Colin Dann: The Farthing Wood Collection The Adventure Begins In the Grip of Winter v 1 Animals of Farthing Wood

Important character in this book that oesn t travel to Farthing Wood has to Silent Confessions die somehow hide spoiler THE ADVENTURE BEGINSThe story of the rare otters of Farthing Woodepresses me than I realised it would Of course we all know Farthing Wood is eventually A Texas Holiday Miracle destroyed otherwise the woodland animals wouldn t have left to go on the Great Journey to White Deer Park So all the while I knew what was coming It was a great foreboding hanging like a shadow over the entire storyAt first I hated the otters because they were show offs and totally arrogant andidn t care for any other creature but themselves They are the only otter colony around for miles which is the only reason Farthing Wood wasn t 74 Seaside Avenue developed earlier But eventually the foxes got sick of them androve them away Now the humans had no conservationalists stopping them Ls of Farthing Wood THE ADVENTURE BEGINS we meet an earlier generation of animals whose escendants will make their epic journey from Farthin.

Rom eveloping the WoodIt s still sad though I knew what was coming I couldn t possibly feel any emotion other than sadness as each otter slowly lost its life And even the innocent woodland animals succumbed to human intervention It was like reading a horror novel without all the gore I loved these animals even though they re English and I m Australian and I was sad every time one of them The Loving Gift died even if it was a naturaleath and even if it was because they were wild creatures facing inevitable human estructionview spoilerAlthough it is pretty obvious Stout Fox and Stout Vixen s only surviving cub is the Fox of Animals of Farthing Wood I certianly enjoyed learning about his parents And I suspect Kindly badger is either the father of Badger or is Badger himself Because Badger was elderly when the group journeyed hide spoiler. G Wood to White Deer Park Then read how the animals survived their first and harshest winter away from Farthing Wood in IN THE GRIP OF WINTER.

Too amazing for words I m so glad I bought a copy of this series for my own because I m sure they ll be reread over and over again Loved it to bits 3 The Preuel Gives a sound backdrop to the main Animals of Farthing Wood novel characters not as pleasant as in the original storyThe Seuel A lovely opportunity to revisit old friends who all tick along nicely in a story following their arrival at White Deer Park Ratings I would give the first book 3 stars and the second 5 stars so that rates the compilation as 4 stars The Adventure Begins Set before the original Animals of Farthing Wood plus the fact that everybody knows that in that particular story the animals leave their wood makes that you already know the plot and outcome of this book that is the reason why the estruction of the wood begins view spoilerOh and that any. The first two stories about the Animals of Farthing Wood have been brought together in one value for money bind up In the preuel to The Anima.

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Colin Dann born 1943 in Richmond Surrey now part of London is an English author He is best known for his The Animals of Farthing Wood series of books which was subseuently made into an animated seriesDann worked at the publishing firm William Collins Sons & Co for thirteen years and his first novel The Animals of Farthing Wood was written during this period The original cover for thi