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Fer just reading about it I needed it for a school project and it was pretty helpful Excellent but I warn you very technical This is the book waves Smith an experienced engineer and ocean sailor covers the physics of waves and the effect on people of extreme waves those greater than 22 to 24 times the significant wave He focuses on the effects of these waves in the open ocean as well as on their near shore effects as with tsunami and hurricanes The latter have been extensively covered in such works as Horace M Karling s Tsunamis The Great Wave and Kerry Emanual s Divine Wind The History and Science of Hurricanes Smith s book is broader he is accurate in his physics and his interwoven stories are fascinating detailing surfers towed out to 70 foot waves the Sydney Hobart sailing race solo sailing incredible sea rescues To Brad Van Liew who sailed single handed through the most dangerous oceans in the world to win the recent “Around the World Alone” race There are ships that were hit and survived and other vessels that did not survive Each incident entails heroism mostly nsung beyond that which we can imagine experiencingTsunami are not a result of rogue waves but arise from earthuakes or submarine landslides In the open ocean a tsunami might pass ndetected; it is only as it nears shallow waters near coastlines that its true terror and power are revealed Here is shallower water large waves can occur By nderstanding the mechanism of tsunami formation and propagation and knowing the warning signs many lives can be savedNew research The Billionaires Bidding using satellites to scan the world’s oceans and measure wave heights has revealed that giant waves so called rogue waves 20 to 30 meters 65 to nearly 100 feet high are not only real and not a figment of a sailor’s imagination but they occur far freuently than previously believed They can occur anywhere when conditions are right risingp suddenly to strike a ship perhaps sinking

Excellent book on waves it can be a bit dry at time but full of fascinating information Overall enjoyed this booked I learned a lot about how Rogue waves and others Sometimes would get a little slow and technical in descriptions This is a very readable book with lots of data and references I never realized how many ships sink each year and what the causes actually are Excellent treatment of many different aspects of waves and their effect on the maritime industry Could have gone a little deeper into the math Used reliable references and is The Bride In Law uite objective Isite comprehensive in covering the documented results of extreme or rogue waves and the discussions of their origins and freuency make this for a valuable read especially to anyone who actually goes down to the sea in boats and ships After reading this I think I pre. Fortunately few of Lhéritier des Drakos us on shore or in a boat have ever looked out to sea and seen a wave as tall as a 10 story building racing towards and in that instant known that there was no way to outrun it no way to survive and that our life was about to come to an end Yet such waves exist waves that appear suddenly in the open ocean waves big enough to break the back of modern crude oil tankers or bulk container ships and send them to the bottom before an SOS can be sent Recently two large cruise ships were front page news when they suffered damage and injured passengers after being hit by rogue waves Still horrific was the disaster that overtook Southeast Asia on December 26 2004 huge waves hundreds of thousands deadThis book traces the origins of waves explaining how calm seas change to stormy seas nder the influence of winds how waves propagate the effect of currents tides and earthuakes and how ships and offshore structures respond to extreme waves There is one hundred real life stories included in the book to illustrate the important topics stories from US Navy admirals responsible for nuclear carriers.

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Nd the loss of large cargo ships to earthuake volcano and storm effects both at sea and on coasts Research on tracking and prediction is also discussed Recommended for academic and public libraries particularly in coastal areas Jean E Crampon Science and Engineering Library University of Southern California Los Angeles in Library Journal p 86 October 15 2006 Rough seas rogue waves and tsunamis are fascinating but dangerous In this excellent and readable overview Craig Smith provides a splendid blend of descriptions of historical incidents recent personal accounts and scientific nderpinnings Mariners armchair enthusiasts and those concerned with the safety of ships at sea and of coastal communities will enjoy the book and learn a lot from it Professor Chris Garrett School of Earth and Ocean Sciences University of Victoria. T before dissipating once again into the endless waves we are accustomed to seeing What defines a rogue wave is exactly this it appears suddenly seemingly out of nowhere and is two or three times higher than that average height of the waves preceding or following itSadly there is no single standard for the structural design of merchant ships to resist heavy seas Conseuently different classes of vessels have varying abilities to survive a rogue wave encounter Most commercial vessels are not designed to withstand waves much greater than 10 to 11 meters 35 feet in height and as a conseuence a surprising number of large ships are lost every month sometimes several a week somewhere in the world due to rough weather and encounters with extreme waves The tragic loss of crews typically 30 sailors on a modern merchant vessel is a scandal that nfortunately receives scant attentionToday with new knowledge concerning extreme waves we have the ability to ensure that vessel losses become a rare event Advanced warning systems and education of coastal populations can likewise greatly reduce the death toll from tsuna.