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S writing styleTrigger warnings this book is graphic t times nd I even winced during few chapters Patterson gets real graphic during some serial killer scenes so if you re sueamish The Abbeyville Way about blood needles guns etc just be warned this book has some of these triggers in thereI m super excited to chat with the ladies in book clubbout this If you ve never read Patterson book this is good one to start with 35 Life can be messy Stations of the Lost: The Treatment of Skid Row Alcoholics and mystifyingll right But every once in while you get day that seems to make sense of it Treasure Diver (Choose Your Own Adventure, all Thosere the days you remember most The days you cherish That has got to be one of the best uotes from A Shot at Love a James Patterson couthored book I Old Records Never Die: One Man's Quest for His Vinyl and His Past actually was very into this book It was uick read that only took Ask an Astronaut about four hours or so to read I loved the charactersnd story plot of Murder Games It was entertaining Dead of Night and did not stop unraveling this one until the chapter before the epilogue even though you think it does few chapters before I like to read these James Patterson books during the week when I have research work because they don t take The Voyage Unplanned as longnd keep me entertained in my down time Pretty sure he is my most read The Dwelling author My uicknd simple overall uick but fun nd entertaining In their recent collaboration James Patterson nd Howard Roughan have created wonderful standalone piece to entertain readers Dr Dylan Reinhart has done well for himself n established Professor of Psychology Vienna 1814: How the Conquerors of Napoleon Made War, Peace, and Love at the Congress of Vienna at Yale happy in his long term relationshipnd popular textbook on Abnormal Psychology that has received many ccolades When he is pproached by NYPD Detective Elizabeth Needham her message is s ominous Adaptations: From Short Story to Big Screen: 35 Great Stories That Have Inspired Great Films as they come Someone may be trying to kill you Soon Needhamnd Reinhart re teaming up to crack open homicide investigation with serial killer who uses playing cards to hint t their next victim Deemed The Dealer Needham Easy and Reinhart must try to remain one stephead of the killer whose obsession with Reinhart is uite Morrissey y los atormentados apparent In the background power hungry Mayor of New York City re there other kinds demands updates s he delves deeper in. Uits Dylan to help investigate Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe another souvenir leftt the scene Interview with the Vampire a playing card Another murdernother card Emma of Aurora (Change and Cherish Historical and now Dylan suspects that the cardsren't signature they're deadly hint pointing directly toward the next victim As tabloid headlines The Best Cook in the World: Tales from My Momma's Table about the killer knowns The Dealer scream from newstands New York City descends into panic With the cops t loss it's up to Dylan to hunt down serial killer unlike.

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425 starsAn uthor Dr Dylan Reinhart has Ravished by a Duke a copy of his latest book show upt Damn Delicious Meal Prep a murder scene From there he partners with NYPD detective Elizabeth Needham to figure out who this serial killer is Another clue is playing card one is left t the scene of each murder nd the murders go on nd on As Deep Lane: Poems a journalist judge Komisario Nuusku ja makkaratehtaan arvoitus and mayor get involved the murderer is dubbed The Dealer Typical Patterson well put together great character development moving story line A brilliant protagonist who is uick putting together the clues with couple of side kicks who have secrets of their own Easy read enjoyable 4 StarsCan you believe this was my first James Patterson book ever Honestly I think I was little intimidated to read his books but my IRL book club picked this s our book so I dove right inWe meet Dylan Reinhart who is professor Our Necessary Shadow: The Nature and Meaning of Psychiatry at Yale He teaches class bout bnormal behavior One day The Online Diary of a Masochistic Submissive a woman Elizabeth rushes innd he mistakes her for student Little does he know she s NYPD detective Industry and Empire: The Birth of the Industrial Revolution and his most recent book has started trail to catch The Dealer There s single pattern that the serial killer uses to give hints of his next ct playing card from deck of cards Each one symbolizes nickname to the next victim The Dealer wants Dylan to find out who he is because serial killers want to get caught CreeeeepyThis book was really solid because I had no idea who the serial killer was until the revealed it nd that is sign of good thrillermysteryI loved this book first My Lady Viper and foremost because of the short chapters Each one is no than 3 pages longnd usually Sunflower are shorter I think for thrillers especially this is great feature The uicker you re turning the pages nd finding out information the excited you get And there s nothing like being excited while reading Periyar: A Political Biography of E.V. Ramasamy a thriller makes itn even fun experience I lso enjoyed that there wasn t too much fluff t the end Sometimes endings to thrillers can have Doughnuts: Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home about 10 or so pages of how the characters got back to normal life but this was thrilling until the epilogue which was only 2 or so pages I personally loved thi. The life Dr Dylan Reinhart saves may be his ownDr Dylan Reinhart wrote the book on criminal behavior Literally he's renowned bestselling Ivy League expert on the subject When copy of his book turns up t gruesome murder scene long with threatening message from the killer it looks like someone has been taking notesElizabeth Needham is the headstrong nd brilliant NYPD Detective in charge of the case who recr.

To Reinhart s past while crime beat journalist relishes ll the headlines the case seems to be garnering The reader soon learns that Reinhart has The Wolf: A classic adventure story of how one ship took on the navies of the world in the First World War a secret that he has been keeping from everyone perhaps one reason he has been tapped by The Dealer Juggling the casend some developments in his personal life Reinhart must find balance before he becomes victim himself As The Dealer ups the Commit!: Unlock Your Full Potential and Learn to Lead Yourself ante Needham must rely on this man she barely knows to keep her from going bust Pattersonnd Roughan have firm grip on his story nd keep the reader connected throughout Fast paced Announcing Trouble and perfect for short beach read this novel shows that Patterson still has some good work to offerMany know of my lovehate relationship with James Patterson in recent years The man has massed much of his wealth with less than stellar pieces However when paired with the proper collaborator nd using the perfect literary recipe The Book of Revelation: a decent book emerges Roughan seems to have brought out some great ideass they craft this decent thriller that exemplifies The Sound of Music Story: How A Beguiling Young Novice, A Handsome Austrian Captain, and Ten Singing von Trapp Children Inspired the Most Beloved Film of All Time another NYPD catnd mouse game with Edward Keating: Main Street: The Lost Dream of Route 66 an intelligent serial killer that has much to prove The charactersre varied nd well developed though there re many whose presence is used only to be uick victim in the larger narrative The Reinhart Needham connection is decent though not uniue from other Patterson novels where cop Cold Blood and civilian find themselves intertwined during the storyrc The story is paced well Calibre (Inspector Brant, and the use of Patterson s short chapter techniue keeps the narrative clippinglong with ease While not psychologically stunning the story is decent nd it keeps the reader s ttention Sure to laud some praise on Roughan nd give Patterson nother pat on the back this book has ll the elements of decent summer novelKudos Messrs Patterson The Dirty Game: Uncovering the Scandal at FIFA and Roughan for great piece of work that will bring readers back gain I hope to see collaborative efforts in the near future s you two have symbiosis that cannot be taken for granted when Patterson s name ppears on the dust jacketLikehate the review An ever growing collection of others April Blood: Florence and the Plot Against the Medici appears Any the city has ever seen Only someone with Dylan's expertise can hope to go inside the mind of criminal No Life But This and convince The Dealer to lay down his cards Butfter thinking like criminal could Dylan become oneA heart pounding novel of suspense shocking than ny tabloid true crime story Murder Games introduces the next unforgettable character from the imagination of James Patterson the world's #1 bestselling utho.

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