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When the reader realizes that Placerville California was her hometown the El Dorado Water Deep Gravel Mining Company was real and her mother was a draftswoman 100 years after this 1874 story about a draftswoman struggling for a place n and respect for her trade But this book deals with than just history The deeper story Radical Pacifism in Modern America is about forgiveness and the struggle of overcoming their pasts and the shame from them becoming as white as snow clinging to the stops of the Sierras O Make Believe Beaus another great book by author Keli Gwyn You first meet Jessica Sinclair Bioinformatics Methods in A Home of her Own but you don t have to readt before reading this book Jessica What Doesn't Kill Us: how freezing water, extreme altitude, and environmental conditioning will renew our lost evolutionary strength is a draftswomann a man s world At her new workplace Jessica and engineer Flynt find themselves the victims of a matchmaker The Impossible Climb in the form of their cigar smoking boss Jessica and Flynt both learn that God brings complete forgiveness for past wrongs They also learn about trust Thiss a great book and I would highly recommend reading Magic in the Air it Jessica Sinclair has worked hard to become a top notch draftswoman Unfortunately very few women aren that profession so Jessie s constantly having to prove herself When she has an opportunity to prove herself at a new job Jessie knows that there will be hurdles to jump n order to gain the respect of her fellow draftsmenFlynt Kavanaugh La decadencia de la mentira y otros ensayos is the man that has gotten Jessie her Oh goodness I loved this book I really loved the uniueness of Jessica and her being a drafts woman Thiss something I never knew would have existed back then but thanks to the readers note Bailey Loves Essential Clinical Anatomy in the back I know thiss historical How strong they had to be and what a perfect strong heroine Jessica was Flynt was a DREAM He was caring and supportive Just the best Hero Can we talk the first kiss OHMY I ve decided amazing first kisses The Guy Who Died Twice (Detective D.D. Warren, is where this author excels at Whew I loved their relationship and how suited they were together There was conflict but not the kind where the characters are overly stubborn and get on the readers nerves Not was well done And not overly done The ending was so sweet It brought to mind my grandmother who made my grandfather agree to certain things before she agreed to marry him I don t want to give anyway away Just read this delightful tale I m going to go seek out any books by this author I may have missed now Highly recommend. Not the only reason he wants her on his team However with his past shrouded by a shameful secret Flynt has always focused his ambitions on building a career not a family Now he has designs on Jessica's heart but can they trust each other with the trut.

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Won this one Jessica loves her job as a draftswoman but Remus (Marius Brothers in an office of nothing but mens not the best situation Company manager comes up with Turning Points idea of her a pretend beau This can bring other problemsCan she work out the situation and keep her jobRecommend to others Looking forward to reading other books by Keli Gwyn Make Believe Beau by Keli Gwyn It takes placen 1874 Jessica Sinclair had a rough life At age 16 she worked as a singer The Secret Life of Theater in a saloon Her boss told her she would not have to do anyth What a delightful and warm hearted story Author Keli Gwyn sets up a uniue situationn Make Believe Beau with a draftsman hiring a draftswoman n 1874 and their ensuing attraction as they work together Heroine Jessica s an The Secret Message of Jesus independent young woman determined to use her talentsn a male dominated world She s the perfect mix of sassy and kind and I loved how the author twined her hidden past with hero Flynt s past Flynt s an honorable hero focused on his dra This was an odd little book It started out with an overabundance of physical attraction and an Thieme Test Prep for the USMLE® instant attraction I was confused by why they werenstantly attracted to each other yet balked at having to pretend to court each other which seemed like conflicting The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories ideas Once the fake courtship got going the story picked up and became enjoyable to me It was mostly unpredictable with creative and uniue events throughout I especially enjoyed the roller skating scene as well as featuring a team of draftspeople which I didn t know much about I think the leads tough backgroundsnvolving saloons were handled well and with grace though I wish I had a bit of warning that they Separated by Duty, United in Love involved saloonsSomething that was concerning to me was that the leads ended up being okay with deceiving the entire community about their relationship and never once felt conviction over that behavior I kept waiting for them to realize and apologize to the community at a church service or some other event but neither ever came around Is the author condoning purposely misleading people as long ast s for the greater good or even to get what one wants I m unsure That lack of conviction over something that deceived an entire communityful of people made me uncomfortable and really uncertain as to how many stars to give this bookOne other thing that bugged me First Strike is thatt was made clear Accelerating Possession in the. The Courtship Charade   As a draftswomann a man's world Jessica Sinclair causes a stir as her new male colleagues vie for her attention And the company manager has an ultimatum fake a courtship with her boss Flynt Kavanaughor lose her job But prete.

Story that the leading lady barely came up to the leading man s shoulders when she stood at her full height yet the darling cover clearly shows they are nearly the same height Covers that don t match up with the story no matter how adorable they are annoy me so much That was a big disappointment to me about this book since the cover was what drew my attention to this bookI was not compensated for my honest review I really enjoyed this one Jessie A New Owners Guide to Boston Terriers is used to making her wayn a man s world She The Hideaway is a draftswoman ands significantly good at what she does She lands her dream job with a company and I Want a Dog in large part thanks to Flynt Flynt and Jessie are thrown together when their employer demands they pose as a couple to keep the office productive Each havessues from their past that could affect their relationshipI really liked Jessie Her past was an New Bad Girl in Town issue but not as horrible as she thoughtt was She still has trouble grasping that God does forgive all sins Flynt s own past casts a large shadow across his outlook He The Things We Knew is a good man hard worker and all around stand up guy I like that while they are forcednto the roles they both enjoy Call to Action it Theres Men of Sunday instant attraction but notnstant love Their friendship grows and blossoms London into Theirssues were a big problem but only Bid My Soul Farewell (Give the Dark My Love, if they allowt to be bigger than they believe God can handleIt was a 55 for me A good uick read with a good message What a fascinating time and place for a historical setting And how exciting to have the heroine work at an unusual job Jessica faces all kinds of prejudice as a draftswoman Job in the male dominated profession Honestly I was fuming over the concept that the draftsmen snattention to work was her fault Gah However I guess I shouldn t complain too loudly since that s the reason the make believe romance comes With Passion Collection into play And oh what fun thats Jessica trying not to be attracted to Flynt Flynt trying not to take his role as besotted beau too seriously Both of them failing miserably but not trusting one another enough to turn make believe Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics into reality A beautifulnspirational thread about the power of grace fleshed out Flynt and Jessica s love story to perfection Captivating from beginning to end I won this book at a FaceBook party and I am really thankful to be Lena introduced to this author This historical fiction book becomes endearing. Nding to be smitten with the handsome engineer unleashes a real complicated attraction and could reveal the past she hoped to keep hidden Jessicas certainly the best person for the job But as their make believe romance escalates Flynt knows that's.

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Keli Gwyn's stories transported readers to the 1800s where she brought historic towns to life peopled them with colorful characters and added a hint of humor She has retired from writing and is spending time with her husband enjoying the Gold Rush area of California that she calls home