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T even complicated if that could ever be possible The book in general was easy to read fast paced and interesting though the romance still bothers me when Alice fell in love so hard for Jack They met like five times through seven books So 3 out of 5 stars D I was given an early copy by the author for an honest review I finished 12 chapters in two days this book is greatAs a lover of Alice in Wonderland I fell in love with the series instantly This one continues to pull me farther down the rabbit hole so much so that I am actually watching less TV Why can t ids find books that do the same thing I found this book action packed and having uestions than answers at the beginning I still find myself doing my own research when it comes to some of the facts places and events in the story Jace puts what looks like uite a bit of research and thought into his books which tells me he truly enjoys creating his booksThis time around it gets personal for Alice as it deals with who her real family is and where she came from Picking up where Checkmate left off Alice begins to uestion not only her sanity but her family as well Events from the previous book play deep in her mind with the plot of this oneIf you enjoyed the previous books definitely grab this one If you re new to the series grab the previous books you cannot skip anything trust me If you are a fan of Alice or darker twists on well nown tales you need to give this author a try I warn you Once you start you won t be able to stop You may even go a little insane. R host's intentions Will she figure our who the Pillar really is The Dude Jack Can she stop the Wonderland War What is the Wonderland War even aboutAnd what about the 'Wonder' note the Pillar gave Alice a while ag.

I don t normally write reviews but I wanted to talk about this series There are no spoilers ahead so feel free to read especially if you re yet to read this instal Hooked againI was very upset at the end of book 6 because it had begun to feel as we we re starting to on a hook and never getting closer to nowing the real stories of the characters true identity and reasons why the characters did what they had done to help Alice I had vowed that if it felt the same after book seven that I would stop reading until possible the series was over so I could read them all at once This book was redeeming by finally giving us back stories identities and so much detail that I began to connect with the characters on another level leaving me anxious to read the next one I won t be able to wait until the series ends because book 7 was so amazeballs Great job Sir Keep feeding us info as much as you offered in this piece of the puzzle book on your next one Certainly not a bad book by any stretch of the imagination but this is one of the stranger entries in the series This is definitely not a plot based story but the trade off is that the characters are completely entertaining with their speech and actions My biggest complaint is that this book gets too involved with real world politics and terrorism I understand that some commentary is needed to make your book relevant but placing it in this setting was just out of place to me So if you re like me and have been reading this since day one you ll get a ick out of it It was. What if madness runs in yourFamily Stands for 'Gathering'In search of her real family Alice Wonder receives a mysterious invitation to a dark place she thought she'd never visit again Sometimes for 'Loyalty'Little.

Better than the last one I m not bragging but guess who made a cover to it pokes on herself Today was supposed to be a new birthday for Black Chess but the Pillar turned it into a funeral If you d ask me about the name of this book I would say it s wrong More appropriate name is The Game of Wonderlanders because as you can see from my updates there were A LOT OF DEATHS Like always but still I wasn t ready to see how some of them are dying but also I was pleased to see when died the others sorry won t tell who tha Another great book by Cameron Jace I wanted so desparately to have something completed before classes start So that when I m in lecture I m not ignoring my professor s comments on why steel is better than plastic for this particular application so that I can puzzle over Pillar s motives instead But alas this is not the en This went uphill and thank god This was so incredibly surprising because it was really good and I really enjoyed it What could I say without repeating my statements from the last reviews of this book seuelNothingAgain great entertainment and finally some revelations However it is still exciting because there are some open and very important uestions left I am really looking forward to Insanity 8Thank you so much Cameron Jace for this great adventure The seventh book of the series eeps up with Alice who now tries to find her real family Okay honestly I didn t get all hyped up on this one because it s been a long time since I started this series but it was a nice read This go. Does she now of those invited along and now she has to figure out friends from foesAlways for 'Sacrifice'And the only way out is to sacrifice one of her true family members if not herselfWill Alice figure out he.

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