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She left the station to go home she thought that she would never see him again Was she wrong Read it and see Reviewed by DanielleBook provided by author or reviewRosalee Station had the potential to be uite a good book but unfortunately it didn t even come close to reaching its potential The plot idea Kine (The Kine Saga, for the novel was an interesting one but it wasn t explored thoroughly enough This combined with the predictability of the resolution which was caused by the absolute lack of plot twists is what mainly let the novel downHowever Rosalee Station might have been less of a disappointment had the characters been developed properly into interesting three dimensional characters instead of the rather unlikable characters which see This was a great story but I didind the amount of Aussie Slang a bit over used Obviously being an Australian I knew what it all meant but would think that anyone The History of Dark Corner Campbell County, Ga from overseas would have had a problem with some of it I enjoyed the characters in the story andound them uite genuine Looking Q-Squared forward to reading by this Autho. Eaves Rosalee convinced she'll never see Matt again – butate has a way of interveningFrom the thrill of mustering cattle to the wild adrenaline of a country rodeo this passionate love story takes you to the very heart of the Australian outba.

Attle station when her boyfriend recommends her to be a cook on Rosalee Station However Sarah dream did not go to plan Readers of Rosalee Station will 천년구미호 [Cheonnyeon Kumiho] follow Sarah see what happens and does she achieve her goals I loved reading Rosalee Station Mandy Magro does an excellent job of describing the life on a large isolated cattle station that allows the readers to imagine living on a cattle station I like Mandy Magro writing style and the way Mandy portrays her characters While reading Rosalee Station I laugh and at times I cried I also started to remember the distance you have to travel in Australia by reading Rosalee StationReaders of Rosalee Station will learn ab I always like Mandy Magro s books and this was no exception It had a range of interesting characters out in the middle of nowhere on a cattle station Sarah the main character moved to the station with her boyfriend to work androm there things went wrong with her relationship and they broke up Sarah stayed on the station working and she grew to have Coots feelingsor the owners son When. G its lustreSarah stays on to prove herself in the unforgiving land earning the admiration of Matt the station owners' son Beneath the wide outback skies the pair are irresistibly drawn to each other until a stolen kiss leads to disaster Sarah

Rosalee Station is a kind of book that doesn t warrant much dissection It s a simple book But either I m too dumb to see its cogs and gears or it s deeper than it looks like Also it s one of these great books that doesn t make an impression on the mind or a long timeI didn t know what to make of the humor in this book It s guttural in nature wild hairy and hoary There were so many expressions here that I didn t know if they were real or made on the spot Fart jokes seemed out of place given that I was imagining the story in real life and not in a cartoon like Family GuyI thought the book deserves bonus points or not making the hero commit a dumb mistake That happens so often in romance books But to cover the reuired number of chapters an unnecessary dramatic event was included right when 4 chapters were left It wasn t a deal breaker That s the thing with this book nothing bad is inexcusable That s why I gave it False Witness four stars Rosalee Station is lovely rural romance with a twist One day Sarah Clarke realised her dream to work on a large rural Sarah Clarke's dream is to experience life in the real outback When her boyfriend Brad offers her a job with him on Rosalee Station she can't believe her luck But within days of arriving her relationship is in tatters and the dream isast losin.

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Mandy Magro lives in Cairns Far North ueensland with her husband Billy and her daughter Chloe Rose With pristine aua blue coastline in one direction and sweeping rural landscapes in the other she describes her home as heaven on earth A passionate woman and a romantic at heart she loves writing about soul deep love the Australian rural way of life and all the wonderful characters tha