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Win win situationFour years later Andrea loves her job and excels at it yet she can t shake the fear that at some oint she ll lose this new life so much so that her Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, past has remained a secret from her co workers as she doesn t feel she fully fits in with anyone A belief that leads to her keeping herself apart from everyone elseBut Steve surprises Andrea yet again when he assigns her a serial killer case involving a victim found near her hometown But she s not working it aloneBrandon Omega srofiler and resident genius will be her Alfie Outdoors partner for this case This will be a little tricky as bothrefer to work alone and each have their own The Agile Team Handbook, 2nd Edition personal reasons for wanting to maintain distance between themselves Brandon knows Andrea has Very good book that drew me in right from the start and didn t let go until I d read the lastage Both Andrea and Brandon were fascinating characters Andrea is introduced first when at the age of nineteen she s already been through trauma than most Her Mothers Daughter people experience in their entire lives Then she becomes instrumental inreventing a slaughter during a bank robbery and her life changed forever Her talents earn her an offer of training and a job enabling her to leave her troubled Howard Stern Comes Again past behindBrandon s life was almost exactly the opposite He was the son of lovingarents who were supportive of all his endeavors When he misbehaved as a child they uickly figured out why and took steps to solve the issue As a result he has multiple degrees and. Come entangled beyond the case Their mutual attraction deepens as they get closer to the truth But when Andrea's own sordid ast surfaces they will both be forced to uestion everything about the assignmentand each othe.

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Is apology is not all that great Nope nope nope you aren t a hero and you deserved to be kicked to the curb buddy I just couldn t get Cant Fake This past his behavior he certainly never redeemed himself in my eyes I m enjoying the series but this book didn t work for me Andrea young though only in age due to aainful childhood is in the wrong Writing Myths place at the wrong time yet it actually ends up being one of the best things to happen to her See nineteen year old Andrea can readeople s expression and retty much discern them accurately When three men enter the bank she s in she immediately realizes something isn t right and after uickly making some observations makes her exit just in timeright before shots ring out insideWhile Andrea doesn t completely leave the area she does hide from law enforcement surrounding the bank doing their job until she decides to make her way home but once she overhears a conversation and knows their information is wrong she had to help Thankfully two of those eople are familiar with behavior analysis and take her information seriously and it helpsWhen Steve Director of the Critical Response Division of Omega and Grace the head Paying Daddys Debt psychologist ask to speak with Andrea later after they ve tracked her down she s shocked when they offer her a job if sheasses the testing reuired for the Stripes of Gehenna position of which they have no doubt she will If for some crazy reason she fails then they ll help her start a new life far away from herrevious one For Andrea it s F Omega Sector's top agents Four years later her skill at reading Cheerleader For Hire people is unrivaled until she meets fellowrofiler Brandon Han Paired together to track a serial killer who has been targeting at risk women the two be.

After a bank robbers where Andrea Time Slips proved herself useful on the case it was then that theolice seen some use for her being able to tell clues in The Complete Baby and Toddler Cookbook people and had her join them Her life has been looking up since then Its been a while since shes been back at her hometown and Andrearoved her worth but now she has to go back to help on a case after a string of murders occurI really enjoyed this book There was Stormy Waters (Dar and Kerry, plenty of mystery drama suspense going on Then there was the romance that was sparking between the two I thought it was interesting getting to know about Andrea sast and how Brandon was taking things with a bit of secrets of his own he has to deal with on the side I loved that there was enough mystery to keep the readers guessing I mean I had my guesses of who it was and was surprised who it turned out to be I really enjoyed this book really fun read The last thing Brandon Han wants is to work with someone Ever since his Passage of the Republic partner died he wouldrather work alone The Director Of Omega is setting him up with Andrea Gordon who s somewhat of arofiler so to speak She can sense t This hero was so incredibly frustrating because of all his slut shaming I know the book was generally trying to A Patriots History of the United States point out that shaming a woman for choosing to be a stripper andor server at a strip club is bad which I appreciated but the fact that the hero goes on and on about how terrible it was that the heroine had done that workick And he takes way too long to come around and then He was a man of action especially when it came torotecting his new undercover The Vow partner At nineteen Andrea Gordon's life was forever changed Afterroving herself instrumental in a bank hostage crisis she became one

Passion that leaps right off the page Romantic Times Book Reviews USA TODAY bestselling author Janie Crouch writes what she loves to read passionate romantic suspense She is a winner andor finalist of multiple romance literary awards including the Golden uill Award for Best Romantic Suspense the National Reader’s Choice Award and the coveted RITA© Award by the Romance Writers of Americ