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Ng they are going to be bankrupt He is courting an heiress whose dowry will go a long way towards solving the family s financial problems but Aaron knows that if things are to improve he must find a way of nding the The Real Witches Kitchen enmity between his family and the Stuarts as his father is only too ready to throw money away if he thinks it will gain him the upper handConstance s father has recentlyngineered her betrothal to a handsome impoverished maruess and while she knows he doesn t love her she can t help hoping that perhaps one day that will change But when he wastes no time in making clear to her that all he wants from her is money Constance is hurt at his bluntness The Preachers Kid even though she tells herself it s not surprising that he doesn t want her what man would with her horribly vibrant hair and gangly unfashionably tall bodyAaron and Constance don t likeach other although Aaron can t deny that he likes teasing her and watching her temper fire up But when he finds her alone desolate and hiding away during a ball it s not temper that fires up between them What begins as an attempt at consolation O Testamento explodes into an almost uncontrollable passion that lands them both into hot water when they are discovered in anxtremely compromising positionAaron is left with little alternative but to offer for Connie s hand but just to make life Gangbang Slut extra uncomfortable because he is a Wincanton her father withholds her dowry and makes it clear that Connie is no longer welcome in his house She tries to refuse the match but thearl gives her an incredibly cruel ultimatum threatening her mother and younger brother and she has no alternative but to agreeMs Heath does a very good job of describing the uncomfortable relationship between these two people whose families have been at loggerheads for years Aaron thinks he might as well make the best of things he s attracted to Connie and wants to see if he can rouse her to than passionate kisses and tries to make his new wife comfortable and to show her courtesy and consideration but it is all thrown back in his face So with bigger problems concerning the One Con Glory estate to occupy him Aaron distances himself leaving his bride to ponder a future with a man she despises and who despises her and without the comfort and support of her family She and Aaron agree to seek an annulment butven then Connie will not be able to return home the best she can hope for is to change her name go far away and try to find Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows employment to support herselfAs time passes Aaron and Connie begin to thaw a little towardsach other Having previously had no interest in The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) estate management and then been away in the army Aaron is struggling to work out how to turn things around and is surprised and impressed at the way his wife is able to understand the salient details and work with numbers And Connie realises that she has been so wrapped up in her own thoughts and negativemotions that she has failed to realise how much strain Aaron is under not only because of his financial problems but also because of his father s failing healthTheir gradual rapprochement is well done the growing physical attraction between them being complemented by their increasing understanding of Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, each other There s strong chemistry between them from the start and Ms Heath keeps it bubbling nicely beneath the surface building it skilfully so that when the couple finally consummates their marriage it feels like the natural culmination ofverything they ve been through rather than just a casually dropped in sex scene because it s time for oneThe author s presentation of Connie s low self steem and the methods of self protection she has adopted are spot on Anyone who has been called names will know that the development of a thick skin is absolutely necessary and then you show the bullies that you don t care and develop ways of getting your own back But deep down it hurts and it sticks and that aspect of Connie s character rings completely true I was also grateful that Ms Heath didn t fall into the trap of having the characters believe that non consummation of a marriage was grounds for an annulment a common mistake in many historical romancesThere are a couple of small sub plots which work well within the context of the larger story and Ms Heath writes with warmth humour and intelligence putting her own stamp on a couple of well used tropes I spotted a few incorrect word choices and the odd turn of phrase that wasn t uite right but overall Her Enemy at the Altar is an njoyable romance and one I d certainly suggest is worth your consideration if you re looking to try an author new to the genre. S stolen his new bride away to the country to begin their unexpected marriage We'll be watching closely to see xactly what happens when a gentleman invites his nemy into his be.

This is my second book from this author and I like her writing style The narrative flows smoothly and the characters are well developedIn this book tall red haired Connie Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue ends up married to the son of her father s archenemy AaronTheynter the marriage in less than amicable terms she ruined and he about to get financially ruinedThe romance grows slowly they get to know The Man Without a Face each other and to see what lays within I love how she cared for his father and was concerned for him and also that he is honorable and sweetSome misunderstandings just took too long to be clarified but overall a nice and sweet readI will surely be reading from Mrs Heath Virginia Heath has recently come on my radar and I ve been making a point of reading all her books so I can catch up with her new releases This is my third book by her and I can tell you Heath is brilliant at character developmentI will admit this plot line is not my favorite I don t usuallynjoy marriage of convenience stories where the characters start out hating Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) each other Since I sonjoyed Heath s other stories I thought I d still give this one a try I wasn t disappointed Once again she created a story filled with layers which she reveals in perfect time to keep me turning pagesConstance and Aaron are the children of families that have been involved in a long running feud The feud has gone on for so long no one is uite sure what started it but the families are neighbors and determined to ruin Gone (Gone, each other Except Aaron is tired of the It was fine I feel like the hero is patient than I would be with a heroine who constantly bemoans how hideous she isven though she is actually uite attractive Aaron s financially foolhardy and outspokenly crude dad is my favorite character and he spends half the book view spoilerdying hide spoiler Well after a dodgy beginning I grew to really like this book At first the heroine was driving me nuts such low self Threads Of The Shroud esteem and apparently tall gangly and unattractive Her father was just awful and she was simply a bundle of neurosesThen we meet the hero who is clearly suffering from PTSD and carries a massive guilt complex over something that happened in a war What a combination blind leading the blind you would thinkBut it develops into a lovely story of how they manage to break throughach other s walls and help All Seated on the Ground each other start to heal Their pride and stubbornness causes problems with communication and creates misunderstandings but they come through all their difficulties with flying coloursHe is a caring sensitive man she is actually an attractive magnificent woman a sweetnjoyable read They deserved their HEA 25 stars I love marriage of convenience stories and this sounded like it would be a good one Untitled. especially considering it s by a new to me favorite HR author Virginia Heath may very well be my favorite Harleuin romance author and she s probablyven in my top 10 overall HR author list nowBut no author turns out a winner Wiring every time and this one disappointed me a bit It s not that this is a bad story It just has a few of my personal bugaboos that annoyednough to make me feel impatient while readingLet s start with the heroine She was the one causing me the most stress Described as very tall 6 feet slender with abundant beautiful red hair green Against All Odds eyes and alabaster skin she focuses only on the very tall and believes herself to be shapeless and unattractive to the opposite Beautifully written 35 stars rounded upVery satisfying traditional HR HEatA takes well worn plot devices the forced marriage feuding families PTSD and makes something fresh and delightful out of them Connie and Aaron actually talk toach other Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage each notices the other s virtues slowly to be sure and their coming together feels both hard worn and satisfying I d read this again and I ll certainly look for others by Virginia Heath I reallynjoyed this The DOS enemies to lovers story by new to me author Virginia Heath It combines anngaging and well written story interesting characters and an Against All Odds emotionally satisfying romanceThe Stuarts and Wincantons have been mortalnemies for the past three hundred years and Lady Constance Connie Stuart has Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism every reason to loathe Aaron Wincanton with a vengeance After he scathingly nicknamed her Ginger ian during her come out six years ago Conniendured hurtful and humiliating jokes about her unruly red hair tall unimpressive figure and long legs In her second year she decided that if she is going to be compared to a mythical warrior she will act like one A haughty air and a razor sharp tongue become her chosen weapons of defence Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils even her dresses are a statement of An unexpectednd to the Wincanton–Stuart feudScandal broke last night when Lady Constance Stuart was discovered in the arms of Aaron Wincanton the son of her family's greatest.

Efiance They were no longer merely gowns now Payment Due each dress was a statement of defiance She might well be an ugly wallflower but that did not mean that she had to be a shrinking violetHaving always been self conscious of the bump on my nose I found it wasasy to relate to Connie and sympathise with her insecurities and understand how much she was hurt and humiliated by the constant cruel barbs I so admired her courage in facing her tormentors with defianceConnie is now ngaged to the Maruis of Deal and although it is an arranged marriage she hopes to find a measure of happiness until she discovers his true motives Feeling hurt and dejected she finds comfort in the unlikely arms of Aaron Wincanton but when they are caught in a compromising situation Connie finds herself married to her sworn nemyTo Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, everyone Aaron appears a charming flirtatious rogue but this is a mask he wears because the war had left an indelible mark on him He had seen too much death to remain the carefree young man he once was The new Aaron Wincanton found no joy in balls or parties nor did he find it in intimate gatherings or uiet solitary contemplationither He did not deserve to feel joy any Most of the time he felt burdened The rest of the time if he was lucky he just felt numbHe has personal demons to fight ones that conjure up terrifying tortuous nightmares night and day convincing him that he is slowly going mad He is a desperate to find peace but unable to believing himself unworthy of love or forgivenessAaron is shocked to find that the Wincanton The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, e This book had the unlucky coincidence of being read right after a lackluster book that pretty much had the same storyline Tall heroine who hides her hurt behind a tough abrasivexterior This book s heroine was better constructed but the whole I can never believe I have any minuscule attractiveness to me carried on far too long It Turbulence ended up giving her a bit of immaturity Poor gorgeous hero who needs to marry for money to savestate Same character outline as the other books I read but story placement here was a bit different with hero and heroine s families having a centuries old feud The feud wasn t really Tropical Bioproductivity explained but how itffected their present families was detailed They are caught in a compromising position and hero marries heroine Elizabeth Ann Seton even though her father doesn t give him her dowry thus bankrupting the hero This book had of a story construct but how long it takes the hero and heroine to develop past the immature I hate you No I hate you took too long and I missed seeing their relationship without any animosity Since I read this right after notnjoying an Die Postmoderne Konstellation extremely similar storyline I definitely think I already had my fill of insecure abrasive tall heroines I mven one and the poor gorgeous heroes who just want them to recognize how regal they are The bottom line I was xhausted by how long it took hero and heroine to move beyond their animosity I ve given this a B at AARThis is the second book from new to me author Virginia Heath whose d but for Mills and Boon That Despicable Rogue was published in May this year and which I somehow missed but definitely intend to go back to Her Enemy at the Altar is a simple but well written nemies to lovers story inspired she says in her author s note by the time her daughter came home from school upset because her handprintsfootprints were bigger than those of all her classmatesLady Constance Stuart daughter of the Earl of Redbridge is too tall her hair is too red her figure is too straight her tongue is too sharp and her mind too apt to form opinions of its own Cruelly nicknamed the ginger ian in her first season she is still unmarried five years later and is widely regarded as a bit of a joke throughout the ton Even her own father thinks she is useless if he can t marry her off for his own gain Over the years Constance has developed a defence mechanism to cover her insecurities and the continual hurt and humiliation she suffers with the result that most in society now gives her a wide berth fearing to come within striking distance of her withering sarcasm and haughty demeanourThe only man who doesn t seem to care about Ulysses and the Trojan War earning her censure is Aaron Wincanton son and heir to Viscount Ardleigh whosestate borders that of the Tall, Dark Rich earl The Wincantons and the Stuarts despiseach other and have been at The Collector's Encyclopedia of Antique Marbles each other s throats for the past three hundred years and the viscount and thearl are continually attempting to best Taught to Obey each other in whatever way they can Recently returned from the war in Spain Aaron realises his father sstate is not being well run and knows that before lo. Enemy But now we can reveal an ven shocking development Our sources say a special license was obtained and the two were married before sunrise It's been confirmed that Aaron ha.

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