Mina Alexia: I Shouldnt Love This Way

Absolutely loved it All the plot twist and truths that come to light will have you on the edge of your seat Love it I can t wait Life has never been complicated for Aria Hunter Moving from New York to California was supposed to bring her closer to her father and it had in all the wrong ways Being separated from him at birth had damaged any hope for an appropriate relationship to row Now at eighteen she is lost confused and in love with the man.

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Gahh mina you re an evil enius can t wait to read the next book don t make me wait too long please everyone needs to read this boo. Elf in purgatory and refuses to drag her to Hell with him In I Shouldn't Love This Way the steaming seuel to the successful debut novel I Shouldn't Feel This Way Mina Alexia masterfully weaves the most complicated love story that will touch the hearts of her readers break them into pieces and put them back together aga.

Or book 3 The character development keep you hooked This is a fantastic read More Love it just as much as the first book TEAM NORIA. Who had rescued her from Hell He came to her as a fallen angel in disguise but even angels fall from race Noah Hunter is a devastatingly handsome cutthroat lawyer with the darkest past As a man of the law he is fully aware that the nature of his relationship with Aria is wrong As he continues his therapy he finds hims.