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Highly recommend itSeiss observed that certain skeptics had ound ancient traditions that had common elements with the Christian Gospel He reported that these skeptics used their research in a manner to throw contempt on Christianity as a mere accommodation of certain old mythic ideas common to all primitive peoples Seiss however noted that their research could also be used in support of a conclusion opposite to what they intendedThese men adduced a large amount of traditional and astronomic lore proving the great antiuity of the constellations and showing a striking correspondence between them and the subseuent scriptural story of Christ and salvation But though their argument is Mastering Gephi Network Visualization false and worthless it does notollow that the materials collected to build. As once explained by a class of speculative atheists to have originated in the astronomical myths handed down The Canadian Regime from remote ages but Dr Seiss takes the opposite position and undertakes to prove that the names of the constellations and their relations to each other are in reality clearly vestiges of the earliest revelations of God's plansor redeeming the world Taking up the signs of the Zodiac beginning with Virgo instead of Aries as is customary he points out the origin of life thence the son and seed of the woman; next Libra or the balances as symbolizing the eternal justice of God; then Scorpio as typifying the serpent and the conflict between Christ and the Devil and so on through all of the signs and their deccans or accompanying and accessory constellations Certain it is that the period of arranging and naming of the constellations antedates any positive knowledge tha.

It are the same and the gathering of them was a valuable contribution to a better cause The showings made of the close likeness between the old constellations and the Gospel are well Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space founded But instead of proving Christianity a mere revival of old mythologies they give powerful impulse toward the conclusion that the constellations and their associated myths and traditions are themselves in their originalrom the very same prophetic Spirit whence the Sacred Scriptures have come and that they are of a piece with the biblical records in the system of God s universal enunciations of the Christ It was a good read Truly astonishing to see God s handiwork in every corner of Creation and most importantly how He has expressed the Gospel message in that handiwor. T students have been able to obtain though they have been traced back into Egyptian and Jewish history to the days of Abraham and beyond say 3000 years before Christ Many new constellations have been ramed and named in modern times but their titles merely serve to commemorate noted men and deeds of antiuity and they are not taken into account by our author who traces consecutively and systematically rom the oldest ones the gospel history of the Saviour and of his church on earth The theory of the author is plausibly sustained by the acts given and texts of scripture uoted and whether we adopt it as act or regard it merely as a work of ancy it will repay careful examination and will excite intense interest in the mind of all readers Originally published in 1884; reformatted or the Kindle; may contain an occasional imperfection; original spellings have been kept in pla.

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Most books are rated related to their usefulness and contributions to my researchOverall a good book or the researcher and enthusiastRead or personal research ound this book s contents helpful and inspiring number rating relates to the book s contribution to my needs This book answered a lot of uestions I had about some of the astrologic imagery ound in some places in the Bible The short story is God put it there and its message retells the whole Gospel story of God man redemption and the establishment of His Kingdom This is an eye opening book regarding the ancient myths their symbolism and importance The author Joseph Seiss has a bit of a cumbersome writing style Mapapansin Kaya? first published in 1882 but the book contains some wondrous and powerful information Joseph Augustus Seiss 1823–1904 was an American theologian and Lutheran minister knownor his religion writings on pyramidology and dispensationalism The Gospel in the Stars traces in detail a complete order and systematic connection in the Buntus Foclora framing of the constellations androm the scriptures the names of the stars and classical myths and worships connected with them Showing a primeval record of the gospel history of the virgin born Savior the ormation and destiny of' His Church and the consummation of all things precisely as written in the word of Holy Scripture This work is offered by the author as the result of careful study of primeval astronomy and of the origin and meaning of stellar nomenclature and in support of which he uotes and cites many distinguished astronomers and oriental scholars such as Seyffarth Riccioli Josephus Drummond and Mitchell Christianity

Joseph Augustus Seiss 1823 1904 was one of the most effective and popular Lutheran preachers of the nineteenth century In addition to his pastoral duties he was active as a lecturer and writer His than a dozen works include The Gospel in Leviticus Lectures on Hebrews and The Apocalypse