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Who is not over familiar with this part of the world or is halting in the language the colour she brings to her setting and plot seem authentic nough and though we know this is fiction it has Second Time Loving enough plausibility for the reader to believe it could almost be true And perhaps in a final nod to Jane Austen s Northanger Abbey which Go Saddle the Sea referenced the climax of the tale is set in a ruined castle much as Catherine Morland imagined it What is it really a castle an old castle The oldest in the kingdom But is it like what one reads of Exactly the very same But now really are there towers and long galleries By dozens Familiar from most of Joan Aiken s fiction is the delight a mature reader may garner from all the little period details that could pass by a younger or lessxperienced reader the flavour of 19th century writing the use of Spanish terms and phrases the references to local history and topography the ordinariness of much of the veryday vents which renders the Dark Awakening extraordinary when it happens less incredible She also does not avoid the reality of unhappiness and death by shielding the target audience from theirxistence so be warned some characters you might invest Hawks Way (Hawks Way empathy in do not survive In common with her whimsical tales such as the Dido Twite novels or the fairytale short stories there are recurring motifs such as death by falling from a great height but unlike say Bridle the Wind there is little magic realism Aiken here preferring to simply narrate anxciting tale of adventure and derring doIt s Family Men evident that Aiken was keen to resolve some of the loosends left dangling at the close of Bridle the Wind Creative Participation especially whether Felix manages to re connect with Juana It s not a modern romance and Aiken doesn t choose to sugar coat the relationship it s not as unresolved though as the situation in the Wolves of Willoughby Chase seuence where we are left to wonder if Dido and Simon marry If not as strong a work then as the previous two in the trilogy there is still much tonjoy and if the mark of a good novel is that it is worth reading again I shall certainly be keeping The Teeth of the Gale on my shelves for a re visit along with the others in the trilogy Charles Kingsley also refused to unite Tom and Ellie in nuptial bliss in The Water Babies on rather spurious grounds And of course Tom married Ellie My dear child what a silly notion Don t you know that no one ver marries in a fairy tale under the rank of a prince or a princess. His rescue party is being followed and Felix fears he and the children are being led into a tra.

Not as good as the second one the nding was a bit unsatisfactory left me wanting though there is not A fine conclusion to a set of fine adventures I love how Felix consults with God in all his adventures It s so natural and instinctive I think the middle novel was the best in construction and Cognitive Radio Networks execution but if you read one you have to read them all They are uick reads This final book in the series just didn t do it for me like BRIDLE THE WIND However it s important to note that a 3 star Joan Aiken book still has the power to surprise and to shock This writer is not afraid to go to very dark places but it s still uite appropriate for younger readers There were somexcellent musings about the injustices that people suffer in this world I felt that the historical details were mostly meaningless to me and they weighed sections down like lead The character interactions were bland Personnel Management in Government except for Pedro who was alwaysntertaining I felt like you could see the plot twists from far away EXCEPT when Joan pulls the rug out from under you At least twice Another young adult novel this one set in Out of This World early nineteenth century Spain and also part of a trilogy in this case the last The series follows the misadventures of orphan Felix Brooke bastard son of an English soldier who turns out to have been the second son of a duke and a Spanish noblewoman in a Spain wracked by poverty crime war political problems andvil of all stripes warning there is a lot of disturbing content like severe child abuse random murders for no particular reason for whom no one is The Time It Never Rained ever punished and torture Aiken is a wonderful writer and it is fascinating to follow Felix s psychological development from a callow 13 year old to a mature young man ready for grave responsibilities as a husband father and manager of largestates This book is the weakest of the series the best is the second one Bridle the Wind but still The Child of the Soul and Other Stories excellent Grade A I m so sad that there aren t any books in this series I love Felix and his companions his grandfather and the beautiful countries that are much of the charm of this series So much adventure and drama andven a touch of sweet romance They just don t publish books like these any but hey at least this series is still in print A good read at any ageI read this trilogy as a teen in the 1990 and over 20 years later it is still a good read I feel as if I was in Spain during that time and am part of the culture Once I started reading I could not stop Loved this. Now ighteen Felix sets out across the mountains of Spain to rescue three children kidnapped by.

It was a bold move to move on several years and make Felix a young man in this book I was surprised and then delighted The multilayered characters are wonderful The setting and attention to historical detail whether faithful or not is ngrossing The main character jumps from age thirteen in the preceding book of this series to ighteen in this so I suppose it should be YA but the arlier books seemed clearly middle grade so I d still call it middle grade though I think it would appeal to slightly older readers I still love Felix but I loved him as a twelve and thirteen year old than The Soviet Union eighteen Oh well children do grow and he needed to be older for this one tond the way it did but I won t spoil it Again Aiken pulls off great adventure with lots of danger and surprise really Gods and Heroes enjoyable to read while I was sick But like Saddle the Sea the last page just stops without a feeling ofnding Weird last sentence I thought almost like she didn t uite finish the final draft Well some writers are great at beginnings and middles some better at Science, Technology and Culture endings Still a delightful read Loved loved LOVED this historical series by Joan Aiken Highly recommended The resourceful teenager of Bridle the Wind has five years later turned into the resourceful young man of this the final volume in the Felix Brooke trilogy but though its speedy almost perfunctorynding seemed to suggest the way was open for a follow up this was sadly not to be A pity as Felix is an No Beast So Fierce engaging if slightly humourless character and well matched by the prickly Juana the object of his attentionsAs with Bridle the Wind and its predecessor Go Saddle the Sea this volume is set inarly 19th century Spain following the Napoleonic Wars now riven with rival political factions as the author s own Afterword helpfully tells us Felix is persuaded to go on a mission to rescue the kidnapped children of a nobleman but all is not as it initially seems ven though nough clues are presented to the honest young man along the way The action ranges from Galicia in the north west across the Basue Country and Pamplona to the lands south of the central Pyrenees thus covering some of the ground familiar from Felix s Last Chance Bride earlier adventures latterly with Juana Joan Aiken captures much of the intrigue that 19th century historical novels are rife with not to mention the jeopardy inherent in climbing precipitous mountains staying in isolated villages and coping with dangerous wild animals such as bears Even for someone like me. Their father Along the way he hopes to see his true love Juana who hasntered a convent But .

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Conrad Aiken who won a Pulitzer Prize for his poetry and her sister