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But like aren t we all annoying sometimes So realisticSo many beautiful messages too I love how Molly s mums talked about there not being a specific age to reach milestones and achieve things ISN T THAT NICE TO TALK ABOUT Thank you And f course it underlined that love is love no matter what And even though Molly had anxiety and was shy she NEVER was forced to be less herself Her sister told her to put herself ut there and stop just pining for unreuited crushes but there was no seriously Molly stop being so uiet and anxiousthere was NO SHAMING IN THIS BOOK FOR ANYTHING blessit And Molly didn t have an eating disorder She is fat She likes food which means she is awesome She doesn t spend the book learning to love herself because SHE LOVES HERSELF NOW And this was inspiring and beautiful to readDid I say this review was going to be short HAHAHAHHHAHAHAHA SorryAlso the romance was freaking adorable BUT I WILL SAY NO MORE EXCEPT SUEEEEEEEEI think this book was less funny and less nerdy than Simon Vs Which is probably why I m a little less in love with it I also FREAKED OUT when he made a teeny tiny cameo Like ajfdksalfd I forgot how much I love Simon It DID however have much appreciation for Chocolate Mini Eggs which I ve not heard f until now but they sound like Aussie Easter chocolate Eggs So I am 100% FOR I m so glad both Giant Peach Yodel of Becky Albertalli s books so far have had grand food appreciation NICEALL IN ALL this is a glorious sweet happy and feels good book and I LIKED IT Which is saying something because none got stabbed and I still liked it Go me I have a soul after all Maybe I still don t get how you can have that many crushes and not be a littlewell pathetic though Sorry BUT WHATEVER It was cute relatable and still had deep and poignant messages Duuuuuude Well done Soa 41 average rating Heaps Sinai and Zion of praise filled reviews Fangirling galore I should ve liked this What the hell went wrongI feel like I read a totally different book I didn t see a swoony romancer a relatable character rmuch f anything really What I did see was a very fcked up way f discussing feminism and ther social issues intolerable teens and a boy fixation that refuses To DisappearhttpsemmareadstoomuchwordpresscoSo let s get into it Unpopular pinion timeCHARACTERSSo the main character f this book is named Molly She s boy crazy Pinterest crazy and the full Iniquity on worst allllll the time forever We are trapped in the cyclical complainingf her head for 300 plus pagesMolly despite having an astronomical number f uasi crushes has never been kissed gone n a date had a boyfriend etc Each and every ne f those three hundred pages is dedicated to the absolute tragedy Annual Report of the Officers of the Town of Holderness, N. H: Year Ending January 31, 1937 (Classic Reprint) of this fact Everything is about Molly Molly has two moms andn the day gay marriage is ruled as legal in the US her moms get engaged Yay That s so great I love thatMolly loves it too For like five freaking seconds before the whole day becomes about her Here s her dumb thought process There really is a dreaminess about today Even Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook our customers seem unusually coupled up They re all holding hands It s like a Valencia filtered Noah s ark And it s nice Exceptsometimes I feel like I m the last alone person NO NO EXCEPT IT S JUST NICE THAT S IT You don t have to make it about you Trust me we haven t forgotten your uest to have a boy validate you You can stop talking about it constantly for a page and just bask in the fictional recreationf a step toward eualityAmong ther things that Molly makes about her Cassie s first relationship every interaction between Cassie and Mina and every major and minor event in her friends lives I m talking their relationships their breakups their flirtations their sexual encounters It never goddamn endsShe s also uncomfortable alllll the time Anytime anyone mentions relationships crushes kissing sex guys in general And anytime she s uncomfortable she takes the pportunity to delve into her Boy uest for twelve pages It s so exhausting God this book was just not fun at allOoh and lest I forget at Livin' de Life one point Molly blatantly uses a boy to make another boy jealous And that s never condemned Cool Let s just treat people like emotionlessbjects Speaking The Amazing Dreams of Andrew Latter of whichMolly has a twin Her name is Cassie They do not look anything alike as Molly tells us freuently but they are identical in levelsf terribleness YayCassie is very horrible Because she is a total btch and Molly is a total doormat Cassie freuently uses Molly to attain whatever goal she has She uses Molly as a funny story to attempt to charm Mina the girl she likes while Molly is there She decides to force Molly into a relationship with Mina s friend Will so she can still spend time with Molly without having to sacrifice any sexy time with her girlfriend She continually embarrasses Molly in front Culture is the Body: The Theatre Writings of Tadashi Suzuki of Will by strongly implying she has a crushn him and in Cognitive Science: An Introduction to the Study of Mind one funccurrence telling a story about a thirteen year The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta old Molly vomiting in public FunShe s also a bad sister and treats Molly like dirt Even though they have a cheesy apology scene straightut f Full House literally none f that is resolved Cassie stays awful and so does Molly YayMina is pretty flat I m supposed to think she is cool I do not Her friends Max and Will are total jerks I am supposed to find Will charming r cute I do not This book is a snoozefestReid isfine I wanted to like him than I did There s nothing I love than a nerdy male love interest but he justdidn t do it for me This book spends so much goddamn time wrapped up in Molly s whining that most ther characters are so flat it s unbelievable Like this book felt like it was a million pages long You re telling me you couldn t find time between in depth descriptions f Game f Thrones graphic tees and edible cookie dough to give a guy To be carefulThen a cute new girl enters Cassie’s rbit and for the first time ever Molly’s cynical twin is a lovesick mess Meanwhile Molly’s totally not dying f loneliness except for the part where she is Luckily Cassie’s new girlfriend comes with a cute hipster boy sidekick Will is funny and flirtatious and just mi.

I AM MUSH PEOPLE FUCKIN MUSH This book has made me flail with excitement several times I LOVED IT SO MUCH I don t think I m going to review this book What are reviews anyway Who decides they have to be coherent and whatnot My Dicmatized 2: Bitter Sweet Revenge overexcitement alo My April Owlcrate I mn the toilet at the 930 Club and I m wondering how mermaids pee This isn t random There s a mermaid Barbie attached to the door Martian Science Fiction: Scifi Novellas Set on Mars of the bathroom here Which is a prettydd choice for a bathroom mascot If that s even a thing Bathroom mascots This book had me at those first few lines and yes I m weird and NO I don t care I loved this book so much When I first read the summary The Witches Ball of this book I thought I probably won t like it Then I got it in my Owlcrate and said well I should probab Thank you so much Harper Collins for providing me with a free copyf this book to review45 stars I really really enjoyed this read I recently read Simon LOVED it so I was super pumped to pick up Becky s next work that comes ut n my birthdayThis was an unbelievably adorable cute funny fluffy give you all the feels kind f read So like what you would normally expect from Becky But speaking f Becky s ther books I would definitely recommend reading bookSimon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda 19547856 before Upside It s definitely not reuired but there are some cameos that will hold no significance and seem like totally irrelevant side characters if you don t already know the history f who these characters areUpside was definitely a uniue read There s underrepresented body types The Deadline our MC has anxiety takes medication for it the MCs twin sister likes girls specifically a Korean American pansexual girl they have two moms they re also sperm donor babies Molly does hold family to a higher standard than a lotf YA books as she s very concerned with her relationship with her sister but I thought it was really nice to see someone who cared to deeply for their family It was a breath f fresh air to experience all this individuality in ne bookI also feel it was a really realistic portrayal Ready to Restore: The Layman's Guide to Christian Counseling of teenagers like REEEAALLLLY realistic compared to a lotf Ready to Restore other YA titles The teens drink They talk about sex They lie to their parents They feel self conscious due to a varietyf factors like body image their romanticsexual experiences their family and friend s view f them They panic ver issues teen do panic Shieldmaiden Book 1: Quest for the Jewel over in real life They exaggerate they feel jealousy It held all the componentsf adolescence that really happen Traficada: Diário de uma Escrava Sexual (Portuguese Edition) outsidef fiction It was immensely nice to see a book where teens are shown in a very truth to life wayThere was really nothing I didn t like about this book per say The Encounter at Buff Ledge: A UFO Case History only thing I can touchn is that I personally was not as emotionally invested in this story It has nothing to do with the characters the plot the messages expressed the writing Carte touristique : Corse Sud : Ajaccio - Bonifacio or ANYTHINGf that sort because I did truly enjoy every aspect Regarde, c'est maman ! of this book It s justne The Bricklayer of those reads that you fly through because you really really enjoy it and you exit the story with just amusement and entertainment which is still a really great thingI d highly highly recommend The Upsidef Unreuited It s definitely a fast get you ut f a slump sort Vinny: Victory Over Drugs, Death, and Degradation of read I think it has a lotf strengths and would really speak to a variety The Occult Detector (The Semi Dual Stories Book 1) of readers Full video review to come to my channel closer to release but definitely put thisne n your TBRs for this coming April 11th Ok I m ready to write a full review f this now Maybe So many good things to say so little timeBefore I get into the uality Pioneer Jews: A New Life in the Far West of the book let me just give you a breakdownf the diversity represented here because it was honestly incredible and this is the exact world that I want to see in YA contemporaries from now Eating Thin for Life: Food Secrets Recipes from People Who Have Lost Weight Kept It Off on Pansexualn page side character who is also Korean American Multiple lesbian side characters Bisexual side character Minor gay cha So two things1 I M SORRY I READ THIS SO EARLY I m honestly not here to brag r anything donthurtme But I know that if I don t review it now I will forget everything f ever and it will be embarrassing SO I ll keep this review spoiler free We, the People of course and brief2 It s hard not to compare it to Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda I shall try I loved that book to freaking pieces and so I didn t love thisne as much which is why it s just 4 stars But I feel like it s in the shadow Single of it s Big Bro so It is still a freaking fantastic book and Becky Albertalli is amazingThis book is a special little suishf a creation It just ticks ALL THE RIGHT BOXES It s extremely diverse at least 50% if not f the cast is ueer and POC it deals really honestly and accurately with anxiety the protagonist is fat it s about love but also about growing up and feeling left behind and IT S STINKIN ADORABLEThe writing is f course BRILLIANT Seriously I can never look away from the page It s just captivating and beautifully written and it FEELS SO REAL That s ne f the 1 reasons I love this author s work the dialogue is actually realistic and relatable Which f course brings me to talking about the charactersTHE CHARACTERS OH GLORIOUSNESS Okay although I admitI struggled with Molly at first She has 30 unreuited crushes Like OkayI am not a romantic in fact I m so far from being a romantic that I married a bookshelf full f extremely bloody and stabby books Ahem SO I didn t relate to Molly s row after row f boys she s crushing n To me it felt a little Showa, 1939-1944: A History of Japan oooookay But I still loved her for her totally relatable feelings that everyone around her was growing up and she just felt like SHE WASN T It is awkward andverwhelming I think this book captured the way growing up can be The Book Of The Superiority Of Dogs Over Many Of Those Who Wear Clothes overwhelming OH And Molly is a pinterest nerd I love this And well Molly is also Champion Jumper To Conclusions and that was annoying hahah. Seventeen yearld Molly Peskin Suso knows all about unreuited love she’s lived through it twenty six times She crushes hard and crushes ften but always in secret Because no matter how many times her twin sister Cassie tells her to woman up Molly can’t stomach the idea f rejection So she’s careful Fat girls always have.

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TraitBut let s talk about the plot Or lack thereof I guessPLOTThis section should probably just be blank because there s no plot I could discern Nothing EVER HAPPENS It s just Molly whining about boys Over And ver And Making Women Pay over again If something happens it s filtered through the Boy uest and turns into fifty pagesf crush analysis UghhhhhhI just hated being inside Molly s head She s so boring A bunch GloomCookie of times people called her funny and those were thenly instances I laughed at this book She is not funny She is a snoozefest personified And I know that she loves to whine and pity herself why else would she do just that instead f solving her problems by I don t know talking to her sister r friend The Jesuit or crush Fck I m just so glad I m done this bookSOCIAL ISSUESThis book justkeeps trying really hard to hit the nailn the head with social issues and it justcan t get there It s kind With Bound Hands of upsetting actually But when I make sweeping claims I ll always hit y all with that fresh evidence Here s the first I recorded from page forty fiveAfter a loooong boring conversation in which Molly s cousin Abby whines about whether she s a slutr not after having sex with the boy with whom she s in a committed relationship Molly hits us with the following gag worthy interpretation Rim of the Pit of what the word slut should mean in the facef feminism Here s what I would never ever admit You Can Beat the Odds out loud a partf me always thought it was some kind f a secret compliment when someone got called a slut It meant you were having sex It meant people wanted to have sex with you Being a slut just meant you were normal But I think maybe I m wrong about that Maybe I m so wrong Ugh See what I mean The author is trying sooo hard But she s not even close The feminist way to treat the word slut is to be against slut shaming That s it it s pretty simple There are a million fun videos and TV episodes you can look into But this passage essentially like validates slut shaming Do what you want ladies Have sex r don t as much Stripes of All Types or as little as you want Who flipping cares It s your life See Albertalli It s not hard Feminism is mostly about trying to free women from the rest I liked this book It s been my bathroom book if you know what I mean DO you know what I mean I mean I keep it in my bathroom so when Iyou kn I loooooved this I found it to be so relatable and just amazing Stayed tuned for a reviewdiscussion to hear thoughts I have a fierce love for this book Molly has such a winning voice and winning heart and yup Becky remainsne f my favorite authors ever Just reread as an audiobook and it s amazing I can t decide if this is funny r sad but I ve spent so much time wanting a boyfriend that I can t imagine not wanting ne I can imagine saying I don t want ne But I can t imagine it being true I m really surprised to see so many positive reviews Baltimore Catechism No. 2 of The Upsidef Unreuited from GR members who thought Holding Up the Universe was problematic To me this is Mic manual de campanie electorală of the same This might be the author who brought us the wonderful and hilarious Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda but these characters contained nonef the charm that Simon Co possessedTo summarize why I didn t like this book in two points1 I felt absolutely no connection to any The Big Book of Maker Skills: Tools Techniques for Building Great Tech Projects of the characters It seemed like the author put a lotf effort into creating a diverse cast which is great and yet she forgot to develop their personality charms and uirks so that they became defined by their marginalizationMolly is the most well developed character and even that is not saying much Who is Molly What are her passions and interests What does she care about aside from bsessing ver her crushes and the fact she hasn t been kissed I couldn t tell you2 There isn t a compelling storyIn fact it s the same One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones old story I have never liked an insecure plainoverweight virgin longs to finally be kissed by a boy Everyone else around her is cuter hot and she feels inadeuate She finally finds her worth when it turns Just Joking out that a boy likes her I don t know if this kindf book is supposed to be empowering for bigger girls but it felt insulting The protagonist Molly is a self proclaimed fat girl who always has crushes but never dates andor kisses guys because she fears rejection The story arc follows her journey to gaining self confidence which here ccurs when her latest crush reciprocates her feelings Is this a good message Because honestly it makes me cringe It s so many things It s everyone knowing you re attracted to a guy who wears electric white sneakers It s that little twinge f shame you feel when someone thinks he s not cute Even though he is cute He s actually really fucking adorable I actually really fucking like him and none Times of Trouble (A Time Travel Anthology) of thether stuff should matter I will say that the book has a lot f diversity skin color sexuality gender identity religion body size mental health but you don t get brownie points r a pat n the back for this any Diversity is just a necessity not something a book should win an award for Beyond this the story and characters were extremely lacking for me Molly s inner narrative went in tiring circles as she thought about herself kissing boys and back again My ego I don t have an ego If I had such a giant ego why would I have such a hard time believing Reid actually likes meExcept if I m totally honest I do believe it Reid likes me And I like that he likes me But I m not used to this game It s this totally new way f seeing myself Like I m some hazily lit dream girl from a movie I ve never been that girl beforeI really like being that girl So maybe I am some kind f egomaniac I liked Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda so much that I will happily check ut the author s future work but this The Real Bluebeard: The Life of Gilles de Rais onebviously did not work for meBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtub. Ght be perfect crush material Maybe than crush material And if Molly can win him Stay on Your Toes, Maggie Adams! over she’ll get her first kiss and she’ll get her twin back There’snly ne problem Molly’s coworker Reid He’s an awkward Tolkien superfan with a season pass to the Ren Faire and there’s absolutely no way Molly could fall for him Righ.

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