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Enjoy a little richer detail Another entry into the world of the rich talented beautiful glamorous and perfect in every way Fargos Ohh to be able to travel the globe in my own private jet hunting or treasure by day to donate to charity of course and wining dining by night And where can I get a Selma to organise the mundane aspects of life You know the constant Hotel Savoy bookings luxurious rental cars charter boats dinner reservations and of course minding the rascally old dog I hate them LOL Not Booker Prize winning material but another consistent 4 Clive Cussler Co adventure read. Adversary as determined as the one before them now The battle will take them halfway around the world and at its end will be either one of the most glorious inds in history or certain death.

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Is no exception In the midst of all the angst y relationship stories I usually read this series always stands out or how Sam Remi support and love each other through all their adventures This one deals with the treasure of King John thought to have been lost in the Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space fens of the Wash in Huntingor treasureThe Fargos are ready or vacation when they get pulled into a hunt or a clue that might lead them to buried treasure rom the time of Robin Hood The Fargos themselves are well developed characters but I wished the others were described thoroughly I enjoyed the adventure just would. Ng to claim what he considers rightfully his Husband and wife treasure hunting team Sam and Remi Fargo have gone on impossible missions before and aced many perils but never have they aced an.

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The big mystery at the start of most Cussler books is the identity and role of the co author I could probably look this up somewhere but it s part of the intrigue Perhaps the coauthor comes up with the new historical or archeological scenario and Cussler helps craft the characters and plot This one involves the impossibly If you are looking or a treasure hunt book with low excitement and long drawn out meandering this book is or you You will be especially entertained if you like cheesy dialogue and the bad guys showing up over and over again I always love the Fargo Adventures this. The outstanding new Sam and Remi Fargo adventure rom the #1 New York Times–bestselling authorAn 800 year old treasure an ancient cypher wheel a brutal murder and a man who will stop at nothi.

Cussler began writing novels in 1965 and published his first work featuring his continuous series hero Dirk Pitt in 1973 His first non fiction The Sea Hunters was released in 1996 The Board of Governors of the Maritime College State University of New York considered The Sea Hunters in lieu of a PhD thesis and awarded Cussler a Doctor of Letters degree in May 1997 It was the first time