Charlotte Bingham: The Magic Hour

Ook was uite entertaining and enjoyable to read but unfortunately the ending which was fairly predictable but none the worse for that was rather flat and ust seemed to fizzle out which was a real disappointment Easylight read Strong enough plot to keep you turning the pages although a little predictable I really liked this book The story was interesting to me and I love this period of time The story moves along at a great pace and I loved all the different characters I never really knew how it would come together or how it would end. Dra’s contentment with Bob is short lived and Tom comes back into her lifeBut the past seems destined to wreck the happiness of the present as the still beautiful Lady Florazel is determined to re capture her former love and destroy the magic hour of Tom and Alexandra’s meetin.

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I ve given this book 4 stars as it is so much better than another book by Charlotte Bingham that I read or partially read some time ago It was a good story with a predictable ending I find the story had a surprise here and there which kept my interest It was alight read and good when traveling as I could stop anywhere and easily pick up and start reading again Alexandra Stanford s mother Laura died in childbirth and she was brought up by her father John and his mother Betty at their farm Alexandra s uncle James Millington had asked When Alexandra goes to stay with her cousins at Knighton Hall she is made to feel the poor relation; the daughters of the house are both beautiful and wealthy She will not meet the handsome stable lad Tom O’Brien until much laterWhen Alexandra returns home her father remarries

Ohn if he and his wife could have Alexandra live with them but John would not allow it When she did eventually go for a short stay with the Millington s she found herself treated as the poor relation She does not meet the stable boy Tom O Brien until much laterShortly after her return from a visit to Knighton Hall she finds out that her father is to remarry and that there is no longer a pla Great read Interesting insight into the impoverished British upper class in the 1950s Loved this Period novel Lovely romance Easy to read X The Nd she is forced to become a maid of all work Alexandra makes a success of her new life and meets the lovely Bob Atkins Meanwhile Tom O’Brien has become impassioned with the beautiful Lady Florazel Compton who introduces him to the sophistications of 1950’s London Sadly Alexan.

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John Bingham the 7th Baron Clanmorris wrote detective stories and was a secret member of MI5 Her mother