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25 StarsI was in the mood for something short and sexy and bought this mostly because of the cover It was suuuper cheesy and idiculous but the smexy scenes were alright This is a clich themed 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life read where neighbors instantly fall in love with one another Even though this instant love story with a virginal girl paired with an experienced tattedpierced boy with a slutty past sounds not very original what sets this story a part from others is the author s writing Celia Aaron is uickly becoming a favorite author of mine and has a way with descriptive passages Like in other CA books I liked both main charactersBoth Jess and Michael were likeable characters and seemed familiar to me like I waseading about someone I knew who experienced this type of instant attraction which kept me Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, reading until the end This connection to the characters made the scenes believable therefore making the overallead a hit for me I m glad Jess and Michael s story will continue and I can follow their A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners relationship in Bad Boy Valentine Wedding which is out now Bad Boy Valentine The Hard and Dirty Holidays gets 5 hard dirty and deliciously sexy holiday starsMy Hard and Dirty HolidayseviewsBook 1 A Stepbrother for ChristmasBook 3 Bad Boy Valentine WeddingPre order book 4 now for 99Book 4 Fck of the Irish Title Bad Boy ValentineSeries The Hard and Dirty Holidays 2 Author Celia AaronGenre Adult Contemporary Erotic Romance NovellaRating 5 StarsCliffhanger. Jess has always been shy Keeping her head down and staying out of sight has served her well especially when a sexy photographer moves in across the hall from her Michael has a budding career a da.

View spoilerNo hide spoiler This is a super short ead with lots of sexy times To be honest this story was just OK for me Maybe I expected too much or I don t know what but I just didn t connect with it or even enjoyed it much Don t let my opinion keep 45 Short Hot and Sweet StarsJess and Michael are neighbors who seem like opposites Jess is a plain uiet and shy pre law student Michael is a tatted bad boy photographer who stays out late and knows how to have a good time On the eve of Valentine s Day Michael arrives home when Jess is doing what she normally does spying on him through the peephole of her front door Of course she is salivating over his muscled body and seductive ink designs However Michael has the distinctive feeling he is being watched and his instinct is confirmed when he hears a breathy sigh coming from behind Jess apartment door Game onA little bit later that day Jess ushes out of her apartment to head for class and she Au bagne runs into no one other than Michael The encounter between these two is filled with sexual tension Once they awkwardly get past their introductions it s apparent that Michael is interested but Jess isn t sure why he d choose her His voice lowered and I could feel his breath whisping through the dark brown strands of hair covering my ear Would you like to be captured He was He was coming onto me Aftereturning from school Jess body is still on fire just thinking about their encounter and how. Rk past and enough ink and piercings to make Jess' mouth water She is well euipped to watched him through her peephole and stalk him on social media But what happens when the bad boy next door co.

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She would like for Michael to pop her cherry As she gets carried away with herself she Indistractable realizes Michael is just outside her front door and heard her sighs of desire Gah It s time for this to go down I wanted to open the door to let him in to finally give up the piece of me that I d been saving My pussy was already wet my panties sticking to me I d been breathing hard from the moment I d seen him standing outside Even so I was afraid When Jess opens the door it is nothing less than hot Michael is a wet dream of a man and he is than capable to navigate his way through Jess virginity Hot damn is all I have to say because I loved it Oh I forgot to mention that Michael s tongue is pierced and OMG I know you want it deep inside you Do you want me to come in you I already know the answer He thrust his hips against me his headubbing sinfully against my clit You want it all don t you I bet you can t wait for me to fill every hole you ve got My little virgin slut Usually the virgin instalove isn t my ideal Jacques Prevert reading theme but it than worked for me in this novella Plus Jess and Michael actually knew much about each other than total strangers would so the admire from afar scenario actually fueled their connection even for me In addition to the steam this story has someomantic moments and the character development is appropriate for the plot and book length I highly ecommend this one if you e looking for a short hot and omantic ead. Mes knockingFull Disclosure This short story contains a virgin instalove and a super hot book boyfriend with a possessive streak It can be ead in one sittingAvailable Now Bad Boy Valentine Weddi.