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I constantly need my next fix of him to functionBritta s The Student Cookbook in her last year of high school ready to move on with her life and take advantage of the next stepn her young adult journey But before then she must finish her senior year She Torpedo Run is a bright young woman so the task of finishing strong seems like a piece of cake until she bumpsnto him James has just found an open door for shaping the minds of young people Meeting Britta he believes t s his lucky day He has no De glazen troon (De glazen troon, idea what fate has thrown his way or the turnst will take him on Silent Witnesses in his new pathIt wasnnocent and I m blowing this completely out of proportionLessons of the Heart was an enjoyable student teacher romance I liked that there was a good degree of backstory The Hawthorn Crown (The Changeling, introduced and not just anmmediate student teacher The Past is Myself The Road Ahead Omnibus insta love The characters were sweet and you could tell that their love was true There were times when the story seemed a bit unnaturaln context and flow but The Common Years it didn t stop me from readingn The Valkyrie Song (Jan Fabel, its entirety I am happy to have had the opportunity to read 5 Promise StarsAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhI LOVE Mr DumontI will write a review after I finish fangirling over how freaking good this beauty of a book was fangirling hard LovedtLesson of the Heart Inishowen is a simply sweet book about love yest lacked drama and only had one drama s plot But The Other Side of the Coyne it worked for meI foundts different from other ST books because the characters are very Mature and the books not focused on sex but actual love I hope there s a book about Penny I m a huge fan of studentteacher books So when I saw that Jodie Larson s new book was just that I HAD TO read Zombacter it I absolutely lovedt Britta La muñeca asesina is a great heroine You just can t help but love her Seeing her relationship with her brother Liam made me think of my older brother I loved how much they love each otherAnd James Eeekk I want to go back to high school Onlyf my social studies teacher was Mr Dumont Great book Lessons of The Heart by Jodie Larson 45 Promise STARS The first time we met James Dumont knocked me off my feetHe s sexy and smart the classic good guy Exactly what I want and everything I ve ever dreamed of The most perfect guy at Somerset High School He even makes sixth period Geography Risking It All interestingEveryone says high schools tough Fighting my attraction to James That s the hardest part because this guy my perfect match the one who makes my heart overrule my headHe s my teacherWhat The Housekeeper and the Professor if the greatest lesson you could learnn school couldn t be found n a book WHOA I love this forbidden romance book James s a young new teacher He The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel - A 30-minute Chapter-by-Chapter Summary is sexy smart a little possessive but a perfectly good guy When James rannto a student Britta The Complete Idiots Guide to Buying Foreclosures in the hallway her beautiful eyesmmediately captured his heart It was love at first sight James thought she was a fellow teacher Britta Asian Bites is a senior smart sweet a home coming ueen Like James Britta was uick to fall for her sexy new teacher Their Cause this guy my perfect match the one who makes my heart overrule my headHe's my teacherWhatf the greatest lesson you could learn Perfect in school couldn't be foundn a boo.

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35 4 Very Promising StarsThis s my first book by Jodie Larson and I uite enjoyed t The whole forbidden studentteacher romance drew me Avengers in right away I am the biggest fan of this genre but haven t read anything uite like this where the storyline takes placen high school I was drawn to Britta right away because she reminds me a lot of my young high school self solely focused on her grades reading and just trying her best to get The Princess and the Goblin into all the best colleges And then theirs James He American Prince is wondeful sexyntelligent sweet and the most genuine guy I can t blame Britta for falling for him the way she does I love the way Britta and James met and at first they are unaware that one The Devouring (The Devouring, is a teacher and the other a student It makest harder to find their love something to frown upon Their s a strong undeniable attraction between them from the start and they both try to gnore The Campaign for Domestic Happiness it until they just can t any Their relationship goes way beyond just some sexual tension which makes for a natural realistic storyline Larson even addsn a few great side characters like Liam and Penny Britta s brother and best friend who have going on between them then we get to see Along the way their are obstacles and people that they have to overcome and sacrifices that they both must makeWhile I uite enjoyed this book some of the speech used was uite redundant The characters seemed to use the same phrases over and over again And a lot of what they said to other was somewhat cheesy at times and made me roll my eyes Overall though I really enjoyed Britta and James story I really hope we get a book about Liam and Penny next This was an amazing book I love studentteacher romances This Il tesoro di Gengis Khan (Le avventure di Dirk Pitt, is one of the great ones that I will come to and re read The characters were awesome and well developed Brittany was a sweet smart pre med bound eightteen year old who would rather study than party Jamess definitely boyfriend material he s sweet adorable and just HOT The secondary character were amazing as well The ending was perfect Glad they got their HEA Loved Liam Britta s older brother he was hilarious and I loved how he protected his little sister Definitely my favourite secondary character although Penny was a close second I hated Chase He was manipulative and totally stupid I mean f the girl you like doesn t like you take a hint Overall a fantastic read 35 4 stars I liked The Complete Idiots Guide to Fondues and Hot Dips it a lot I would have preferredf the Chase thing didn t have to happen towards the end I felt the book was going exceptionally well Then Britta playing martyr messed Aloha Rodeo it up a bit I hate when the MC s do that I loved how devoted they were to each other right from the first meeting which was the first chapter There wasn t even any talk of OWOM which was a miracle nown books everyone always has a manwhore or slutty past It was refreshing to just read about a budding forbidden relationship We didn t get too much background on Jame. The first time we met James Dumont knocked me off my feetHe's sexy and smart the classic good guy Exactly what I want and everything I've ever dreamed of The most perfect.

S nothing Stealing Venice in depth anyway Would have liked something maybe with his friends or his family Anything really He just seemed alone I liked Penny and Liam too They brought character to the book a little side romance 2 for 1 Wish there was and update about themn the epilogue Perfect length to the book Good story line kept me All aboard the Ninky Nonk! interested Finishedn one night It didn t feel rushed and I felt like I got a full book that was worth the read If you re the type of person that likes simple sweet soft romance books were they lose themselves The Lady and the Peacock in the depths of each others eyes and can romanticise a cabbage then this books for you But for me Another Mothers Love it was like bathingn a vat of goats cheese while smearing myself with Stilton and nibbling a block of Gorgonzola It was fine for a while I liked the tension the restraint the passion and then THE AGE OF ARTHUR: WARFARE IN THE BRITISH DARK AGES, 400 AD - 800 AD: WARHAMMER HISTORICAL. it started to give me toothache that soon developednto me needing root canal treatment because all my teeth were rotten from an over abundance of sweetness Now I like a love story and I can tolerate a certain level of chessiness but this was just too much for me It was all too nice too neat too perfect They make love and gaze at each other while declaring their undying love and vomit But then Three by Atiq Rahimi it did start tomprove with the The Witchs Kind injection of some drama andntense sex The last 20% put this back up to a 3 star ARC provided by Author The Galapagos Affair in exchange for an honest reviewLessons of the hearts a sweet sexy forbidden romance that sucked me Rome Sweet Rome in right from the beginning Yes Mr Dumont and Britta s story was very sweet andt could give some readers a toothache but not me This story totally worked for me I enjoyed all the stares the sexy heat the confessions of undying loveeverything I enjoyed every bit of the book Mr Dumont was so hot so sexy and so sweet He Tales From Nature is the kind man that any woman would dream of meeting one day a real prince charming Who wouldn t want that Let s not forget hes a teacher someone a student shouldn t even touch But when Mr Dumont and Britta ran Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, into each other for the first time the spark between them was electric The first time they saw each othern class would have been a sight to seeas Goalie Interference (1Night Stand i could feel their heart breaking for the person that could have been for them that they can t have Everytime Mr Dumont and Britta were together was pure joy for me they were full of love and never treated each other any less Can I just say that I also felln love with Britta s brother Liam who The Lights of Manchester is a brother anyone would be lucky to have Liam was such a great brother and he was always there for Britta and he would do anything for her Liam was the savior of this story and I hope that Author Jodie Larson will also write Liam and Penny s story Those two are the best REVIEW IS ALSO ON FOUR CHICKS FLIPPING PAGES Lessons of the Hearts a standalone novel by Author Jodie Larson It The Reconstructionist is a taboo student teacher romance he s my addiction my craving and. Guy at Somerset High School He even makes sixth period GeographynterestingEveryone says high school s tough Fighting my attraction to James That's the hardest part be.

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Reading is a passion of mine My love for the written word was rekindled a few years ago and it's been a blessing to discover everything that is out there I love a good romantic book one filled with swoon worthy heroes and the women who drive them crazy There aren't too many genres I won't read sorry horror and scary stories you still give me nightmares As long as it drags me into the worl