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Great overview of what it means to be awakened I don t know exactly how awakened I truly am but this is certainly accurate Awakened individuals love doing nothing They love solitude uietness and inactivity We can est contentedly within our own being because there is no turbulence or discord inside us We don t need to constantly do things just for the sake of it or constantly supply ourselves with distractions Rather than fear uietness and inactivity we enjoy them deeply because they allow us to touch into the adiance of our own well being This book answered my many uestions about awakening I was curious ever since learning about Eckhart Tolle I assumed it was a are occurrence but have since learned differently This is also the first book that I ve ead that adeuately addresses kundalini awakening We as a species are on the leading edge of another evolutionary moment and it s astounding We are all on a similar path in life Regardless of our professional personal or elationship goals ultimately we all strive to be happy and successful in our lives however we define it Most of us also strive to become the best we can become as a person a spouse or excel through some sort of creative or athletic activity The psychologist Abraham Maslow proposed a hierarchy of human needs which determine what motivates us through our lives starting from basic food and shelter needs at the bottom all the way to Self Actualisation as the final pursuit or motivation in one s life Self Actualisation is basically the pursuit of ealising our highest potential our greatest talent our ultimate meaning or experience of life In many eligious traditions there is also a similar notion or pursuit of some ideal state of existence or state of mind Some optimal state of consciousness and experience of life which transcends our normal day to day lives This state of mind has many names in different eligious traditions anging from Nirvana Enlightenment Buddha Mind Moksha Liberation and of course Awakening Although it is not uncommon to associate these transcendent and awakening experiences with a eligious practice Steve s extensive esearch and multiple books into the awakening state has einforced similar ese. Many assume that enlightenment is the esult of arduous effort self denial such as fasting travel to far flung places encounters with teachers thought to be enlightened themselves But here Steve Taylor shows that ordinary people from all walks of life and every age and place can and do egularly experience.

Arch which demonstrates that these awakened states are NOT uncommon and are NOT always associated with a eligious or spiritual practice of any kind In other words the joyful exhilarating compassionate and grateful state of mind and acceptance which also contributes to feelings of purpose and meaning in life is available to EVERYONE I define an awakening experience as an experience of clarity evelation and joy in which we become aware of a deeper or higher level of eality perceive a sense of harmony and meaning and transcend our normal sense of separateness from the world Steve TaylorSteve Taylor in The Leap does an exceptional job of outlining his theory that human civilisation was once in a awakened state due to our direct connection to and dependence upon our natural environment At some point in our evolutionary history we had a Fall into the sleep state we find ourselves in now However once we understand this awakened state is actually our normal and foundational state we can e awaken this dormant and transcendent state of existence The Leap also covers a great deal of ground describing eal world examples of ordinary non eligious persons who have clearly gone through an awakening experience which transformed their lives in deep and meaningful ways I can highly ecommend The Leap for every person on any spiritual or eligious path or none at all and who are simply seeking a better way of living and some direction as to how to find happiness and meaning in their own lives A enewed motivation to pursue activities and ideas which will e awaken your dormant and awakened selfIn many ways awakened individuals experience a higher functioning state that makes life fulfilling exhilarating and meaningful than it may appear in a normal state of being As a esult of this internal shift they often make major changes to their lives They begin new careers hobbies and elationships They feel a strong impulse to make positive contributions to the world to live in meaningful and purposeful ways ather than simply trying to satisfy their own desires enjoy themselves or pass the time Steve TaylorAwakened individuals have little or no sense of group identity They see distinctions of eligion The kind of life changing moments many of us seek Taylor seeks out the common features of these diverse experiences His esulting cross cultural investigation of spirituality belief and human psychology shows how spiritual awakening a shift into a expansive and harmonious state of being can be both ecogniz.

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R ethnicity or nationality as superficial and meaningless They see themselves purely as human beings without any external identities who are no different from anyone else As a esult they don t put members of their own group before others but ather treat all people eually They don t feel any pride in their nationality or ethnicity they feel just as connected to foreigners as they do to their own people Steve Taylor Essential spiritual eadingThis book was above all encouraging He describes wakefulness enlightenment in terms that are humanly ecognizable than the traditional view of an enlightened person being somehow super human and magical In fact it is an evolutionary impulse that we are headed for as a species and that we can all cultivate through stillness mindfulness appreciation of the natural and artistic world around us and through practicing empathy and altruism I won t say where I am along the spectrum of wakefulness that the author describes but I ll hedge my bets and say that I doubt people who aren t at least experiencing the impulse to awaken or have already experienced it or who have always naturally been awake would ead this book and persist until the end If you feel the impulse to awaken or suspect you e already awake but have doubts because you still harbor negative human traits please do yourself a favor and ead this book It will aide you on your path and ease your fears about humanity and the direction it is moving in The number of stars are NOT an indication of the value of this book which I consider uite high It offers valuable info on the awakening process and gaining this info could actually move the process along for the eader To sit down and ead the book through though is a bit tough I had to stop actually about mid way through and then jump to a skim of the myths about awakening and a ead of the Appendix An Inventory of Spiritual Secular Wakefulness which is particularly valuableOne thing that makes eading tough is that Taylor spends much time giving us the history of various spiritual practices It s great that this esearch exists and I understand the desire to overshare esearch as I tend to do it myself but it can make eading feel like a slog. Ed and cultivated How is it triggered and experienced How do people feel in the midst How are their elationships and goals affected Because the experiences Taylor describes are at once uniue to those who experience them and obviously available to one and all this is the are work that both describes and inspire.

Steve Taylor is a senior lecturer in Psychology at Leeds Beckett University UK His latest books in the US are The Calm Center and Back to Sanity Healing the Madness of the Human Mind He is also the author of The Fall Waking From Sleep and Out Of The Darkness His books have been published in 19 languages His research has appeared in The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology The Journal of Co