Rob Kutner: Apocalypse How Turn the End Times into the Best of Times

Be funny Turns ut I was wrong Study of Organ Inferiority and Its Psychical Compensation; A Contribution to Clinical Medicine - Scholar's Choice Edition on both counts The book is well written and the layoutf the book with the graphics and formatting is well done But the book isn t funny Kutner s idea Heaven Next Stop of the apocalypse seems to be that everyone will be glowing and have three arms from the nuclear fallout and we ll all be eating dirt and rocks to survive Those jokes are repeated multiple times and it getsld I expected a funnier take n the common prepper style books but instead I get everyone will be eating rocks you can have all the stuff you want here s a cheesy pickup line for that woman with 3 arms I love the way the book is was rganized as well as how its written and it s style Of course I would given that Kutner usually writes for The Daily Show even wining an Emmy for it I ll be sure to read this many times in my ape proof bunker in the days after This book is not funny I don t abandon books ever so I trudged along and finished it By the end f the book I was actually praying for the apocalypse Granted it is f a coffee table bookpick it up read a page maybe get a chuckle But if you read this cover to cover I guarentee you will rate it Bases Loaded one star It is thorough but again NOT at all humorous I ga. How is the humorous how to guide to living your best life possible after the Apocalypse renders your current ualityf life null and void Organized like a travel Have A Good Night, Volume 1 or lifestyle guide the book tells you all you need to know inrder to fend ff zombies forge for non radioactive food and make the most f your new dwelling while ignoring the ash utline f its previous When You Lose Your Job occupantsn the far wallThis handy volume includes such.

I ll make sure it s n the book shelf in my bomb shelter At least I could use it to light a fireand there is an actual page dedicated to that Who honestly goes n goodreads unless forced It was an Isabel the Queen: Life and Times okay book There were some humorous lines but I didn t find myself laughing as much as I d hoped The author Rob Kutner was a writern the Daily Show You can tell when reading this It has some good jokes and satire in it but every single section is the same formula Fantastic Post Office 03 of jamming in as many apocalypse themed puns as possible Every sentence reads like a line from the Daily Show which is good in moderation but maybe not as muchver the course Tim Crouch of 200 pages Apocalypse How Making the End Times the Bestf Times is a must have guide to survive any apocalypseThis book had me laughing and giggling the whole time I couldn t put it down This book is packed with tips n what to eat and wear for the apocalypse It even covers how to hold a wedding and the best pick up lines that will have ladies crawling at your feet ha ha Go find this book at your local book store and get it I ve been reading a number f apocalypse books lately so I thought this book would be appropriate to read I also thought it would. People have been predicting the end Drawing the Human Head of the world sincewell the beginningf it Oh the form it takes may vary firestorm earthuake plague new ice age alien invasion nuclear cloud Twin Block Functional Therapy: Applications in Dentofacial Orthopedics or the risef DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner: 25 Ways to Build a Self-Reliant Lifestyle our machines but everyone who survives will be startingver at Suare One Your needs won't be that different from today's food shelter work finances relationships 24 hour cable But you'll have raw materials to deal with Apocalypse.

Ve the book 2 stars for the verall look and design Each page is in color and well designed Full f photos and drawings and I think each page is decorated differently So that was the best part and the nly reason this wasn t a ne star Light but fun with some pretty clever little riffs Dead Man Riding (Nell Bray, on contemporary life This is a good book to just pick up and read for a few pages when you have a few minutes it s good enough to make me want to see what else this author has written I was incredibly disappointed by this book It wasn t that it was badly written it s not And the graphic design was very nice but nonef that saved it for me It came ff as being written by someone who knew very little about the Post apocalyptic genre beyond what is part f main steam culture I was expecting something that was both deeply paying tribute to and making fun f the PA genre and it felt like it did neither I was also expecting f an actual guide but it was full Pontius Pilate of really shallow tips that were just really shallow and fairly uncreative jokes Perhaps this book would be a great read for someone not too into the Post Apocalyptic genre but for those intovery familiar with the genre I d avoid it you ll be disappointe. Essential sections as What to Expect When We're Exploding Before We Blow Your Essential To Hoard List Should You Stayr Should You Flee uestionnaire Sex Love and Dating What if You Are the Last Man Livin de Life on Earth The Seven Habitsf Highly Effective Petty Tyrants The Apocalyptic Aptitude Test Apocalypse How is guaranteed to be f use in the world to come It also makes a handy defense weapon if thrown and firestarter if need.

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