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Alley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review I was pleasantly surprised by this straightforward book on the beatitudes from Matthew 51 12 Smith first sets the context by clearly articulating the gospel message then describes the beatitudes like a series of seven rings ach suspended on a rope from a high ceiling 25 His point is that they are not standalone virtues but links in a chain which build upon Humiliated Husband each other This analogy of moving from one ring to the next is helpful without becoming programmatic Each chapter also includes a block insert to summarize the main points of applicationSmith writes like an old soul The Word of God dwells richly in hisxposition but he also draws upon the Warehouse Management early church fathers Puritan writers such as Thomas Watson and John Bunyan and time honored preachers like Charles Spurgeon and Jonathan Edwards Thentire book is filled with jewels of biblically grounded uotations His vivid illustrations both biblical and personal shine a floodlight on the wisdom of his writing As a skilled preacher his applications are practical multi faceted and clearly tied to the biblical principlesSmith also writes as a biblical counselor He makes the clear distinction between roots shoots and fruit 21 22 95 96 and gives I Little Slave examples of how the beatitudes might be used in counseling hurting people 139 41 Thentire book is an The Stall (Pony In Training exposition on Jesus teaching about progressive sanctificationThis book was a challenging read at times because of the depth of thought provoking material Occasionally I had to stop reading to consider certain doctrinal concepts or reflect on the layers of biblical application I found myself discovering new truths about the theology of sanctification and being reminded of old ones on almostvery page I did wrestle with Smith s argument that we cannot forgive a person unless they are repentant 122 23 I prefer the terminology of attitudinal forgiveness whereas he prefers the heart focus of love and compassion The chapter as a whole however was full of insight and convicting application I highly recommend this book for personal study small groups or classroom discussion Momentum is an THIEME Atlas of Anatomy exploration of the Beatitudes and how Christians should use them to further their walk with God Explaining first what these scriptures mean as a whole the author then analyzesach one using scripture to support these teachings Meant to help understand how to better become the kind of person God calls us to be this is an uplifting and motivating book It sheds a whole new life on the Beatitudes and how they can really be a road map for Christian living Sharing how these teachings actually build on one another and on how we should take them one at a time to best acclimate to thinking and living differently than instinct might guide us the author lays out an attainable goal for those who are committed to changing their attitude towards struggle and strifeThis isn t a one time read but rather a guidebook that can help you through tough times Following this path will teach you to act instead of react spread kindness instead of bitterness and understand that life is not meant to be Sanibel Virgin easy but can still be rewarding Wow Beautiful look at the Beatitudes how they are a roadmap for our faith I never appreciated how impactful the Beatitudes are how beautiful they are Understanding them can help change your thoughts which can change your actions The first step is understanding your poverty before Him and all things follow A must Well received by all the ladies in our Summer Bible study Life Changing and challengingHighly recommende. In godliness abounding in good works andnjoying intimacy with the Lord this book is for you And if you have lost hope that any of these things are possible this book is specially for you You  can make progress starting toda.

In Momentum Pursuing God s Blessings Through The Beatitudes Colin S Smith lays out the road map for us to trek our way through the beatitudes found in Matthew 5 He starts by using the analogy of rings hanging from the ceiling with the idea that you have to use a swinging momentum to get from one ring to the next The rings represent God s blessings for our life as found in the beatitudes The rings illustrate the way in which we must work our way through the beatitudes and their blessingsColin then xplains the beatitudes in he context of roots shoot and fruitThe first three beatitudes are the roots of a blessed and godly life They tell us to be poor in spirit mourn and be meek But what do these really mean Colin breaks Gallowglass each one downxplains what it really means and gives us working The Inclusion Imperative examples of how we can foster these specific traits in our own lives But you have to approach them in order allowing the momentum from being poor in spirit to let you mourn so you can become meek You have to trust God s order as being important and let His guide lead youThe fourth beatitude is the shoot a hunger and thirst for righteousness This is pretty much a stepping stone to get from the roots to the fruit something to keep pushing you forward in your uestNext Colinxplains the fruits of this blessed life mercy forgiveness purity and peace He The Public-Private Partnership Handbook explains what they are the context in which we should aspire to achieve them and practices to help usngage What Next After School ? each of these fruits in our life in due timeLastly Colin reveals the purpose behind the final beatitude persecution Why did God include something most of us would not beager to pursue What does it really mean in today s world Is it worth the costColin has done a thorough job at laying out a road map for those of us aspiring to follow God s teachings and receive His blessings This book uses plain language and Emerging Markets explains things in simple ways that should beasy for almost anyone to follow understand learn from and put into practice 45 starsI received a free print copy of this book from Moody Publishers for the purpose of this honest review All opinions are my own This book is a Christian livingspiritual growth guide He provided step by step suggestions on how to get unstuck in your spiritual life Basically you recognize your need for God mourn over your sins place your strength under God s control and these things lead you to long for righteousness forgive others want God to free you from habitual sin and make peace when in a conflict with others Wholeheartedly following God can lead to persecution so he also talked about whether you should stand or flee persecution For A Home of Another Kind each step that I mentioned above he had a series of actions to help you achieve that step Like for forgiveness he provided actions that you can do that will prepare your heart to offer forgiveness to anotherHis steps are loosely based on the Beatitudes and I didn t always agree with his interpretation of them Forxample he mentioned mercy Blessed are the merciful but his focus was on forgiveness because that worked best for his overall theme I also didn t agree with his argument that we don t have to forgive someone unless they repent first Also I believe that the Blessed are those who mourn includes mourning over the The Voyage of the Norman D., As Told by the Cabin Boy effects of a fallen world not just our own personal sins Overall though I thought that he made some good points and that his step by step suggestions were useful and usually God focused rather than a just try harder to do listI received a review copy of this book from the publisher through Vine A helpful book for me Our church we. The Beatitudes are not telling you how to become a Christian they tell you what a true Christian looks likeEveryone wants to be blessed We want to be blessed in life blessed in death and blessed internity In the Beatitudes the.

Nt through this as a study a year or so ago I learned a lot about the Beatitudes The premise here is that we must work through the Beatitudes in seuence and momentum is gained as you move through the Beatitudes as though swinging from ring to ring note the cover illustrationSmith has the ability to be solidly biblical whilst bringing in his own uniue helpful observations throughout I highly recommend it I love the simple layout of this book It s written in plain down to African Successes, Volume I earth language that allowed me to delve into the beatitudes at my own pace and glean a far better understanding and motivation A wonderfully inspiring book Colin Smith s Momentum Pursuing God s Blessings through His Beatitudesxplores the idea that the beatitudes represent a progression a path to spiritual maturity in the Christian life Far from one of those self help spirituality books though Momentum is focused on the spiritual life as a gift of transforming the heart and all its passions through the progression of maturity that is life in Christ That progression follows certain steps along the path Poorness of spirit spiritual mourning meekness hunger for righteousness mercifulness purity of heart and peacemaking I m convinced that there is a roots life fruit pattern to the Beatitudes the first three beatitudes form the roots of a godly life and since these roots lie in an awareness of our own need they produce a deep longing for what we do not have Becoming poor in spirit mourning over your sins and submitting your life to God will produce a deep hunger and thirst for righteousness in your soul This des Since Christ gives this righteousness fully and freely to all who trust in Him no Christian need Trigger Samaniego 1 (Stallion, ever hunger and thirst after it Who hungers for what he already has The righteousness of Christ is a gift to be treasured not a virtue to be sought But to all who are in Christ God gives his Holy Spirit who renews our hearts and creates within us a new and deep desire to live in a way that is pleasing to him Christ s people hunger and thirst for righteousness because while we know that we are forgiven and accepted before God on the basis of all that Christ is and all that He has done we also know how far we are from all that Christ calls us to be I have to first say that this is a great study on the Beatitudes Jesus teaching on what the heart of a Christian is to look like This is not rooted in do s and don ts but a response and howach response of the beatitudes gives us momentum to the next one Starting with poor in spirit and what that does and does not mean gives you a good start If you struggle with one beatitudes that means that you do not have the correct understanding and application of the previous Christianity is not ideology or culture but a confidence in the work of God for the redemption of mankind Do you believe that you were created for something better not individually but a better good that is within our grasp The beatitudes speak of this Colin Smith speaks with clarity of the gospel and with conviction Some of the uotes I found Lehrbuch Der Physiologie encouraging Peacemaking begins with the honesty and courage that will recognize a problem and face it Without this no further progress can be made The blessings of freedom lead us toxpect a comfortable life and comfort soon produces lethargy of spirit which in times leads to fear and cowardiceTrusting yourself to God means looking to Him to deal with the injustice rather than trying to deal with it by vindicating yourself I highly recommend and ncourage others to pick this gem up A Special Thank You to Moody Publishing and Netg. Son of God tells us about the life that is blessed and about the people who are blessed But Jesus does than just describe a blessed life He gives us a way to actually pursue itIf you want to make strides in overcoming sin growing.

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Colin Smith was born in Edinburgh Scotland He came to personal faith in Christ at the age of six and sensed God's call to pastoral ministry early in life He received his Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Master of Philosophy from London Bible College Before coming to the States in 1996 Colin served as the Senior Pastor of the Enfield Evangelical Free Church in London for 16 years While in Lo