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E small town of Crossroads TX with a few new romances and mysteries while updating us on some well known residents and introducing us to a few new onesWild Horse Springs had all the ear markings of a typical and entertaining story but seems to lose its way uickly Even with its normal multiple storyline threads there is a disorganized feeling to the writing that is only matched by the rambling narrative and random head jumping Thomas uses the same familiar formula that has worked for ears telling the story from four I broke down and bought my own copy of this because I was just having to wait too long for my turn to roll around on the library s hold list I liked it a lot Because the sheriff finally found someone for himself I enjoy Jodi s taciturn characters who can t talk to each other male or female many of them seem to find talking kind of silly But they find each other anyway The sheriff s daughter may be finding her way to clarity also in this one She s been caught between two guys for a long time and is getting sick of it The sheriff takes up with a grieving singer at the local honky tonk And Jodi knows that the bars in rural Texas are on the edge of town or a few miles outside There s a child in trouble that the sheriff has to find It s a good story I used to live in a town in the Texas Panhandle very much like Ransom Canyon Except we were closer to the end of the canyon so there was row crop farming in the mix with the ranching Flat land grew cotton and peanuts rough land raised cows But the people were pretty much the same Dan Brigman is the sheriff of Crossroads He s been alone for a long time though not always lonely per se He loves his daughter who s grown and moved away trying to figure out life for herself He loves his job and it keeps him busy But it isn t until he meets Brandi Malone a singer who goes from gig to gig in an attempt to run away from her past and her pain that he remembers how nice it is to have a woman in his life He gets attached wants her to stay but refuses to tie her downCody Winslow is haunted by demons One night he s trying to outrun them and gets thrown from his horse Lucky for him park ranger Tess Adams is star gazing nearby and hears the commotion An adept take charge type she starts taking care of him and never stops She doesn t know much about relating to people though and he can t shake his demons They care about one another and Einführung in die deutsche Sprache der Wissenschaften yearn for something but neither is certain how to achieve itLauren Brigman is lost In heart in mind in soul She wants to be a writer but hasn t written a word She wants to live in the city but is miserably homesick for her small town She wants to be with the boy she loved in high school but can t reconcile him with the man he s become Worse she can t see any other man but him She just can t seem to find her place in the world This was a good book I wouldn t say it s one of Thomas best but it was solid However I had a few personal opinions about it that I don t expect others to share so I wanted to say up front that ifou like Thomas previous work or romances with a western flavor that give The Defense (Eddie Flynn you the warm fuzzies then I recommendou check out this book as well as the rest of the Ransom Canyon series And if ou like the Ransom Canyon series go straight for the Harmony series I revisit them oftenNow I m not sure why but I had zero interest in Dan and Brandi s story None whatsoever I m ashamed to admit I skimmed their parts from the very beginning They re both good people and I m glad they re happy now with each other but I did not need that to be the central story And I had only a bit interest in Cody and TessThere was only a paltry fraction of this book that I soaked up Lauren s parts and Thatcher s parts I ve got a lot of emotion invested in Lauren s story which started in book one and I m getting really really REALLY frustrated with her lack of fulfillment It s probably a very deliberate marketing strategy and I understand that but at this point I m ready for a series on Lauren alone screw the rest of the town I relate to her so much that it almost feels like when she gets her happy ending I ll get mine Which is stupid but that s how connected to her I feel Judging by the blurb for Indigo Lake the next Ransom Canyon installment she ll be shoved into the background again and it sounds like she ll be struggling with the exact same issues Come on nowThatcher Jones is one of the interesting characters in the whole series The kid s got charisma He jokes in the book that all the ladies cling to him and I duck my head because I was indeed clinging to him throughout the book He did drive the plot though everything happened because of him so it s no wonder he drew my attention He s got a heart the size of Texas and he s so funny I ve got my fingers crossed for Lauren and Lucas eventually working their shit out but I d totally be okay with Lauren and Thatcher ending up together Seven ears isn t really that much of an age gap But that won t happen so I can t wait to meet the woman who takes him on She better be worthy of himAnd poor Tim O Grady I dislike him every time I see him He s just like Mary in BBC s Sherlock shoehorned in for a reason I m not too clear on almost like the author felt obligated to include him for character development s sake I hope he stays in New York and leaves Lauren everyone the F aloneThe thing I don t get about these new kind of town focused romances is what the main plot is supposed to be One would think romance but there are multiple romances going on So either one must have focus than the others or they all get the same attention Done deal But there s another plot at least in Thomas books usually involving a crime committed and suspense as the evidence is examined and the culprits are hunted down It s usually this plot that ties everything else that s happening together brings everyone together so I consider it the main plot Which doesn t make it a romance it makes it a mystery or a thriller But people have sex and fall in love everyone except LAUREN anyway poor girl so we ll ca. Hway gets him thinking maybe the cowgirl who lost it is exactly the shake up he needsAfter losing her baby girl Brandi Malone felt like her soul died along with her daughter Now singing in small town bars to make ends meet she's fine being a drifter until a handsome sheriff makes her believe that parking her boots under his bed is.

Ll it a romanceSo the main suspense plot was good very exciting Lauren s plot is pending sigh Cody and Tess was cute and Thatcher s is just beginning But I skipped most of Dan and Brandi s I did try to read it I swear but it was so boring so I m not sure if all of their conflicts got resolved They were together at the end anyway as expectedThe only complaint I have on the writing was that there were than a few typos and that s not Thomas fault but probably the publisher s Late instead of last a missing E in relieve met instead of meant things like that I don t think I counted as many as a dozen so it s not too bad but I start rolling my eyes after three Mistakes are made es but this is the final printed product It s supposed to be professional and typos are very much not professional in writing Otherwise Thomas prose was wonderful with an easy flow and excellent description that carry ou through vivid scenes brought to lifeOne last thing I call EPIC bullshit on Lauren sitting down writing some stories and a month later telling her dad her collection of short stories will be published by spring less than six months later Kids it would take a miracle to go from uninspired with no connections to published in six months Nothing s impossible but don t uit Falling Through Clouds your day job because it doesn t happen like that and I m shocked Jodi Thomas of all people would purport so even in fictionOverall I m holding on until I get the stories of the characters I really care aboutnoapologybookreviewscomkeeneyeeditingcom I received a free copy of Wild Horse Springs in return for an honest review Again Jodi Thomas has given us a interesting story line with several romances intertwined Dan Brigman and his daughter Lauren are characters we met in previous books Lauren and Lucas s romance is still up in the air but Dan s is unexpected but veryvery sweet While I liked both Dan and Brandi the character s who stole the show for me were Cody Tess and Thatcher Cody and Tess are two lost souls who fit perfectly and manage to do it with a lot of humor and laughs out loud moments Thatcher on the other hand is still a work in progress Great story good romances and fun to readou can t go wrong with Jodi Thomas A fabulous book with a multi layered story line The language the imagery the depth of emotion all carried me away I ve known Ms Thomas as a fellow writer for some The Art of Acquiring years and have read her books in the past but I fell out of the habit NO MORE I m finding every Jodi Thomas books I can get my hands on She is absolutely outstanding This book is simply wonderful I highly recommend it to any reader who enjoys complex characters and a great plot 45 4 stars A I really enjoyed this addition to the Ransom Canyon series Sheriff Dan has played a role in all the previous books and it was great to see him in the spotlight for much of this one He is one of those deserving characters thatou hope like heck is going to get a HEAI would not recommend ou read this book as a standalone not because it would be hard to follow but because ou would miss out on the richness of the town and its characters For example in one scene in this book Yancy Grey s father is mentioned in passing Well his story was a big part of a previous book so if a person read that book that throw away comment stimulates a huge cache of memories about him his past the characters he was involved in You really feel like A Menagerie of Heroes you know the people in the town That is one reason I love this style of book that Jodi Thomas does so well like the Harmony novels Its not for everyone but for a small town girl like me its appealing Dan Brigman a fourty somethingear old with a brush of gray along his temples and the sheriff of Crossroads Texas His wife left him twenty Mr. Fix-It years ago and he raised his daughter alone she s now a grown woman and she calls him predictable because he doesn t mind his daily routine and he doesn t date But one day while he s coming home after a workday he find a blue cowgirl boot in the middle of the road and stop at the new club in town to ask uestion and find the owner The road had been her home for fourteen monthsBrandi Malone never felt welcome in her family and left after high school with her guitars to play music She didn t became famous but that s not what she was after anyway As long as she can play she s happy After losing her nineear old daughter music is all she have left She s traveling from town to town keeping to herself just surviving She s currently singing at a club in Crossroads doing three sets a night The first time she see the sheriff she thinks a man with honest eyes and without knowing why she feels a connection to him An undeniable attraction that he share right away too But she s honest with him from the start she s not looking for love nor a relationship She s just passing but she wouldn t mind company The two of them begin a secret affair that feels spontaneous and so not complicated exactly what they needed But even when feelings are involve when two souls are meant to be together love will unfold naturally So I jump into this series with book 5 and had no trouble following and it s easy to see that some characters have appeared in the earlier books It s funny because sometime I felt in love with the writing style while other time I thought there were some odd phrasing or maybe it was in the way some characters were thinking But I can t say I didn t enjoy reading this book In addition to Brandi and Dan s romance there was a second one with a female park ranger who rescued an injured man who fell off his horse an ex Texas Ranger who lost too many friends and became an hermit Their scenes were my favorite part So sweet and funny how an inside joke between these two turned into something There s also a don t know if I can say a subplot with Dan s daughter Lauren but this part I could have done without honestly I didn t connect with her and any of her friends Is it because I really dislike triangle I guessI ll finish this review with one of the uote that I likedShe loved the version of herself she saw in his eye. A better optionCollege grad Lauren Brigman has just struck out on her own in downtown Dallas when a troubling phone call leads her back home to Crossroads Her hometown represents her family friends and deepest hopes but also her first love Lucas Reyes Will Lauren's homecoming be another heartbreak or a second chance for her and Luc.

Originally reviewed for wwwburiedunderromancecom WILD HORSE SPRINGS the fifth entry in the Ransom Canyon series by Jodi Thomas is an interesting look into life in small town Crossroads Texas The plot is full of colorful characters mystery and several delightful romances It all starts with a blue cowgirl boot Romance 1 Sherriff Dan Brigman a single father is very lonely since his only daughter Lauren moved out to be on her own While on duty Dan finds the fancy blue boot in the middle of the road After searching for its owner the boot is eventually reunited with country singer Brandi Malone who is booked for a few weeks at a local bar Brandi who is very secretive about her past is immediately attracted to Dan but both have to decide if they can put their pasts behind them and commit to a new relationship Romance 2 Lauren Brigman Dan s daughter went to law school but has decided that she would rather be a writer She misses her hometown dearly and returns home when a situation develops that involved some of her high school friends This reuires that she meet up with Tim her friend with benefits and Lucas her unreuited long time crush Romance 3 Texas Ranger Cody Winslow is seriously injured in an accident on his ranch Park Ranger Tess Adams finds him and gets him to the hospital While Cody recovers Tess takes care of things on his ranch All three romances come together in a mystery involving a The Complete Photo Guide to Slipcovers young man named Thatcher who while attempting to help aoung apparently abused girl ends up in jail The mystery plays out primarily at the end of the book and it drives the mostly satisfying conclusion of the book A few things are left unsettled obviously to be carried over to the next book in the series WILD HORSE SPRINGS held my attention from start to finish It is well written and the pace is steady until Nazo no Kanojo X, Vol. 1 you get to the somewhat frantic conclusion The characters are all likeable and realistic and their storylines are interesting The problem with the book however is that there are too many romances going on Instead of the two usual main characters there are many main characters While each is important to the plot it is difficult for the reader to get invested in any of their individual stories Romance 1 Dan and Brandi is probably the main romance if there is one It is very sweet emotional and engaging but it lacks depth Romance 2 LaurenTimLucas started in one of the earlier books and even though their relationships were fully explained I felt like I was missing something by not having read the previous books in the series I also felt like I am going to have to read the next book to see how this romance plays out Romance 3 Cody and Tess was a bit unbelievable Cody and Tess met for the first time when Tess found him lying injured on the ground after he off of a cliff In just a couple of days she was taking care of his financial business I imagine this storyline will also play out in a future book All in all however I enjoyed my trip to Crossroads Texas I enjoyed getting to know all of the main characters and watching them fall in love The sex when it happens takes place behind closed doors and is left to the imagination of the reader which I prefer The mystery of the little girl adds much needed depth to the story and it is well written I m looking forward to the next book in the series but I hope the author concentrates on just one romantic couple instead of several so that we can really get to know them That s the main thing that is missing in WILD HORSE SPRINGS I voluntarily read an ARC of this book Justterrible Welcome to Crossroads TX where intrigue meets true love Sheriff Dan Brigman finds a blue rhinestone cowgirl boot in the middle of the road and goes in search of its owner Singer Brandi Malone is drifting through town and running from her family and her past but Dan makes her feel wild and free Dan s daughter Lauren is a struggling author missing her small town roots when she gets a call to come home to help out a friend She reconnects with her old lover Tim and her first love Lucas Reyes Meanwhile a troubled kid named Thatcher is in a load of trouble when he comes to the aid of a little girl and winds up in jail then attacked by her abusers Texas Ranger Cody Winslow has been chasing death for a long time but once It s finally in his grasp a park ranger named Tess Adams saves his lifethen takes it over All of these Crossroads friends and family s stories converge as they lean on one another through good times and bad Mmmmsigh I just couldn t get into this book whatsoever The stilted and formal writing combined with the lack of chemistry between any of the characters had me wishing the end would come uickly It was unfortunate that Ms Thomas focused on so many MC s during the story as it was tough to connect with any of them enough to really root for them to make it And the romantic scenarios bordered on the sillyBrandi and Dan s ridiculous meeting and wild love affair Lauren breaking up with Tim who she wasn t dating by telling him she doesn t want to be friends with benefits any and lamenting the relationship between she and Lucas that never really happened and Cody happily letting Tess literally take over his life while he s laying in a hospital beddid I mention that they spent about 1 hr in each other s company before that point Then we have Thatcher the jailbird s story which was just a means to tie everything in together But the worst part was the ending It was rushed abrupt and full of the stinkiest kind of cheese Bottom Line No OMOW or sharing assumed condom use but there were no actual sex scenes no BDSMkink no sexual assault slight violence no murder Originally posted at small town contemporaries are always a welcome respite as they weave a cozy tale of love laughter pain and heartbreak of small town living Similar to her Harmony series reviews here each book pushes forward on the arc while discussing one or two characters romances while dealing with a small thrilling mystery on the side The fifth book in Jodi Thomas s Ransom Canyon series takes readers back to th. In the heart of Ransom Canyon sometimes the right match for a lonely soul is the oneou least expect Dan Brigman may not lead the most exciting life but he's proud of what he's achieved he's a respected lawman and he's raised a bright talented daughter on his own But finding a lone sparkly blue boot in the middle of a deserted hig.

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