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I told myself to leave this one alone but sometimes I on t know how to leave well enough alone I on t have anything against Noelle Adams I actually kind of like her books they usually follow a formula and I really only need to read one book from each series Here s the thing I have been on an Angela Dawe narration kick so I told myself to just go for it This isn t a bad book but there is not much happening here Main Players Missy and Zach former step siblings for one yearPlot Missy is harboring secret feeling for her ex stepbrother Zach who never left town been after their parents ivorced That s it not much happening everyone knows that Zach has feelings for Missy except Missy I can t even say there s any push and pull just Missy having some jealousy insecurity longing and then finally acceptance I mean I would never say to just assume a person s feelings based on some signals they ve been sending but in the case of Zach I would say it was obvious that he liked Missy in than a sister type way Again this isn t bad but I m sure there are some other books that can bring to this trope Great conflict Great characters Enjoying this new Adams series Missy and Zach s story is great Missy is a realtor but also helps her The Majors Daughter dad with the family business Zach used to be her step brother for a year when they were teenagers until their parents got aivorce Each have feelings for the other but Missy can t seem to get over the brother thing I m loving this side series It keeps a story going that I Miss Shumway Waves a Wand didn t want to see end This was a nice short romance Zach s mother was once married to Missy sad When she split Zach The Touch decided to stay behind and work for his stepfather This means working with Missy too They ve had feelings for one another but neverid anything about it both of them preferring to ignore what was there. When her father got remarried fourteen years ago Zach first entered Missy's life The marriage only lasted a year but her ex stepbrother kept hangi.

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Ertaining masterpiece Loving this simple love story to the fullest I recommend this book to everyone Another one that is pretty close to being perfect but can t get all the way there Noelle Adams is one of those borderline authors for me She s certainly not a bad writer and her stories On His Majestys Service don t annoy me huge plus but I feel like there s something a little lacking for me Butoes that mean I shouldn t read her Is it something I ll get over And isn t that better than the annoying storiesAnyway this was a Clueless kind of step sibling romance Their parents were married for a year a long time ago and they remained close I really liked the attraction between them and the short time frame both in story length and time passed in the story worked for the relationshipBuuuuut Basically the conflict was misunderstanding and lack of communication And it wasn t major and terrible misunderstanding buuuuut I also Different Class didn t uite buy it for two characters as close as they are They know each other too well not to understand each other better My comfort read from my reliable authorSweet short fast and satisfying No earth shattering revelation oriabolical evil plots just simple wholesome good writing 178 A very uick a few pages before bed kind of read The writing was fine the characters were fine the plot was fine but had potential than was shown here it was all fine but could have been better if it had been given room to expand Note there s nothing taboo about Missy and Zach s relationship they re ex step siblings but their parents were only married for a year when they were kids and neither ever really saw the other as a sibling 25 Been There Done That StarsI must be a a complete glutton for punishmentI keep expecting a The Essential Good Food Guide different outcome with books written by Noelle Adams but it never happens All things considered the. R if it's wrong to think about him in aifferent way He was only her stepbrother for a year after all and now he's acting like he wants to be a

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When they finally Textbook of Wisdom do kiss it seems wrong but the keep finding themselvesrawn to one anotherSimple plot easy going characters I found this one whizzed by as I read it in a couple of hours Really enjoyed it I enjoy Noelle Adam s writing a lot I ve read most of her stuff and will continue to read her stuff But I was a little bit In Defence of Dogs disappointed with this one I like the what appears to be unreuited love trope and this was that on both sides but also a little forbidden because they meet when Missy s mom and Zach sad marry So their step brothersister for a very brief time in their childhood But that was a long time ago and there isn t really anything skeevy feeling about this I just wanted romance I guess More wooing Something Unexpected LoveI was thrilled to receive the second book from the outstanding series Eden Manor I throughly enjoyed the first book written by a favourite author of mine Noelle Adams When Missy s Dad ivorced after one year marriage issolved leaving a gorgeous ex sibling from her former family Now with both the kids back together they will have to learn to be able to work for the father s businessWhen Missy arrived to work this Monday morning she was happy to be there Without a trouble in the world she was set with what to The City in Mind do She loved working with her family at their Garden Shop Sheidn t even think Zach her ex brother from Dad s former marriage would even come Until he Revenge (The Red Ledger did turn up eventually mocking her from her unpleasantreams of her life Finding out he No One Wants You d been working all this time Now stating that she wasn t even needed anywaySuch a beautiful romance Missy and Zach had She was so worried about his relationship s with Cassandra Not even knowing what he say next I loved this most amazing most beautiful characters I adored this wonderful romantic story making this such a ent. Ng aroundNow Zach works with her in her father's landscaping business and he's sweeter funnier and sexier than ever And Missy can't help but wonde.

Noelle handwrote her first romance novel in a spiral bound notebook when she was twelve and she hasn't stopped writing since She has lived in eight different states and currently resides in Virginia where she teaches English reads any book she can get her hands on and offers tribute to a very spoiled cocker spanielShe loves travel art history and ice cream After spending far too many yea