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Of buying a dollar hot dog at the corner UTOTEM every night one of us would cook No one cooked on Friday as we all headed by home Joe and Jack to Columbus and me back over to Eagle Lake where Racehorse and Denton awaited another exciting early morning hunting over the decoys Well enough with how I got started The truth is my love for wild game of all sorts has me here writing about some of the great recipes for cooking rabbits bullfrogs alligator armadillo possum rattlesnake and anything else in the wild It has always been my belief that if I was going to ill something I should eat it too I saw some hunters in the field that do give a bad name to hunting wild game In Montana a Party Chief shooting a seismic line for Getty Oil Company saw the “wiggles” in his doghouse screen of a herd of antelope coming He stopped pulled out his 30 06 and shot one of the animals He cut off the horns and left the animal in the field I turned him in to the game wardens Oh and let’s give credit where credit is due While attending AM I would go home on the weekends and learn how to cook almost anything imaginable from Pappa Joe Dick Perry outside of Columbu.

The good ole daysthat’s what we baby boomers say when we talk about how much simpler life was growing up especially without all this high tech stuff surrounding us How simple you may ask So simple that I began my hunting experience by becoming a professional guide at the Eagle Lake Rod and Gun Club on the waters of Eagle Lake in Texas When not guiding people like Richard ‘Racehorse’ Haynes an attorney out of Houston or Dr Denton Cooley a heart surgeon from Houston calling ducks to land outside our blind I was taking the ducks and geese illed back to AM University to help me survive during my tenure there At AM when not studying Joe Rau and Jack Etheridge out of Columbus would come back from the weekend with packages and packages of deer meat Javelina and suirrel I would come back on Sunday night and bring packages of goose and duck and a few oddball meats such as bullfrogs and alligator On Monday and Wednesday I would cook duck or goose and on Tuesday and Thursday Joe and Jack would cook venison Javelina and other animals you might be disgusted with Armadillo I don’t hide the fact that I love to hunt fishand yes eat wild game When goi.

Ng to work in the geophysical processing business in Houston Texas after graduating from Texas AM friends would often ask me why I preferred to eat wild meat almost to the exclusion of domestic My answer was first it was for health and nutrition Of course they laughed at my answer and responded back with “Really” By all comparisons with the chemical drenched fat laden meat that is factory produced that too many people grow obese and sick from eating today wild meatfish fowl or redis brilliantly natural inimitably healthy and most of all superior Wild game is the meat that made us who we are today Best of all we must hunt in order to have it There was a good friend in the eypunch area Stella at Seismic Computing Corporation where I worked that asked me one day “How in the world can one who ills for fun feel any compassion for the animals or birds the victims of the hunt” I looked at the woman and said “Stell which is the greater cruelty a production line domestication and mass slaughter or a wilderness and fair chase hunting expedition” Well back to my school days You see none of us had much money and did not go out to eat Instead.

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