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35 starsI received a free digital copy from the authorpublisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewSet in Dublin Ireland in 1962 The Magdalen Girls tells the story of two different girls sent to one of the Magdalen laundries The girls are thought of as wanton women and their lives are signed away by their families and become risoners of the Catholic Church Teagan and Nora are both determined to survive the back breaking work and the emotional torment reigned down upon them and look for a chance to escapeThis book is based around a Arachne point in Irish history that makes me burn with anger and I definitely felt a lot of emotions while reading this book from anger to despair and now and again hope I think the laundry depicted in this book seemed tamer than a lot of the ones that did exist and the girls living there seemed to have a slightly easier time of it than the ones that wereractically tortured daily by the nuns However it still managed to depict the horrors of becoming a Rock Lead Basics prisoner for simply being a woman for example Teagan is sent because ariest had sexual feelings for her even though she did nothing wrong and how so many women refused to let the nuns break them downI wasn t completely mad about the Lightning Over Bennett Ranch plot around the Mother Superior Sister Anne She is given a back story and a link to one of the girls and at times it s used as an excuse for her bad behaviour and the reader is almost suppose to feel sorry for her While this might work for Sister Anne it doesn t accurately represent every other Mother Superior andriest involved in the laundries who seemed happy to have a literal God complex and just be terrible terrible Sri Sumarah, Pariyem dan Bu Bei people I think I just hated Sister Anne s history because I feel so emotional about the story I wasn t going to let her have any excuses for her behaviour I also could have done without some of the ghost stories that were mentioned now and again with Lea s spirit stories and the visions of the Virgin MaryI was gripped into this book than I thought it would be too and it was a good if not challenging read Ifeople don t know too much about the Magdalene laundries and want to learn this fictionalised version of one of them would be a good Class Struggles place to start 25 stars Ireland 1962 Based on the true facts about the Magdalene Laundries that welcomed girls and women that must repent for their sins Story focuses on three teenage girls Teagan Nora and Lea Harshunishments or tough love is enacted by the Mother Superior Sister Anne Having viewed the film The Magadelene Sisters years ago I found this book was following a similiar rabbit hole Honestly it was a bit formulaic I was so disappointed in this especially when the concept is deeply fascinating about the corruption of the Magdalene Asylums or Laundries depending on the Catholic Church s interpretation of these facilities For those unfamiliar of the true nature of these establishments the Magdalene Laundries were mean to rehabilitate fallen women from a life of Wilfred Owen (Routledge Revivals) promiscuity reckless behaviorrostitution and unwed motherhood They were Study to Teach pretty muchrisons for family members to send their rebellious daughters to who refused to conform to their religious beliefs Many of these settlements took Global Corporations in Global Governance place in Europe Australia Canada and the United States and didn t close down until the late 90 s due to the investigation of thehysi. Dublin 1962 Within the gated grounds of the convent of The Sisters of the Holy Redemption lies one of the city's Magdalen Laundries Once Angels in Harmony places of refuge the laundries have evolved into grim workhouses Some inmates are fallen women unwed mothersrostitutes or Sketchy Behavior petty criminals Most are ordinary girls whose only sin lies in being tooretty too independent or tempting the wrong man Among them is sixteen year old Teagan Tiernan sent.

Cal emotional and sexual abuse committed by the clergy and nuns on the inmates inside these buildings It is an ironic twist especially after the molestations by Catholic Autumn Brides priests came to life in theublic eye in recent years exposing the corruption and cover up by the Vatican The Magdalene Asylum was no exceptionIn The Magdalen Girls two Irish Catholic teenagers are sent inside one of these The Princess and the Three Knights places during the 1960s You have the na ve Teagen whose innocent crush on a youngriest sends her into exile and the rebellious Nora whose The Beauty of Believing parents commit her within the walls of the convent Stripped of their dignity their rights and their names the women are enslaved and abused by everyone until they wait for the day for each of them to escapeIf thislot sounds familiar it was Sticky Church pretty much inspired by another film called The Magdalene Sisters that came out in 2002 with a very similar theme Young rebellious girls losing their innocence and dignity in of these Magdalene facilities just like the tworotagonists in V S Alexander s book Now this would have been fine but my issue is the author s writing style that borders on the simplistic It s almost a cross between a young adult novel to a Harleuin romance book The over romanticizing of Teagan s infatuation with a young Forbidden Love Unchained priest almost gets into a bodice ripper territory which really took any seriousness I had of the book and the subject matter into some LOL laughable momentsEven Nora s harrowing moments are not well executed and sadly she suffers the most in the story I really think the build up is there but I m still wondering why I should feel any empathy for these characters when there is not much development with theserotagonists as well as the conflictOverall great concept but Witches of the Deep South poorlyulled together I didn t believe any of the story even though I know real thing is true Sadly the book didn t do anything for me This was a very informative read for me I must admit that I had never heard of the Magdalene Laundries until I ran across a review on Goodreads While reading this book I found myself asking Can these Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) places be for real The cruelty of theunishments and the living and working conditions were at times difficult for me to read The girls and women were essentially imprisoned under the guise of needing rehabilitation for being fallen women many unjustly accused To think that this form of rehab existed for many years is mind bogglingNot an easy read but I do recommend Genre Historical ReadingPublisher Kensington BooksPubl Date Dec 27 2017The first time I ever heard the idiom Magdalene Girls was when in horror I watched the 2002 film entitled The Magdalene Sisters based on the Magdalene Asylums also called the Magdalene Laundries This is when I learned that teenage girls who were labeled fallen by their families usually meaning they were unwed Christianity pregnant girls or girls that were discovered to have had sex before marriage were sent to these asylums based mostly in Ireland These asylums were run likerisons and the young girls were forced to hard labor in the laundries with Roman Catholic nuns from the order of The Sisters of the Holy Redemption as the Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, prison guards and the Mother Superior as the warden I was then introduced to the song by Joni Mitchelle Magdalene Laundries with lyrics such as Most girls come hereregnant some by their own fathers Bridge. By her family when her beauty Alice-Miranda at Camp provokes a lustful revelation from a youngriestTeagan soon befriends Nora Craven a new arrival who thought nothing could be worse than living in a sualid tenement flat Stripped of their freedom and dignity the girls are given new names and denied contact with the outside world The Mother Superior Sister Anne who has secrets of her own inflicts cruel dehumanizing unishments but always in the name of.

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T got that belly from her arish riest So when I was given an Advanced Review Copy of Magdalene Girls I knew what to expect I would not be reading the sweet story like The Trouble with Angels This would be a very difficult read based on true storiesIn V S Alexander s historical novel the reader will find themselves in Dublin during 1962 The story centers around two 16 year old girls One is from an upper class family while the other is from the slums Both girls were virgins one for lack of better words could have been called a fast girl while the other could have been called a good girl The latter girl was woken up in the middle of the night to be dragged away by strangers to the asylum Her crime was the arish Wilderness Survival Handbook priest was tempted to break his vows with her Her sin according to her alcoholic father was that she went into the wine cellar with thisriest which was The White Mans Burden proof of her wantonness Throughout the beginning of her stay at the workhouse she kept waiting for her supposedly lovingarents to come get her beyond heartbreaking The fast girl was betrayed by her boyfriend She also was taken at night but she didn t fight for she had non caring Visit the Sick parents and she was glad to get away from them not realizing that her new home would be far worse In the novel slot there were lots of visions of the Virgin Mary usually after the girls had begun to lose their minds in the asylum There were also scenes about failed escape attempts Once caught the girls were Carry Me Over the Threshold put in isolation which was the common means ofunishment or the sadness of reading about the unmarked graves of the girls andor their babies who had died there Even the visual The Courtship Basket picture of the shaving off the girls hair upon arrival was hard to read Personally reminding me of the lyrics by Leonard Cohen she tied you down in her kitchen chairshe cut your hair This novel does a good job of explaining the agonizing living conditions that went on in these institutions all in the name of God It is an excellent history of such an atrocity In the author s endnotes we learn that the first Magdalene asylums were opened in 1758 and they were not restricted to only Ireland Named after Mary Magdalene therisons were filled with Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 2 Samuel (The Expositors Bible Commentary prostitutes and unwed mothers with the theory that a lifetime of hard work on earth would free their souls in heaven I guess for the 18th century that is understandable What is impossible to understand is that the last of Ireland s Magdalene Asylums did not close until September 25 1996 I googled the exact date simply shocking Alexander wrote a good historical fiction Yet I was disappointed that I didn t learn on how this corruption of faith lasted till such recent times One cannot miss thearallel of the long hidden of abuse of children by Small Talk priests that did not becomeublic until recent years Just as the scandals with the Accidental Pharisees priests there has been a culture of secrecy surrounding the laundries How did the church keep such dirty secrets for so long I guess I will need to do some of my own research in non fiction books that have been written by Magdalene survivors I know that there are a few out there But first I need to do some light reading to recoverI received this Advance Review Copy ARC novel from theublisher at no cost in exchange for an honest reviewFind all my book reviews atGoodreads Me Alone I am Reading Reviewing Martie s Book Review. Love Finally Nora and Teagan find an ally in the reclusive Lea who helps them endure and lot an escape But as they will discover the outside world has dangers too especially for young women with soiled reputations Told with candor compassion and vivid historical detail The Magdalen Girls is a masterfully written novel of life within the era's notorious institutions and an inspiring story of friendship hope and unyielding courage.

Michael MeeskeVS Alexander is an ardent student of history with a strong interest in music and the visual arts Some of VS’s writing influences include Shirley Jackson Oscar Wilde Daphne du Maurier or any work by the exuisite Brontë sisters VS lives in Florida and is at work on a third historical novel for Kensington