his family back together and to get Ivy s revenge is impressive if not insane But Ivy is right there by his side doing her part to make it all happen I was very impressed with the story and how it all unfolded And that damn ending UGH I NEED the next book It s a deliciously cruel way to end it and to The Time It Never Rained keep the reader wanting I can t wait to see what happens next because Inow it s going to be just as epic as this story and the ones before it wasIf you haven t read Ruthless People you should If you wanna skip them THE HORROR and read this that s OK to It can be read as a stand alone But I HIGHLY recommend you read all the books The books are all dark fascinating and fun reads Happy reading dolls xx I RECIEVED AN ARC COURTESY OF NETGALLEY IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Children of Vice4 Stars The next generation of CallahansEthan and his twin siblings Donatella and Wyatt These The Child of the Soul and Other Stories kids now adults have had a rough upbringing in that they were the children of Melody Giovanni and Liam Callahan Two crime bosses that merged the Italians and the Irish And not to spoil for those who haven t read The Ruthless People series theids had to learn to be ruthless at an early ageEthan now 28 and the Ceann na Conairte of the family has lots to deal with especially his siblings and his new wife Ivy O Davoren She has been in prison for 7 years and she s a little on the wild and crazy side Just enough to deal with the Callahan family and her family too Ethan and Ivy were uite a couple They both gave endured hardships and while the way the. I Ethan Antonio Giovanni Callahan first son of the former head of the Irish mob Liam Alec Callahan and former head of the Italian mafia ex governor Melody Nicci Giovanni Callahan solemnly swear to ruthlessly protect our family name business and way of life no matter the cost to me or anyone else I shall show no.

Damn psychologist to be on stand by I certainly didn t agree with everything in this story but I must say it was one hell of an entertainment and I loved how Family was the most important thing to everyone Ethan s relationship with his siblings were extremely complicated and I liked how the author didn t brush their feelings aside but gave them their own voice With that being said I find myself being conflicted with how this story is going to play out and I m very eager to see it through but That ending has left me feeling particularly stabby and I ll just leave it at that If you love Mafia romances with a fearless heroine then this one is for you Children of Vice book 1 of 4 Ethan Callahan just like his father does have a heart it bleeds red for family tradition his countryBooks in Children of Vice series should be read in orderBook 1 Children of ViceBook 2 Children of AmbitionBook 3 Children of RedemptionBook 4 Vicious Minds Part 1Book 5 Vicious Minds Part 2 It s time for the next generation of Callahan s to rule Chicago and control crime and drugs across the globe Prodigal son and love child Ethan Antonio Giovanni Callahan Ceann na Conairte had big shoes to fill At the age of twenty eight he has adapted into his role with an unsettling coldness calculated callous and ruthlessness When he comes to picking a wife he bends to tradition and marries for convenience Ivy O Davoren has served seven long years in prison for a crime she did not commit She blames the Callahan s for her misfortunes until they present her with and offer she cannot refuse What neither Ethan nor Ivy counted on was their fierce sexual attraction When you are not busy having wild sex against walls floors and furniture they lay down the law and take on traitors and villains In the name of revenge and redemption it s a fight for perseverance control family and legacyIf you worry there can be no other Liam Callahan the apple did not fall from the tree While Liam was cocky and sarcastic Ethan is a calculated and reserved force to reckoned with Seven words to describe Ethan Antonio Giovanni Callahan Ceann na Conairte Methodical calculated sharp eyed jaded aloof intense and ruthlessAs the layers are peeled a formidable partner in crime emerges Seven words to describe Ivy O Davoren Feisty hot headed lonely observant closed off trusting and loyalChildren of Vice told from multiple POVs is just as crazy dark and suspenseful as its predecessors But while the Ruthless People trilogy was written with sarcasm the undertone to Children of Vice is melancholy a life in the aftermath of greatness a product of a family ripped apart Liam and Melody will appear in flashbacks Story ends leading right to book 2 for Donatella s storyHero 12Heroine 12Plot Storytelling Sexual tension Sex scenes Story ending OVERALL RATING Angst MEDIUM FOCUS Darkness HIGH FOCUS Humor MEDIUM FOCUS Kink MEDIUM FOCUS Romance MEDIUM FOCUS Sex freuency HIGH FOCUS Suspense HIGH FOCUS ARC provided to me by author JJ McAvoy in exchange for an honest review. Betrayed my father and family I will live for revengeI will ill for revengeI will marry for revengeYou devoured the Ruthless People series Now it’s time to revel in the reign of the Callahan children Stand alone seuel series to Ruthless People series You do not have to read Ruthless People series beforehand.

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Got together was unconventionalit seemed like a match made in heaven The Belladonna and the Mani di forbice The beautiful poison and the duel blades I really liked the time spent cultivating their relationship Dealing with her family solidified their bond and created a strength that Ethan didn t now he was missingThe dynamics of the family with Ethan in charge was uite tumultuous Ethan had to deal with his brother who left Chicago and his sister who had ideas of her own about what she wants What was sorely missing was the essence of how Family deals with one another I blame their parents for the discord that these three ids experience The ending was unexpected and expected It made my heart ache that the three siblings didn t embrace one another I can only hope that eventually the three of them come together and embrace the meaning of a true familia I do believe that the hardship and heartache will only escalate but I have faith that the author will being Ethan Dona and Wyatt full circle Looking forward to the next book and seeing how Donatella s story plays outARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review We are greedy we are selfish and hunger for power is second nature to us As a fan of the Ruthless series I already new that the Callahan family were a crazy bunch They were conniving vindictive dangerous and they did it all in the name of family so I shouldn t have been surprised that the new generation turned out to be just as crazy if not like the Original members You The Soviet Union know that saying there s a line you shouldn t cross That doesn t apply to Ethan Callahan because he will set it on fire while making his dinner reservations Lines are irrelevant in his world and mentioning it will only get you a closed casket beyond six feet under As the eldest son of Melody and Liam Callahan did you really expect anything less when it came to theirids One thing I ve learned about this family is that Underestimation is a downfall and Control will always be the King pieceIvy O Davoren has been in prison for the past seven years for a crime she didn t commit Spending that much time away gives you a chance to let your hate and need for revenge fester and ultimately it becomes a beast But what happens when everything you thought was true turned out to be one incredible lie For Ivy she s about to get a Callahan reality check and let s be real you will NEVER come back the same from those Sometimes you need to do bad to do good and worse to do even better I really don t want to say too much on this story because every little thing is like a spoiler What I will say is that this author has managed to make the craziest families in non fiction look normal These people were fucking nut jobs I thought for sure their moral compass would ve icked in for certain scenes but fuck no They broke it poured bleach on it and shot it up without even flinching I couldn t believe the lengths that Ethan and Ivy went through all for the greater good of this family and to be honest I was waiting for the. Mercy; I shall offer no forgiveness; there will be no peace for those who stand against meI will live for my familyI will ill for my familyI will marry for my familyI Ivy O'Davoren the only daughter of Shay O'Davoren solemnly swear to ruthlessly and mercilessly exact revenge on the Callahans and all those who.

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